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How Much Do Laser Tag Vests Cost? 5 Examples

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Laser tag is an amazing game that many enjoy playing with their family and friends, or at celebratory events.

A huge part of laser tag is the equipment that you will use to play the game, which includes at least a laser tag gun and often a vest.

Of course, if you want to begin playing the game, you will want to pick up the best laser tag gear on the market today. How much do laser tag vests cost?

Buying the equipment needed is the first step to playing laser tag, and these sets can range greatly in price based on the quality of the game. Most often, you will not be buying just the vest but rather an entire set with vests included unless you are buying a replacement vest for a set you already own. 

There are some very budget-friendly laser tag set options that you can purchase for under $50, and there are those that can cost in the hundreds.

For the average home set, laser tag sets can be very low end, and you can purchase them easily online. However, some companies add laser tag capabilities for parties and events, which can be very expensive, but today we will focus on at-home style sets and the five best sets that you can find on the market today.

Why are Vests Important in Laser Tag?

 If you begin looking into laser tag equipment, you will find that there are two main types of equipment, those with vests and those without.

This means that you will either get a set with guns and vests or a set with just guns. There are benefits and cons to both of these style sets, and making your own comparisons is key. 

The guns used during these games will register on the vests when players are shot, but there are options should you want to avoid using these vests.

The main benefits of choosing to get laser tag sets without vests are that they are lighter on the player and often less expensive. However, traditional laser tag is played with vests. 

How do Laser Tag Vests Work?

When you buy a laser tag set with vests, you will receive an equal amount of laser tag guns and vests. Each player will wear a vest that has a sensor, and you will all receive a gun that you use during the game.

The laser tag players will play the game by hiding and shooting at each other, and the vests will monitor the shots and keep up with who won the game. 

The vests will contain sensors that pick up the shot signal from the opponent's gun. Newer laser tag sets do not have the vests, and the gun will work as both the target and the sensor. While these are readily available, many still love the vest version of the games. 

The Pros of Laser Tag with Vests

Though the sets with vests can be more expensive, for most, it is worth the investment due to the ability to improve your game overall. Some key benefits that you get from using the vests are:

The game is more realistic

When only guns are used, the players have to aim at each other's guns to get the shot to count, and this is not very realistic.

However, when vests are used, you will aim at the body of your opponents, which is more realistic to an actual battle.

This is easier to catch onto for players, and you have a larger target area. 

Hitting the target is easier

When you have younger players, wearing vests can be a little heavier but can actually make the game much easier. You can see the vest from pretty far away and can easily hit them with your shots.

While this does make you an easier target than just using a gun will, it also adds a better level of difficulty. 

The Negatives of Using a Vest

While laser tag with vests is a great option, there are some negatives that come with this style of kit. Some things that you may find are less than ideal about using laser tag sets with vests are:

They can be more complicated

Vests are just another piece of the laser tag game that you will have to keep up with. This means that they can be a little more complicated than using guns alone.

 More things can mess up

Another issue is that more items in your set can mess up and this can lead to more expenses.

As mentioned, sets with vests are already a little more expensive and adding this chance of malfunctioning can lead to more costs. 

They can be heavier for kids

If you have younger players playing the laser tag game, using vests can be heavier on them, which can make it more difficult.

Also, these vests can make playing a little more complicated if they do not fit the child exactly. You will want to look for vests that are lighter and less bulky to avoid having any issues. 

5 Best Laser Tag Sets with Vests Available 

If you are interested in buying a laser tag set with vests, there are some great options available today. Some of the best options on the market right now are:

1. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Battle Mega Pack Set

The AmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Battle Mega Pack comes with four guns and four vests, having a shooting range up to 150 feet and is my best overall pick.

This is ideal for players who are at least eight years old and older. If you look at reviews on the set, they come with several high ratings, and this is one of the most comprehensive sets on the market today. 

This set is different than other similar vest included sets because both the vests and guns that have sensors, enabling them to act as targets.

These blasters have a shooting range of up to 150 feet, making it easier to play at even a further away distance. They work great both indoors and outdoors. 

The guns come equipped with the ability to push a button and access a variety of ammunition options, including a gun, pistol, shotgun, and rocket.

The different weaponry modes have different shooting sounds and vibrations for when you hit another player. You can also put the blaster in invisibility mode, which will turn off any lights and make the game stealthier.

This is great if you are playing in the dark or a dark room. 

Some Pros & Cons for the AmoGear Laser Tag Set are:

  • The game has built-in voice prompts.nThere are multiple players and weaponry settings. nThe shooting range is longer than most. nBlasters and vests are both used as receivers. nThere is a night vision flashlight, invisibility mode, sounds, and vibrations. nThe company offers a money-back guarantee.
  • Batteries are not included. You'll need to purchase 24 AAA batteries for the vests and guns. nSome found that this set was a little loud and not as suitable for indoor play.

If you are interested in purchasing the ArmoGear set for yourself, you can find it on Amazon, here. Right now, the set is coming in under $130. 

2. Play22 Laser Tag Set

The Player22 Laser Tag Set comes with four guns and four vests but has a slightly smaller shooting range at 130 feet.

This set is recommended for 12-year-old players and older. Once again, both the vests and the guns can be used as targets, and the laser tag set comes with four settings. 

While the vests are great with this set, you can always use the guns alone if you are interested in just using the guns without the vests.

