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Best Paintball Sniper Setup

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Every great paintball sniper knows the importance of having quality gear and a proper set up. Quality gear improves the shooter’s chances of making one-shot-one-kill hits which is the motto for sniper shooters.

To achieve such precision and accuracy all the time, it is important to equip your marker with the proper kit. A proper sniper set-up usually includes parts such as a barrel, bipod stand, mounts for placing scopes, and most kits include a sight or scope as well. 

Sniper kits are a great way to enhance the capabilities of an ordinary paintball marker to increase its accuracy and improve its appearance. Sniper kits give your marker a more realistic and professional look.

All items in a kit can be purchased individually but when compared with buying them as a set, buying each part separately is much more expensive. So, if you want to be a paintball sniper and save a little cash in the process, then you might want to purchase a sniper kit instead. 

Depending on the kind of shooter you are, your sniper set-up should always be tailored to your style of play. There are two types of snipers; those who don’t move around much, who like to stay camouflaged from a distance to pick off enemies one by one, and those who love to move around to make kill shots.

If you prefer moving around on the battlefield, then it is essential to have an extremely lightweight sniper set-up.

However, if you love staying hidden while making excellent kill shots, then you need to equip your marker with a kit that has an excellent scope/sight with a large range coverage. The overall weight doesn’t matter too much since you hardly move around.

It is important to mention that most paintball markers can be upgraded to become sniper ready with the proper sniper set-up. 

I believe the scope/sight is one of the most important equipment every sniper kit should have. The whole point of being a sniper is being able to make long-distance shots and the scope/sight makes this possible.

The bipod is quite important too as it helps with precision. Given that paintball guns aren’t as accurate as actual firearms, a bipod will provide some stability to improve accuracy. So, I believe every good paintball kit should come with a bipod stand.

A longer barrel (usually about 16 inches) is also an important part in any sniper kit. A longer barrel does not improve your shooting range, but an improve your accuracy as well as reduce noise.

Snipers pride themselves with the ability to stay hidden while making long-range shots, so a silent gun is especially important.

Having said all these, let's delve right in and select our top paintball sniper set-ups.


Tippman A5 Frostbite Sniper Kit

Our pick for the best overall paintball sniper kit is the Tippman A5 Frostbite Sniper Kit which and comes in under $500 


The A5 Frostbite Sniper kit will fully transform an ordinary Tippman paintball gun into a professional marksman’s weapon. With this kit, you can expect maximum precision and long-range coverage. 

Its main features include:

  • It is equipped with a thread-on silencer
  • The kit is equipped with a long tactical handguard
  • It is equipped with a bipod stand which gives the gun better stability 
  • It is also equipped with a front sight which increases precision
  • The kit comes with a 3-9x40 rubber armor scope
  • It is also equipped with a scope mount base
  • It comes with a SOCOM M4 magazine
  • Features a 30-round cap 
  • The kit has an 18-inch rifled barrel
  • It fully transforms the Tippman A5, thereby making it reach a greater distancenFully equipped kit
  • It is a bit costly, even though buying each item individually would probably cost morenRequires experience and lots of practice to use the kitted-up marker at its full potential


BT TM15 Sniper Kit

5Our best budget paintball sniper kit is the BT TM15 Sniper kit which costs under $230. This kit fully transforms your BT TM15 marker into an extremely silent marksman’s weapon. 


This silence is not just because of the 18-inch tactical rifled barrel that comes with it but also because of the sleek design of the marker. This sleek design coupled with the rifled barrel produces an extremely silent sniper rifle. 

This kind of marker is perfect for playing the designated marksman’s role because it allows you to go undetected when making long-range shots. 

Its main features include:

  • It is equipped with an 18-inch rifled barrel
  • It comes with a thread-on silencer 
  • Equipped with a true-view rail
  • The kit comes with a 5x42 tactical sniper scope
  • It is also equipped with a bipod which permits a 45o adjustment which is perfect for quickly changing aim without having to move the gun around.
  • Extremely silent set-upnQuite affordablenEasy aiming due to adjustable bipod
  • Not so much enhancement gears are included.


Tippman 98 Sniper Kit

Our pick for the cheapest (but of good quality) paintball sniper kit is the Tippman 98 Sniper Kit which goes for under $200.


I really love Tippman markers for their flexibility and ability to upgrade for every player type! This affordable kit offers unique enhancement gear which greatly improves the precision and range when making shots. 

