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How to Rent Laser Tag Equipment (What You Need to Know)

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If you are an owner of a laser tag arena, it is vitally important to list down and quantify your costs. From the moment you invest money into the space you use to deciding the arcade games within your facility, there are a lot of associated costs with the laser tag arena that you're building. One of these costs is the renting of equipment or the choice of buying it full time. In this article, I show you how to rent the equipment and give you full details.

How do you rent laser tag equipment?  There are a lot of laser tag rentals in the United States, and each provides its own service and specific process. Ultimately, this process is entirely dependent on your provider and the experience that they give.

Renting or buying can be a very hard choice to come to, and in this article, I will go over high-quality equipment, the best providers, and more.

Can You Rent Laser Tag Equipment?

It is most definitely possible to rent laser tag equipment. From the blasters to vests, the entire package of laser tag equipment is rent-able. A lot of manufacturers provide for these, and the process will be entirely different from each provider, from their prices to the general shipments.

There are plenty of manufacturers out there, and it will be your choice to pick one that best suits your financial situation and laser tag arena size. For example, you should not overload equipment you are not going to use.

Below, I talk more about that process, and the best equipment you can get on the market, the Falcon Blaster and the Maxi Vest.

Personal Equipment in a Laser Tag Arena

There are tons of personal game kits that are out there, but I will go over the basics that you would need to give to your players. This includes blasters that can shoot infrared rays and a vest with hit sensors. The laser tag system should have world-famous standards of laser tag arena equipment, and great software all-around.

Essentially, other than the laser tag arena itself, the only things that you would need to give players are a functional laser blaster and a proper vest. There are a lot of items in the market for that, and plenty is available in retail.

However, if you are a professional laser tag arena, you should stay away from low-quality laser blasters. I will go into a list of what those are later on in the article.

High-Quality Blaster: The FALCONF1 Laser Blaster

One of the better blasters on the market is the FALCON blaster. It has a futuristic design and is perfectly suited for laser tagging. It is about 21 inches in length and is designed in a way so that both adults and children can use it. Not only that, but it also has the feeling of a real weapon and not just a toy.

It can be either held freely or on your shoulder. It is also very light, and slightly over 1.5lbs. This way, even a 5-year-old could play for more than 3 hours without getting fatigued.

Physical Features

Further, for comfortability, it has no protruding and removable parts that could break or hurt or injure another player. All of its parts are fastened to the inner racks.  In addition, there is a great backlight and amazing sound effects to further the player’s entertainment. Finally, the body is made of shockproof polypropylene and comes in grey.

The Falcon Blaster also has a protective rubber tip. It protects users from injury when their hands come in contact with the muzzle. Further, it protects the front part of the blaster from close encounters.

It can also come in a variety of colors, like black, red, or blue. It is suggested that these colors match the team color, as it can avoid confusion and promote continuity in the arena.

Tech Features

There is also a multicolored OLED-Screen. It is built-in and can display up to 11 indicators. This is very important for high-strategy players. It can show your personal health, ammo hits taken, opponents deactivated, and current score. By doing this, the blaster allows for a more competitive nature in the game while keeping all players highly engaged in combat and strategy.

The blaster also provides a connection to your personal vest through a cable cord. Since the game is very high intensity, the connection between your vest and blaster is assumed by a good-quality cable cord. This technology allows for good signal transmission and accessibility.

One of the good things about this cord is that it is fireproof, won’t cling to the obstacles in the arena, and protects itself and the entire machine from mechanical damages.

The Falcon also has a multi-directional two hand sensor. In order to ensure a safe game, the sensor blocking when shooting with one hand is provided on the back end. When a player wants to shoot blindly, for example, the blaster will not fire.

To make it fire and possibly hit an enemy team, you have to hold it with both hands. To activate this, you just need to touch the bottom part of the blaster. This is great for a very particular reason.

One, it does not promote blind shooting. This allows players to go off of their luck and hope that they hit something when approaching a close encounter situation. Players cannot just stick out their blaster and fire. Instead, by enforcing the two hand rule, you ensure that players can strategically think about the game.

High-Quality Vest: The Laser Tag Arena Vest

Just like the Falcon, this vest is one of the best in the market. It is a textile that is made from durable and waterproof material called the CORDURA MAXI. It is 50% denser than other vests and covers 1200 gr/sq meter.

This vest also does not sacrifice its aesthetic look, regardless of its primary purpose in laser tag battling. If it needs cleaning, a simple wipe with a wet sponge can do the job.

There are two side straps located on the left and right, and this allows for personal player adjustment. By doing this, any age group and player can perfectly fit into it. There are also some technical characteristics of the vest in itself.

Three Great Qualities of a Good Vest

First, as any other laser tag vest would have, it has a number of hit sensors. When a player hits this, they gain a point. This vest contains 7 of them.

Second, the vest has a Li-ion battery type that can last as long as 24 hours, so you do not need to constantly recharge it. It also has RGB indicator lights paired with a vibrating alert, so that players are always aware of their current status and in-game on-goings.

Third, this vest has an automatic sleep mode function for battery life savings. Finally, its sensor material is different from the CORDURA vest fabric. The sensors are made from polycarbonate.

The sensor of this vest is also a shockproof sensor. These hit sensors come with an RGB-illuminated indicator that is hidden within the casings. They are also very durable and can be used in tough conditions.

Other Features

Further, there is a belt for additional fastening. This belt comes from the left and right side of the vest and it is possible to fasten your blaster to it. In turn, this allows for safe conditions of blaster storage during the game and easy transportation of self-equipment.

Without it, reloading and shooting, for example, would be much harder to do. Finally, with the belt attached to the blasters, players can carry it all during the same time and can even rest during a break in the game.

