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Best Paintball Guns on Amazon (2022 Buyers Guide)

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In this article, I want to focus on paintball markers that are available on Amazon.  I like Amazon for many reasons.  You can get great equipment at a good price and it’s delivered fast.

I also like Amazon because, no matter what you’re looking for – from air-conditioning unit parts to automotive vehicles – Amazon’s got you covered. Amazon’s benefits:

  • Fast delivery (two-day delivery in some cases)
  • Best online prices
  • Noteworthy customer service
  • On page customer reviews
  • Lower shipping costs through Amazon Prime
  • Highly trustworthy and reliable

Because Amazon has so many options, it can become overwhelming when you’re looking for the best of the best paintball guns that the website has to offer. So, rather than trying to sort through the many options available yourself, we’ve compiled a list of the best paintball markers that Amazon has to offer.

This guide will go through my picks for the very best markers available on Amazon.  I’m going to discuss the top 3 guns first, then I’ll review different guns in different price ranges depending on what you might want to spend.  If you have a price range in mind, then use the Table of Contents to find the best paintball gun in the price range you are looking for.

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what kind of markers you can find on Amazon.  I’m sure you will find the one that will be best for you.

The top three guns on Amazon that I would consider “the best Amazon picks” are:

  • The Planet Eclipse CS2
  • DYE M3+
  • the DLX Luxe X

All three are fantastic guns, but I give the top marks to..

The Best Overall Paintball Marker on Amazon

The Planet Eclipse CS2

The Planet Eclipse CS2 is my best overall paintball gun pick, to purchase a marker on Amazon!

This is the first of 3 markers from Planet Eclipse that I’ll talk about here.  It’s the latest in the CS line of markers, the Planet Eclipse CS2 is the best marker that is available on Amazon. Being powered by the GP Core Drivetrain and having a variety of new features, the CS2 over-achieves on every level.

Having a new frame and using a new shaving material from the 1.5, the CS2 has a sleek and streamlined look that makes it lighter and more compact than ever before. Similar to the Luxe X, the CS2 has been designed to be very comfortable and is durable enough to continue performing regardless of the weather.

The CS2’s most noticeable feature is the GP Core Drivetrain, which gives the CS2 an amazingly low operating pressure of just 110 psi. With such a low pressure, it can shoot even the most brittle of paintballs and is said to shoot “laser beams” of paint. Couple this with the CS2’s blade-style trigger (which allows its users to reach the highest possible firing rates in semi-auto) and CS2 has a power that is second to none.

Interestingly, the CS2’s electronics are all fixed into the grip frame and is very easy to access. Added to the newly designed tool-less bolt system, this marker is remarkable easy to maintain. Like other high-end Planet Eclipse markers, the CS2 has easy to navigate screens and settings that allow users to set up their marker as desired.

The unique features of the CS2 include:

  • BLE Bluetooth On-Board
  • Quick Release Eye Covers
  • CS2 Bespoke POPS Assembly
  • Two Piece Tool-Less Wrap-Around Interlocking Grips with Integrated Push-Button Console
  • Lock N' Load Battery Holder
  • SL5 Inline Regulator In-Grip Frame
  • Quick Separation of Frame and Body
  • Ultra-Low Power SMC Solenoid Pilot Valve
  • User-Serviceable Solenoid Spool
  • Dual 16-bit RISC-based microcontrollers

While some argue that the DLX Luxe X is the better marker, the CS2 absolutely has the Luxe X beat in both reliability and value and otherwise is an overall incredible marker. For everything that it has to offer, the Planet Eclipse CS2 overtakes the competition and has taken its place as the best paintball marker on Amazon.

  • Easy to use screens and settingsnVery lightweight and sleeknWeather-resistant and durable designnMaintenance is highly optimizednHighly efficient and comfortablenWithstands all weathernFor the most part, has a tool-less designnFeatures a unique drivetrain that optimizes shootingnUtilizes a set of dual 16-bit RISC-based microcontrollersnFeatures easy-to-clean electronics which are hidden in the frame of the gripnHas a long battery life with easy USB chargingnNear silent designn
  • Does not have as long a battery life as the DLX Luxe X

The Best Runner-up Paintball Gun on Amazon

The DLX Luxe X

For me, the runner up is DLX Luxe X paintball gun as my close second pick over the Planet Eclipse CS2.

A close second, this paintball gun (the DLX Luxe X) was originally launched over a decade ago in 2008, and since then DLX has only been improving on the line. Now, the DLX Luxe X boasts a level of quality that very few other markers can even come close to comparing to. Despite being the second-best marker on this list, it was only very narrowly beaten out and is still a top-level marker that any paintball player would be proud to own.