Its main features include:

  • It is equipped with a carbine buttstock
  • It comes with a 3-9x40 scope
  • It is equipped with an original Tippman 98 sniper barrel
  • It also comes with an off-set mount
  • It is very affordablenThe scope allows for long-range coverage
  • It does not come with a bipod stand

When talking about the best paintball sniper gun ever, it would not be fair not to differentiate between the best semi-automatic sniper rifle and the best bolt-action sniper rifle. 

These two different mechanisms have unique features that make them stand out. Shooters have different preferences, while some might love semi-autos, others may love the bolt-action system.

I prefer the bolt-action system due to its longer range and precision and also because of the realistic firearm feel it gives while handling it.


Tippmann A5 Sniper Paintball Gun 

The Tippmann A5 Sniper Paintball Gun is our pick for the best semi-automatic currently in the market to date. The gun is a perfect mixture of a powerful firing rate with accuracy and durability which makes it a common choice among paintball sniper shooters. 

The Tippman A-5 comes in three versions which include the standard version, the response trigger version, and the E-frame version. 

The response trigger and E-frame versions of the gun allow shooters to easily convert their A-5 paintball gun from semi-auto to full-auto. While the response trigger version is powered by air meaning no batteries are required, the E-frame version on the other hand is powered by a 9-volt battery. 

Carrying out maintenance on the gun is extremely easy due to its newly designed internal bore which allows the gun to be stripped down in less than a minute.

Its main features include:

  • It has a selector switch on the side to help easily put the gun in safety or firing mode.
  • It is equipped with a low-profile hopper feed system.
  • It comes with a sling mount attachment ring 
  • It comes with an 8.5-inch barrel but can be easily upgraded to a longer barrel size
  • It is equipped with a 200 round hopper feed system
  • The low-profile hopper is compatible with a universal Halo speed feed which gives a faster loading time
  • It is equipped with a cyclone feed system allowing a fast firing rate of about 15 paintballs per second
  • Super durable ratchet system 
  • It is equipped with an all-black X7 style gas line
  • It has an effective shooting range of 150 feet
  • Ambidextrous grip systemn8.5-inch barrel is designed to increase accuracy while reducing noisenEasily upgradable from semi-automatic to full-automatic
  • It can be quite heavy after all sniper attachments are added.


Carmatech SAR-12c Bolt Action Sniper Rifle.

Our pick for best bolt-action paintball sniper ever is the Carmatech SAR-12c Bolt Action Sniper Rifle.


This rifle uses a magazine-fed only system meaning it is not compatible with a hopper. The ‘12c’ means that the rifle is the compact version and can be disassembled to fit into a small bag / pack (the bag / pack usually comes with the gun). The gun measures at 44 inches when fully assembled and 16 inches when disassembled.

Although the Sar 12c is a bolt-action rifle, there is a kit that can convert it into a semi-automatic rifle. The gun is a bit expensive costing coming in over $1000.

Its main features include:

  • MagFed only system
  • Comes with two 12 round magazines
  • It is equipped with a 13ci air tank
  • It comes with a 20” rifled hammer-head barrel 
  • The barrel is an auto-cocker threaded which allows for a tight fit between the barrel and paintball gun.
  • First strike compatible 
  • It is also compatible with regular .68 paintballs
  • It is equipped with rails for bipods and optics attachment.
  • The marker has a shooting range of about 300ftnThe bolt action system gives off a realistic feel nIt can be converted to a semi-auto with the proper kit
  • It is quite expensivenRequires lots of practice to get comfortable with using a bolt-action systemnSlower firing rate when compared to a semi-automatic rifle

If you want to look at my overall picks for Sniper Paintball Markers, then read this article: Best Long Range Paintball Guns & I also wrote an article about Best Paintball Sniper Scopes!

To be a seasoned sniper, you’ll have to learn to take shots from long ranges while staying hidden. The use of the Ghillie suit makes this possible. It allows you to go undetected by camouflaging you with the environment. 

There are two main types of ghillie suits, a full ghillie suit, and a sniper ghillie suit.

A sniper ghillie suit comes without the thread material on the front of the suit and this is because snipers spend a lot of time crawling and crouching so there is really no need for the front threading. 

However, the front of their suits is strengthened with either extra cloth or a tougher, more durable material. Some suits can have knee pads sewn in or you can wear them separately.

