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Best Beginner Paintball Guns Under $200 For Both Adults and Kids!

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With how thrilling and exciting paintball looks as a spectator, beginners are always seeking to join the sport. While it is definitely true that paintball is a lot of fun, that doesn’t mean that you can just pick up any kind of paintball marker and get right into the action.

Some markers need its user to have years of experience to use efficiently – just buying the most expensive paintball gun on the market isn’t good enough. Besides being more costly, advanced paintball guns can also be fickle and need more maintenance. This often leads to a frustrating experience for kids and players who want to try the game for the first time or just play recreationally.

That’s why finding a paintball gun suited for beginners isn’t always an easy task. There are so many different brands and styles of paintball guns on the market today that there isn’t ‘one best marker for every player’.

That’s especially true for kids, who can’t carry heavy markers for as long or who can get hurt more easily.

When looking at a marker to use as a beginner, there are a few questions that you should keep in mind:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Will it break quickly?
  • Does it have to be upgraded?
  • Will it hurt other kids?
  • Are there any cheaper options?
  • What kind of paintball styles am I most interested in?

Keeping all these things in mind, there is definitely a good model out there for you that will meet both your needs and desired playing style – you just need to find it! That’s where we come in.

This guide will look at the best markers on the market suited for beginners – going through the best beginner markers overall, markers for different playing styles, and markers that are even great for kids – all coming in at an affordable price.

Best Overall Beginner Paintball Gun

The Tippmann Cronus Basic

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Features & Benefits

There’s a reason why the Tippmann Cronus Basic is called ‘the best beginner marker’. Providing one of the best entryways into the sport, this marker is as efficient as it is affordable.

Being highly durable, the Tippmann Cronus Basic has a very solid frame, allowing its users to go out into the field without having to worry that their marker will break down when they need it most. It is also beautifully designed, having a very cool aesthetic and militaristic likeness, making it the ideal marker to bring into mil-sim style formats.

This marker also has many options to explore when it comes to customization. Being able to customize the barrel, red dot sights, grip, shield, and lights, users can adapt the Cronus Basic as needed to make it better match their playstyle.

While beginners don’t need to really worry about this at first, it still means that they can upgrade it as desired as they better understand how they want to play the game.

When it comes to taking it out on the field, as mentioned before, the Cronus Basic is very efficient. Being extremely lightweight, even kids can carry it around the field for long periods without getting worn out. It also provides very good ergonomics, with molded rubber grips that make it comfortable to carry no matter how far the distance.

For how affordable it is, the Tippmann Cronus Basic also provides a very high accuracy and fast firing rate, meaning that users will usually be able to hit fast and hard. Having very little recoil, this marker allows players to go on the offensive efficiently, regardless of playstyle.

Being such a well-rounded marker, beginners who are just getting into the sport will do well with the Tippmann Cronus Basic. It may hit a bit too hard for players under the age of 10, but otherwise, it is so affordable, customizable, and efficient that it is among the best starter guns for almost any other kind of player for any kind of game.

  • Very comfortable to hold and carrynHighly durablenVery reliable and accurate shootingnVery reasonably priced for the qualitynSimple to usenVery lightweightnHas minimal recoilnBest overall marker for beginners
  • Disassembling this marker can be frustratingnProne to leaking Co2nHits too hard for use by children

Best Budget Beginner Paintball Gun

The Spyder Victor

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Features & Benefits

Understandably, most beginners just looking to experiment with the sport would prefer to not have to break the bank. Fortunately, the Spyder Victor is the perfect starter paintball marker to work with on a budget.

The Spyder Victor provides a great level of performance even with its very low cost. Users have extreme control over their shots due to its external velocity adjuster, meaning that they can shoot with precision. Also being very gas-efficient, it can fire as much as 1,500 shots from a single 20 oz. Co2 tank, almost double of the 800-shot limit that other markers of this price range have!

Unlike other low-price markers, the Victor rarely jams, making it reliable in that you will hardly ever be caught off-guard while trying to fix it mid-match. Having an incredibly light weight, users won’t be burdened when carrying it around the field and getting to where they need to so that they can take an essential shot. With a cushioned grip panel, this marker also has good ergonomics and is a very comfortable fit.

Most markers will require some form of maintenance, but thankfully the Victor is very easy to maintain. Disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling can all be done in under five minutes. On the other hand, when it comes to customization, it is best to keep upgrades simple – it’s usually cheaper to just buy a higher-quality gun.

While the Victor is an overall great starter marker, it does come with its flaws. Unfortunately, the Victor is not the most durable, with its composite material being of lower quality than higher-priced markers. The Victor will thankfully continue to function well, but you can expect some eventual wear and tear.