Compared to its predecessor, the DLX Luxe ICE, the design of the DLX Luxe X has changed very little. This lack of change really comes down to its ergonomic and light design already being close to perfect. However, there have been plenty of improvements and changes on the technical side, including having a new bolt, board, battery, solenoid, and more. 

The high-quality, buttery smooth shots of the Luxe X is near unparalleled by any other marker being very gentle on your paint to prevent breakage. Making use of a new Luxe X Core bolt, this marker has been designed to be 20-30% more efficient than the Luxe ICE and has a much higher firing speed. With its new lithium battery, the Luxe X also lasts more than three times as long as its predecessor as well.

Despite being such a high-level marker, the Luxe X is ridiculously easy to maintain. The solenoid is self-cleaning and almost every removable part is tool-less, meaning that cleaning requires very little effort. As it is a high-end marker, the Luxe X comes with the best parts that manufacturers can offer, and there is no need for upgrades beyond customization to meet user preferences. It’s also the only gun on the market that will talk back to you and audibly describe the marker’s status.

The DLX Luxe X’s core features include:

  • Freak XL Barrel
  • EZ-Axis Trigger
  • Opti-Breach Chamber
  • Max-Flo Inline Regulator
  • Flex-PWR Battery
  • ICE-Coated Friction System
  • Luxe X-Core Bolt
  • Roto-Mount Electronics
  • Inteli-Connect Wireless System
  • Pro-Lock Frame

For what this marker has to offer, calling it one of the greatest paintball markers on the market is no mere exaggeration. While it might be pricey, the DLX Luxe X is the full package when it comes to paintball markers, and it is more than worth the price.

  • Amazing durability and reliabilitynAmongst the smoothest shooting qualitynHas a highly simple and mostly tool-less maintenance experiencenGreat accuracy and fast firingnLong-lasting battery life with easy USB chargingnHighly gentle on paintballs to prevent breakagenVery light and comfortable to use/carrynVery quiet and has a near non-existent recoilnFeatures a very user-friendly control boardnUtilizes a highly durable and self-lubricating boltn
  • Replacing bolt may cause wear and tear if not carefulnNot as reliable as the Planet Eclipse CS2nMore likely lose resale valuen

The Best Alternate Paintball Marker on Amazon

The DYE M3+

Moving on to the number three pick by the slightest of margins, the DYE M3+ would be my pick if the other 2 weren’t available.

The M3+ is a superior marker in every way, combining both a new design and new advancements with tried-and-proven features to deliver a marker that can take your game to the next level. DYE’s motto is to make extraordinary products through extraordinary effort, and this is certainly seen in this marker.

DYE is regularly praised for having some of the most ergonomic and comfortable marker designs, and this remains true for the M3+. The Bwing21 Mag-Reach Trigger, UL frame hourglass design, dual density Sticky Grips, full wrap, and SLAP ASA all give you an incredible level of both comfort and control. DYE’s superior craftsmanship is nearly impossible to miss with this marker’s improved, refined, and dynamic body.

Of course, the DYE M3+ has many features that lower budget markers just could not afford to have installed. Some of these features include:

  • An updated bolt system for optimal paint handling
  • DYE’s unique Eye Pipe System
  • The MOSAIR operating system that features multiple player profiles, training modes, and play-screen options
  • A new trigger blade to deliver increased leverage and speed on the trigger
  • DYE’s method operating system that offers unrestricted access to precision tuning, and unsurpassed performance

It goes without saying that this marker delivers on speed, precision, and accuracy, but the M3+ also offers a very smooth and quiet shooting experience. Combined with its very lightweight and durable body, this marker will meet and even surpass its user’s expectations no matter the situation.

Having an outstanding combination of technology, style, capability, and comfort, the DYE M3+ is truly a standout marker in the world of paintball and has made it one of the most elevated performance markers in-game.

  • Very durablenAmong the most ergonomic and comfortable markers on the marketnIncredible shooting accuracy and precisionnOperated well in extreme conditionsnHighly efficientnVery smooth and quietnHas a 2-stage bolt speednActive recoil cancellationnHas a variety of unique featuresn
  • DYE has a habit of putting upgraded versions of their markers on the market, meaning that the M3+ may become outdated

Best Budget Amazon Paintball Gun under $250

The Tippmann A-5

When it comes to the topic of paintball markers Tippman is arguably the most sought-after brand in the market. And with the Tippmann A-5 being relegated to being called the AK-47 of the paintball world, this marker is no exception.