Some snipers also make use of just a ghillie poncho which covers only the head and torso region of the body. As a sniper, you’ll be flat on the ground most of the time, so covering just your head would be enough to keep you hidden.

Ghillie suits can either come in a jacket and pant set or as a full attire. Usually, the price range for good quality ghillie suits is between $75-$150 while cheap and more affordable ones can be gotten at about $50. 


Lightweight Woodland Ghillie Suit Camo Sniper Jacket with Pants Set

Our pick for best ghillie suit is the Lightweight Woodland Ghillie Suit Camo Sniper Jacket with Pants Set. This ghillie suit costs upwards of $130.

This suit is popular due to its lightweight characteristics which makes it easy to move around in. Even though its lightweight, it is extremely durable and is also perfect to wear in warm weather.

The unique sewing technique used for the threading makes it durable and won’t fall off easily. The ghillie suit is intended to support mobility.

Its main features include:

  • It is equipped with a duffel bag which can be used for storage of items
  • The jacket is made of breathable material which makes it conducive for warm weathers
  • It is equipped with quick-release snaps which make it easy to take off
  • The waist and cuffs are made from an elastic material 
  • It is equipped with a full-coverage hood for maximum camouflage
  • It comes with a rifle wrap elastic band with a synthetic thread. 
  • For easy attachment, the ends are made of elastic loops
  • Made from an extremely lightweight materialnIt is conducive for all weathers
  • It takes some time to get used to playing with so much coverage


Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit for Men

Our pick for the best budget paintball sniper camouflage suit is the Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit for Men. Its price ranges from $70-$90. It weighs about 6pounds

This suit was designed to be the densest suit on the market offering you full coverage thereby allowing the shooter to fully camouflage into the environment. This suit was made from waterproof synthetic thread material and is extremely sturdy.

It is suitable for paintball, airsoft, hunting, and military use.

Its main features include:

  • Water-resistant threading
  • The suit was completely made with double-stitched threading as opposed to the single-stitch threading found in other suits. This keeps the suit from shedding and enhances its durability 
  • The suit was made from about seven different colors to improve its advanced camouflaging features.
  • The suit was designed to give the best camouflage into grassland
  • It comes in 4 different sizes- for kids, young adults, regular and extra-large.
  • It is equipped with a breathable mesh backing which helps regulate body temperature
  • It features an adjustable hood which is attached to the jacket
  • It is equipped with an adjustable waist area
  • It is one of the most concealing suits in the marketnIt is extremely durablenIt is water-resistant
  • It is quite heavy which means it could slow down the shooter’s movement


Pinty Ghillie Suit 3D 4-Piece with Bag Camouflage Camo Tactical Hunting Forest Woodland.

Our pick for the cheapest yet quality paintball sniper camouflage suit is the Pinty Ghillie Suit 3D 4-Piece with Bag Camouflage Camo Tactical Hunting Forest Woodland. This ghillie suit

weighs about 4.4 pounds and can be purchased for under $50

This suit comes in a dark green color which allows it to blend with the woods making it a perfect choice for woodsball games. The suit is made of Polyester interior and polypropylene fiber exterior.

Its main features include:

  • Double-stitched threading to ensure durability
  • The suit comes with five pieces including the mask, jacket, pants, gun cover, and camo knapsack 
  • The hood is made of breathable material to improve ventilation 
  • The hood also features a button closure which improves comfort
  • It comes with a camouflaged gun cover which keeps your marker hidden
  • The pants are equipped with a drawstring and buttons to ensure a perfect fit
  • The suit comes in different sizes to fit different shooters
  • Polyester material ensures maximum comfortability nComes with a lot of gear nIt is very affordablenIt is quite sturdy given the price
  • A bit heavy and could slow down the shooter's movement nThe jacket and pants could make shooters feel hot especially in warm temperate environments.


Tippman A5 Frostbite Sniper Kit$$$n/a
BT TM15 Sniper kit$$n/a
Tippman 98 Sniper Kit$n/a
Tippmann A5 Sniper Paintball Gun$$4.5
Carmatech SAR-12c Bolt Action Sniper Rifle.$$$n/a
Lightweight Woodland Ghillie Suit$$5
Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit for Men$4.5
Pinty Ghillie 3D 4-Piece $4.5

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need for a Paintball Sniper Kit?

The most important thing you need for a paintball sniper kit is a paintball sniper gun. Most of the equipment in kits are easily attached to the gun or might require small tools such as Allen wrench to tighten bolts. 