Ther are also 4 hit zones with different damage values assigned to them. These zones are located in the stomach, shoulders, back, and the blaster itself. For example, easier target zones are worth fewer points, like the ones in the stomach.

The ones on the shoulder, on the other hand, are worth more since they are harder to hit.

Finally, there is a standby mode. It is built into the control unit of the vest, and the Li-on batteries provide it 1ith 36 hours of functionality. Also, the standby mode starts 5 minutes after the end of a game and can save up to 40% of battery life!

Steradian Laser Tag Manufacturers

This is one of the manufacturers in the rental packages of laser tag equipment. They are one of the best in the field and know what they are doing. Their most popular package comes with 8 guns at a cost of $275. Further, there is one game controller, an aiming target, and a grenade.

They also manufacture two laser tag series, the classic and x-series. The classic is meant for games where only one team or player stands. Guns have their individual settings made with the controller. The X-series, on the other hand, is a laptop that controls the game and scores.

The Classic Series

The Classic Series is meant for a low cost by not including the RF system. It mainly features family-friendly laser tag guns. It has been extensively developed and is very comfortable for use. It has a non-alarming profile and made from advanced material.

Further, this series is very simple in its rules. To be put simply, do not get hit by the other team and survive until the very end. It also has very flexible configurations, and this way, you can control your blasters.

This can range from the number of hit points allowed, the power of each bullet, as well as time limits and friendly fire options.

There is also the Mobile Caddy, which makes it easy to haul equipment around the arena. The reflex barriers make it much simpler to set up a defensive field and the practice targets allow players to warm up their aim during pre-game.

Finally, there is a Medic Box to heal players, and an ammo box to reload. This is all included int he rent a package of the Classic Series.

The X-Series

The X-Series, on the other hand, is much more advanced. Its laser tags are more modern, including the S-7 gun. It is a very aesthetically impressive model that has front accessory rails that allow for front grips and flashlights.

Further, its sliding reload lever has a very nice feeling for the players, and the full-size scope gives players better accuracy.

Further, it has vibrating feedback which is very realistic in a real battle. This gun also comes with more accessories, like a dot sight or a pro tactical flashlight. Other accessories include a shoulder stock and an adjustable strap to prevent players from dropping their guns.

This, of course, has an additional rental cost. The dot sight is an additional $49 and the stock is about $80.

In packaging, the X-Series cost $150 with only 4 guns. Their second package has 8 guns and costs around $275. Both packages include one chimera hub and one chimera computer to keep score. If you have a party of 12-24 players,  get the 12 gun package at $375.

The fourth package for a rental is for 16-32 players, which costs around $475. You can always modify these packages, and it comes with an extra cost.

Mobile Party Packages

Sometimes, you will not have a proper laser tag arena. This is where the mobile package comes in. It is designed for you to take anywhere! Transporting the laser tag guns can be a hassle, but with the Mobile Caddy, you can hold up to twelve guns and all their accompanying chargers. It also has very large wheels and this way, you can hold an event practically anywhere.

Further, the guns of the Eclipse 400X works here as well. It has an offline mode that can be used. Finally, it can work in the sunlight or dark indoors for better game-play experience.

This package also comes with reflexive barriers and therefore, you can even set up obstacles within your very own backyard! They roll up for easy transportation and are very portable.

However, the mobile package is very costly. It cost around $8000 but comes with 10 guns, 10 barriers, and more.

Party Supply Packages

If you are a party supply rental business, you depend on a very fast turnaround. For this, it is very good to rent out the mobile caddy as a drop and go solution. Out of all the packages, it is very affordable and very durable.

Due to the durability of the product and the effectiveness of its blasters, you can get a great return on this investment. The package costs around $6000 and comes with 10 guns, 1 caddy, and a chimera computer to keep score. Further, you can set up game modes like team elimination or zombies.

Outdoor Packages

This package specializes in campground experiences. This way, you can get the entire family involved in a great outdoor activity. These guns, as said before, can run both outdoors and indoors. They are also fired eye-safe infrared light over 600 feet.

The package is not only good for outdoors, but also for your personal advertising. Imagine seeing a family or two seeing laser tag games being played by another party. It would catch the eye of campers looking for a weekend getaway.

Further, this is fun for any age group during the peak of this digital age! Finally, this is very easy to set up. The chimera bases offer revival stations and flag spots. The targets offer game objectives for more player engagement and the reflective barriers offer hiding spots amongst the trees.

The package comes with 5 Eclipse Guns, 5 S-7X guns, a caddy, and 10 reflexive barriers, plus much more at a price of $10,000.

Corn Maze Packages

Out of all the packages, this is the most versatile. One of these ways is the target hunt. Instead of shooting each other, players go within the maze to hunt for targets to increase their score. This package, specifically, comes with 20 guns and 16 targets, along with 2 caddies at $14,000.

On the other hand, you can also run a team death-match game. In this package, each player wears a headband sensor. This allows for more point reduction potential. Further, you can shoot targets for points and power-ups. This comes with double the gun size and at $16,000.

Zombie Hunt Pack

This package is the one that is most interesting. For this to work, you would need a creepy-themed laser tag arena either indoors or outdoors. The guests shoot at the zombie actors, posters of scary monsters, and more. This is one of the better things you can do as an investment as it is very specific to a theme of darkness, zombie hunting, and monsters in general.

The perfect places that this could happen are haunted houses, hayrides, and dark rides. The package is at $15,000, with 20 guns, 20 targets, and 10 harnesses for the actors about to get hit by the guests.

Surely, with all of this, this could be the most expensive package. However, this is one with the most return in terms of entertainment and profits due to its specific theme.

Photo by Laserblast Laser Tag Equipment from Pexels

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