The A-5 has many incredible features that make it stand out from other markers of the same price. Designed to be a rapid-fire marker, the A-5’s design allows you to more easily load and shoot paintballs, which can be difficult or even stressful to newer players.

Despite being available for a relatively low-price tag, the A-5 is also highly accurate and is not prone to breaking down easily, making it very reliable. Even better, its smooth firing makes it a great marker to use on the field.

Using an integrated bolt system, the Tippmann A-5 is a very sleek gun. Couple this with its smooth black finish and long-lasting aluminum body and the A-5 has a very realistic and pleasing design.

Perhaps the biggest feature of the A-5 is just how customizable it is, with this marker being praised for the vast variety of options that it has. With how easy it is to install supportive parts, the A-5 is very versatile and can be made to match almost any situation.

With how quick the Tippmann A-5 is, most owners of this marker will use it for woodsball or for different scenarios/scenario play where precision and speed matter the most. Despite being the lowest costing marker on this list, the A-5 is an incredible marker and a great choice if you’re on a budget.

  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate players nEasy to use and maintain nFully customizablenIdeal shooting accuracynEasy to assemble, integrate and detachnLooks great visuallynLong-lasting and durable
  • Does not have a response triggernRanked around medium in heaviness – lighter markers are available nOnly comes in one color

Other suggestions for markers under $250 include:

  • The Tippmann TMC
  • The Azodin KP3.5 Kaos Pump

Best Amazon Paintball Marker under $500

The Planet Eclipse Etha 2

Planet Eclipse is well-known for delivering high-quality when it comes to their paintball markers, and the Etha 2 is not one to break tradition. Being of the second generation in the Etha series, the Etha 2 has advanced far beyond its already high-level predecessor.

The Etha 2 does not break down or break paint. Being extremely reliable, this marker is one that will almost never fail you. Right out the box the Etha 2 is ready for use and is extremely dependable in the most dire of moments. Being incredibly low maintenance as well (only requiring a few O-rings to be lubricated for the most part), you can just pick up this marker and head right into the action.

Besides reliability, if you value shot quality, then the Etha 2 is going to impress you. Providing smoothness and consistency, this marker gives a high level of speed and accuracy. Because of its low level of recoil, you can be certain that you will be hitting the mark, even during rapid-fire.

Perhaps its most commendable quality is how weather resistant it is. No matter how harsh weather you’re facing, the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is designed to be able to handle it.  This marker has an aircraft-grade aluminum interior that can withstand both the heat as well as the cold. And with its tough composite external construction, the Etha 2 is so durable it can take almost anything that even the roughest player throws at it.

Needing the most expensive marker on the market isn’t required to compete anymore. Whether you plan to play woodsball or speedball, the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 can’t be beaten by any other marker under $500.

  • Extremely strong and durable partsnHighly efficient and comfortablenCan withstand most kinds of weathernDoes not require much maintenancenFeatures an anti-clipping systemnLightweight
  • Somewhat louder than other markers of this price rangenBulky at the backnTrigger of a lower quality

Best Alternative Paintball Marker Under $500 include:

The Empire Axe

The Dye Rize CZR

Best Amazon Paintball Gun under $600

The Empire Axe Pro

Empire makes some of the best markers commercially available, putting a lot of time into developing each and every new model. The Empire Axe Pro is no different. Improving on the model of the original Empire Axe, the Pro takes to the next level with better ergonomics and some bug-fixing. Empire truly took care of all the complaints that people had with the original.

Starting with how the Empire Axe Pro feels overall, this marker has been greatly improved compared to the Axe. It provides much more comfort and just feels much better in your hands. Most notable, however, is how much more room around the foregrips it has than its predecessor, making it far easier to grip.

Being built with a high-level of construction, the Axe Pro is very durable and will not fail during gameplay. It is also highly efficient, using a bore size specialized to the marker to ensure that just the right amount of air is used while still providing a high level of accuracy. Using a 45/4,500 psi HPA tank, the Axe Pro can fire a little over 1,300 shots before needing to refuel. And with this marker being designed with quietness in mind, you will be able to unload plenty of shots before the competition even knows that you’re there.

The Empire Axe Pro has seen another upgrade over the original in how easy it is to maintain, featuring a one-step push-button bolt removal system. All that’s required is for you to push the button and you can get to cleaning. Another great feature of the Axe Pro is its Redline OLED board with joystick navigation. This board allows you to quickly choose between different firing rates so that you can quickly change tactics mid-match.