Most kits come with Picatinny rails and mounts for scope attachment and any other gear you’d want to attach to your marker. Attaching the kit to your gun should only take a few minutes.

2. What is a ghillie suit?

A ghillie suit is an outfit that allows the shooter to stay hidden and camouflaged while taking shots. It can be worn for paintball, airsoft, or military scenarios. Wearing a ghillie suit projects a three-dimensional image of the shooter to the opponents as opposed to the linear image usually seen

As a sniper, you need to be balanced and calm when aiming at your target, so it is important to stay undetected by the opponents. The ghillie suit makes hiding in plain sight possible as long as there are bushes or trees to make camouflaging possible. 

Ghillie suits are usually made to either look like strips of cloth or twine or they’re made to look like leaves and twigs. So, depending on what terrain you are playing, you can choose a ghillie suit to best suit your surroundings.

However, using a ghillie comes with some downsides. The suits could be very heavy with some weighing as much as 5 pounds. This can slow down your movement during the game and can take it’s tole on your physically.

The suits can also get extremely hot especially in warm and even moderate temperatures (temperature inside the suit can reach 50 o C. This thereby makes using them impractical in some weather scenarios. Wearing a ghillie suit in such weather can raise serious health concerns.

3. How to be a Paintball Sniper

Anyone can learn to be a paintball sniper. Just like in any other activity, practice makes perfect.

To become a paintball sniper, it is essential to practice regularly and get yourself familiarized and comfortable with your shooting gear.

It is also important to use the proper gear. To be a sniper, you need a sniper rifle amongst other gears such as scope/sight, long quality barrel, bipod stand, and so on. 

Learning the sniper gameplay is also important. The designated marksman plays differently from other team players. As a good sniper, you’ll have to learn to move around quietly and be stealthy to avoid being detected.

An important characteristic every sniper should have is being able to identify good vantage points where you can stay hidden and take proper long-range shots. Snipers don’t move around as much as other players, so locating a vantage point is very important.

A great sniper can entirely change the tides of a game in favor of his team making the role one of the most important in paintballing.

Another great tip for snipers is that when you are about taking shots, it is advisable to hold your breath to improve your aim. Breathing heavily can affect your aim thereby affecting the trajectory of your shot.

4. How do snipers camouflage their guns?

Some snipers camouflage their guns simply by painting it in the camo military color thereby making it blend easily with the environment while some shooters make use of a small piece of ghillie material to cover their gun. 

Some ghillie suits come with a small piece of matching camo material that can serve as a cover for your marker.

5. What are ghillie suits made of?

The inner part of the suit is made from comfortable material such as polyester while the exterior is usually made of materials such as polypropylene fibre, threads, or twine or 3D leaves.

6. Strategies I can use to be a better Sniper?

There are different strategies sniper shooters make use of when playing. These strategies include the ambush strategy, ghost flanker, and the higher ground strategy.

The ambush strategy requires the shooter to lay in wait for the opponent’s attack force to move in after which the shooter can carefully pick out the players on after the other. This strategy is a great defensive attack strategy and if done properly, it can change the outcomes of the game.

The ghost flanker strategy requires the shooter to move in towards the opponent in a stealthy manner. This strategy is more tasking and requires the shooter to get behind or beside the opposing team after which he can rain a fury of paintballs on them. The shooter needs to be able to crawl and manoeuvre their way without getting detected.

The higher ground strategy simply requires the shooter to get a great vantage point which will further enhance aim and also widen the range of view.

Here are some other tips to help you become a better Sniper:

  • Invest in the right gear. Being a great sniper does not only rely on technique but also the quality of your equipment.
  • You need to practice. To be able to make pinpoint hits, it is important to improve your skills which is possible only through practice.
  • Being the designated marksman would require you to lay in wait for opponents to close in on your team before acting. It requires a lot of patience.
  • You need to be able to manoeuvre quietly. Stealth is an important characteristic that all snipers need to have. Being able to sneak up on opponents to take one-time shots.


Great snipers are game-changers and could dictate the entire flow and tempo of a game. Being a great sniper requires a lot of practice and investment into the proper sniper set up. As mentioned earlier, purchasing a sniper kit offers a cheaper option as opposed to buying each part separately.

So, choose a set-up that best suits your style of play and put in the work to improve your skills and watch yourself grow into being a professional paintball sniper. 

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