By using both the guns and vests, you are creating more targets, and the game itself is easier. Each of these guns is made from non-toxic ABS plastic and are very compact, perfect for easy, safe gripping. 

There are four weaponry alternatives available; a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and a rocket launcher that you can choose from. There are also shooting sounds and tactile vibrations that you will hear when you shoot or get shot.

Many customers have suggested that the guns can be used for those younger than 12, but this is not suggested by the company. 

Some quick Pros & Cons the Player22 Laser Tag Set are:

  • The guns have a long shooting range and are safe since they are made from non-toxic ABS plastic. nThe vests and blasters are included, working for up to four shooters. nThe sets feature compact size, sounds, and tactile vibrations.
  • The lights and volume of the sets cannot be adjusted. nAt times, the guns have been found to malfunction and must be rebooted.

This Play22 set comes in under $80, which is a good mid-range set that you can find easily on the market today. You can purchase the set on Amazon, check here for availability

3. Laser X Gaming Experience 2 Player Set 

The Laser X Real Life Infrared Gaming Experience is a great set for outdoor use but does feature a smaller number of guns and vests compared to our previously mentioned sets.

These sets come with two guns and two vests, and a highly impressive range of up to 200 feet. The set is recommended for those who are six years old or older. 

This set is slightly different than the first two on our list because it features two guns and two vests, but these guns and vests are attached together.

So, each player will have a gun and vest that are attached by a cord, and the vests are the only target. You can buy and add additional sets for more players if you would like multiple guns and vests. 

This set comes with guns that only have one setting, but there is an interactive voice guide that will arm you with tips and tricks. There are three available lighting effects, and you can plug in headphones for sound effects.

You can hold the trigger and tilt the gun downward to reload the gun, but there is only one ammunition type to choose from. 

The laser beams used for this set can be fired through glass, bounced off walls, and more, making it great for outdoor use.

A player can get hit ten times before they are eliminated, and the vest will flash red with each hit. 

Some Pros & Con of the Laser X Infrared 2 Player Set are:

  • The set comes with many extras like a storage bag and the needed batteries. nThere is an interactive voice guide, light and sound effects, and headphone compatibility. nThis is one of the longest range of shooting options available. nThere is potential for more players, indoor usage, and outdoor usage. nThe guns use laser beams instead of physical missiles.
  • There are limited ammunition options and only one main function. nThe guns have a constant beeping noise many did not love.

This set does only come with two vests and two guns, making it come in at a lower price close to $50.

You can purchase the set on Amazon for current pricing, here

4. Yofit Laser Tag Gun Set 

The Yofit Laser Tag Gun Set is a great designed kit that comes with ergonomically designed guns, featuring a solid grip and easy handle.

These guns have many useful features, great sounds, and four-color options (red, blue, green, and white). The set comes with both four guns and four vests, allowing several players. 

The vests have realistic actions that receive hits and indicate the lives that they have remaining. The light will intensify, there are tactile vibrations, and there is a booming sound when shots are registered.

There are four-gun types, a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket launcher with different point amounts and ammo options. 

There are two red vests and two blue vests that you can choose from, allowing four total players and the possibility of teams.

he pieces are made from non-toxic BPA-free plastic and are extremely durable, perfect for children who are playing. 

Pros and Cons of the Yofit Laser Tag Gun Set

  • The ability to play in teams and a larger number of guns and vests. nRealistic sounds and vibrations enhance the playing experience. nTea lights help you shoot targets more accurately. nThe vests give you an accurate representation of the lives you have remaining.
  • The batteries are not included, and you will have to purchase 24 AAA batteries.

To purchase your Yofit set, you can visit the Amazon, here. For the number of guns and vests provided, the overall cost is relatively low. 

5. Koon Infrared Laser Tag Gun Set

The Koon Infrared Laser Tag Gun Set also features four guns and four vests, also coming with the 24 batteries needed and even a screwdriver to put in the batteries as soon as the set arrives.

This means when you purchase the set, and it arrives at your door, you can immediately begin playing. The batteries alone for the set can be expensive to purchase and are a great extra. 

The guns and the vests will vibrate according to the shots fired, the shooter and the player that has been shot will know when it happens. The guns are made from soft plastic and are not overly heavy, making them a great choice for children who are six years and older.

The set is recommended for children who are just starting out playing laser tag because they are light and easy to carry. 

The laser tag set comes with enough materials for up to four players and is a very interactive game. The laser guns can be adjusted for the area you are playing, whether that be indoor or outdoor.

The overall range is up to 130 feet, and the company suggests that you play at 16 feet apart or further away. 

The guns are made from 100% environmentally friendly materials and even uses Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission. This means that the lasers used will not cause any damage to the eyes, making it even better for children to use.

Also, the company offers each buyer a 100% money-back guarantee; if you have any issues, contact them directly to deal with them.

Some quick Pros & Cons of the Koon set are:

  • The batteries and even a screwdriver are included with the set. nThe set is ideal for younger players due to the safety precautions that are in place. nThe company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. nThe shooting range is up to 130 feet.
  • It can be more difficult to find for purchasing online. nSome customers noted that the elastic on the vests were not sewn on well.

To purchase your own Koon set, you can visit the Amazon link that is found here. The set can be a little more difficult to find regularly online but is often sold at around $50.

The value of this set is great considering the number of vests and guns provided, the included batteries, and the screwdriver that is shipped with the set. 

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