The Empire Axe Pro is a step above the original Axe, as well as any other marker under $600. If you are looking for a high-performance marker that can keep up as you dominate in tournaments, the Empire Axe Pro is the marker for you.

  • Has really good ergonomicsnEasy to get replaceable partsnAmazing quality and reliabilitynProvides very smooth shootingnVery sleek designnShoots very quietlynVery easy to clean and maintainnHas a full feature Redline OLED Board
  • Awkward to hold for persons of smaller staturenThe OLED Board can be difficult to get used ton

Alternate Paintball Guns Available on Amazon Under $600

The Empire Resurrection Autococker

First Strike Tiberius Arms T15

Best Amazon Paintball Gun under $700

The Empire SYX

Yet another fantastic marker produced by Empire, the Empire SYX is the sixth-generation marker in the AXE line. Despite being produced by Empire three years after the Axe Pro and featuring several upgrades, the Empire SYX is not that much more expensive. Coming with a newly designed and streamlined look, this marker will take your game to the next level.

Having a new, sleek design compared to earlier markers in the AXE line, the SYX is both graceful and comfortable. Having wrap-around rubber grips this marker boasts a high level of comfort and will fit securely in your hands. Adding this to its incredible lightness, the SYX feels more like an extension of your body rather than a marker that you have to carry around.

Besides the comfort it provides, the Empire SYX is an exceptionally high-performance marker. Coming with a revised bolt system, users will notice an even quieter and smoother shot than what even the previous releases in the AXE line can provide. With its near non-existent recoil, the Empire SYX offers an amazing level of accuracy and an overall very enjoyable shooting experience.

A large benefit of this marker is that it is very easy to service, meaning that it is simple to maintain and keep it performing at a high level. Many markers of this price range require their owners to pay professionals to service their guns. However, to perform routine maintenance on the Empire SYX all you really need is an Allen wrench.  

Overall, the Empire SYX ticks the boxes in comfort, beauty, and performance. Its features work seamlessly together, making it valuable for advanced paintball players looking for a high-end option.

  • Highly durable nBarely any recoilnIncredibly lightweightnTool-less bolt and battery removalnGreat ergonomicsnSleek and new design in the AXE linenVery easy to maintain and upgrade
  • Slightly crooked foregripnStrange placement of the On/Off levernRegulator is not very easy to remove and disassemble

Alternate Paintball Markers on Amazon For Under $700

The Maddog Empire Axe 2.0 (Package)

The G.I. Sportz Stealth (Package)

Best Amazon Paintball Marker under $1000

The Empire BT D*fender

The third and final Empire marker on our list – as well as the best marker that is available on Amazon for under $1000 – is the Empire BT D*fender. Being designed for precision play and high-end handling, this marker really stands out from other options on the market and leaves you feeling like a pro in the sport.

Featuring a magnesium unibody shell, the Empire D*fender is incredibly durable being highly resistant to wear and tear while protecting its more delicate parts. Despite its hard frame, however, this marker is surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry. 

As pictured above, the Empire BT D*fender has a rather unique design compared to other paintball markers. Its unique make does take some getting used to, but with its ergonomic design, you will quickly feel at ease while using this marker and learn to love using it after you overcome its learning curve.

Its design asides, the D*fender comes with many unique features that other markers just cannot compete with. Some of its key features include:

  • An integrated loader
  • A laser-activated auto-feed chamber
  • Break beam eyes that prevent ball chopping
  • An inline pressure-controlled poppet feeder
  • A selector switch of this marker comes with five different firing modes

Unique features aside, maintenance for the D*fender is very simple. The valve and loader system is located inside the marker’s body and no tool is required to do basic maintenance or battery changes.

 All things considered; the Empire BT D*fender is the best marker that you’ll be able to find for under $1000. Having so many unique features, a strong build, a high accuracy, and providing a high level of comfort, this marker really has almost everything you could ask for in a marker.

  • Excellent accuracy and designnHighly durable bodynBreak beam eyes that prevent ball chopping and half-loadingnLaser activated auto-feed chambernSimple to maintainnIntegrated loader that provides high-end performancenAmazing quality and reliabilitynProvides very smooth shooting
  • The buttstock is a little widenDifficult to load the last few roundsnSmaller functional hopper capacity means more frequent reload

Alternate Amazon Paintball Guns under $1000

The Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R

The Dye DSR

Although the Empire BT D*fender  is my pick for this category, these 2 markers listed above are also excellent. Any one of these guns are a great choices in this category.

Overall Comparisons


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