Overall, this marker’s pros highly outweigh its cons and make it a suitable choice for all beginners. Being a good choice for both adults and kids, the Spyder Victor is a great choice for buying a starter marker on a budget.

  • Among the best of entry-level gunsnHigh level of accuracynGreat Co2 gas-efficiencynHighly reliable and affordablenOffers a high level of control/precisionnVery lightweight
  • Not as durable as other markersnScrews may loosen over timenNot the best marker to invest your upgrades into


Best Runner Up Beginner Paintball Gun


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Features & Benefits

If you were to ask around for a good beginner paintball marker, there’s a high chance that a lot of veterans in the sport will recommend the GOG eNMEy – and with good reason! Having a simplistic design and low price point, this marker provides pretty much everything that a beginner could need in their first paintball marker.

Being operated by gas instead of springs, the GOG eNMEy guarantees both speed and accuracy when shooting. It even has a relief valve which makes precise shooting less of a hassle.

Having a very low operating PSI of just 160, this marker will ensure that its tank will last for long periods of time. This is especially convenient in how quiet and lightweight it is, allowing its users to sneak around the field as needed.

The eNMEy’s design is pretty unique compared to other mechanical markers on the market but that’s part of what makes it such a good choice for entry-level users. Making use of a spool valve, it ensures smoother firing from the spring and blow-forward system.

By also having four easily accessible O-rings, this markers’ design means minimal maintenance is required while still offering the benefits of a spool valve. Besides being easy to maintain, its low operating pressure also helps by not striking paintballs with a lot of force – meaning reduced paintball chopping and barrel breaks.

Beyond that, this marker is made up of some very good quality materials. Making use of a nylon fiber reinforced cover makes the eNMEy very sturdy, and its grip frame imitates those found on modern military rated rifles for stability. Of course, this is great as its high durability lets its users concentrate more on the game rather than constantly worry about having to fix their gun.

Those who are adventurous or like to tinker will be happy to know that this marker also has many options for customization. Some suggested upgrades include changing the stock barrel, adding an on/off purge system, and replacing the feedneck. Being external upgrades, all of these are inexpensive and easy to do and doesn’t void the lifetime warranty.

If you want a simple, easy-to-use marker for casual play, the GOG eNMEy is among the best. Being very low maintenance, but highly reliable, beginners of all ages will have a great time on the field while using this marker.


  • Very lightweightnEasy to use and maintainnVery cheap pricenVery durablenIncredibly user-friendlynLow recoilnGood for customization
  • Low-quality ASAnShorter barrelnPoor stock feed neck

Best Beginner Paintball Gun Kit

The Tippmann Cronus Player Package

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Taking part in paintball is about more than just the marker. Before taking to the field, it is important to ensure that you have all of the proper equipment and that you are not missing anything. Thankfully, many markers are sold as a part of an overall package that will have just about everything you will need to enjoy the sport. As a beginner, we highly recommend going with the Tippmann Cronus Player Package.

The Player Package comes with the following:

  • The Tippmann Cronus Basic Marker
  • A GXG anti-fog paintball mask
  • A 20 oz. Co2 tank
  • A 6+1 paintball harness
  • Six standard paintball pods with 140 rounds
  • A 200 round paintball hopper
  • Cleaning supplies

The most important part of playing paintball (besides the marker itself) is the paintball mask. For safe play, a proper paintball mask is necessary as it protects your eyes. Providing a clear view and having great ventilation while still being comfortable the GXG paintball mask is a great inclusion for this package.

Mask and marker asides, the Player Package includes both all the equipment you need to start playing immediately and cleaning equipment to ensure that you can properly take care of and maintain your marker afterward.

Providing you with everything you need, the Tippmann Cronus Player Package is the perfect choice for beginners who want to get into the sport right away.

Best Beginner Paintball Gun for Kids (13 years old & Under)

Valken Gotcha Shotgun

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Features & Benefits

Paintball is a great sport for people of all ages – kids included! While some parents may be concerned that the sport is too dangerous, if children use the appropriate markers there’s no reason why they can’t participate as well. And when it comes to markers for children aged 13 or younger, there’s no better than the Valken Gotcha Shotgun.

First and most importantly, the Valken Gotcha is an extremely safe paintball marker. The worst injuries in paintball when played correctly is usually bruising. However, in comparison to a standard compressed air marker, the Valken Gotcha is intentionally made to be very weak.

It can only shoot approximately 100 to 120 feet and has an accuracy of 70-80 feet. This is more than suitable to play with without being able to cause any harm to any child hit by a paintball.

The marker itself is also very easy to use, just requiring that paintballs be loaded into the hopper before pumping, aiming, and firing. Being a pump marker, the Valken Gotcha is completely spring-loaded, not needing Co2 or compressed air to function.

This means that the marker has a low rate of fire, but this comes with the benefit of teaching its user how to properly aim at targets.

When it comes to maintenance, there’s almost no work to be done. Having no electronic parts, it is as simple as putting the marker under some running water and then leaving it in the sun to dry out.

Being such a simple marker, it also means that it cannot be upgraded or customized, but this is for the best for younger players who are just trying out the game. Being mostly made out of plastic, however, the Valken Gotcha will not last long if it isn’t properly cared for.

All in all, for children under the age of 13 that want to try out the sport, the Valken Gotcha is the best entry-level paintball gun. Beyond just being affordable, it’s very safe and easy to maintain, making it the perfect start for developing a love of paintball.

  • Very safe to use for kidsnEasy to use and maintainnLightweight and easy to carrynAffordablenHolds a maximum of 120 rounds at once
  • Mostly made of plastic – only lasts for a maximum of two yearsnRequires a hopper

Best Runner Up Beginner Paintball Gun for Kids (13 years old & Under)

JT Splatmaster Z200 Shotgun

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Features & Benefits

The Valken Gotcha Shotgun isn’t the only option for children who are interested in paintball. In fact, despite being weaker overall, the JT Splatmaster Z200 Shotgun is still the most popular choice when picking a paintball marker for children 13 and younger.

Similar to the Valken Gotcha, the Splatmaster Shotgun is very weak, having a maximum range of 100 feet. Being even weaker than the Gotcha, this marker is remarkably safe and won’t even cause bruising.

In fact, the only protection necessary when playing against someone wielding the Splatmaster Shotgun is a good paintball mask to protect the eyes.

Being a spring-operated pump marker, it is very easy for children to use and loading and firing it is a breeze. It can’t be set up with a hopper, so it can only hold a maximum of 15 rounds at once.

However, this can be seen as a benefit as it prevents younger children from going too crazy with the marker by having a limit.

At such an affordable price, it does come with its share of downsides, however. First is its all-plastic body. While its material makes it as easy to clean as the Valken Gotcha, the Splatmaster Shotgun is not very durable, and typically lasts for only a year. Additionally, it is not as powerful as the Valken Gotcha, nor as accurate.

Overall, however, the JT Splatmaster Z200 Shotgun is a great choice for beginners under the age of 13. The Valken Gotcha is still the superior marker, but the Splatmaster is slightly cheaper as it does not require a hopper. For persons who are looking for the safest marker on the market for their child, this marker is the right choice.

  • Safest option for kids under 13nVery lightweight and easy to carrynEasy to use and cleannAffordable
  • Only holds a maximum of 15 rounds at oncenNot very durable with a completely plastic designnWeaker performance compared to the Valken Gotcha

Best Beginner Pump Paintball Gun

Azodin KP3.5 Kaos Pump

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When it comes to paintball, there are many different styles and formats to play in. For some game formats, careful but precise shooting is prioritized, and a pump paintball marker is usually required.

That being said, the Azodin KP 3.5 Kaos Pump is the best of all beginner pump paintball markers.

Features & Benefits

The latest in the KP line, the Azodin KP3.5 Kaos Pump boasts high efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance. Users must physically pump the gun’s cocking rods before every shot, making it much slower than other kinds of markers. However, while it does not prioritize speed, this marker allows users to have much better stability and precision.

Featuring a connected dual pump, this marker provides a more secure and smooth feel with each and every pump. The design is very beginner-friendly but still provides a high-quality performance that more experienced players would desire. The KP3.5 may give users a much different experience from non-pump markers, but it’s still a very satisfying one.

This marker is also very stylish and comes in many different colors, allowing its users to pick the color marker that matches their aesthetic. The one downside of this marker is that, despite its durability, the finish of the KP3.5 is poor, and it may see wear and tear after some time. 

Thankfully, the KP3.5 is otherwise very reliable and easy to fix. The KP3.5 also boasts advanced ergonomics, providing a comfortable experience during playtime. KP3.5s are customizable, but being such a good marker already, upgrades cannot offer many significant changes.

Overall, however, the Azodin KP3.5 Kaos Pump is the superior pump marker and is a great choice for beginners who are looking into pump-based games.

  • Best pump marker available for beginnersnQuick and easy pumping actionnEasy to clean and maintainnProvides great firing accuracynGives a secure and smooth feeling with its ergonomic designnVery user-friendly without sacrificing precision or performancenAvailable in many different colors
  • Double pumping can cause paintball balls to break or double feedingnSlightly heavynThe finish is not as pleasing as other markers and chips much more easilynDoes not work well with Co2


Best Runner Up Beginner Pump Paintball Gun

Azodin KPC Pump

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Features & Benefits

Another marker from Azodin, the KPC was an attempt to modernize the original Kaos Pump. By targeting and upgrading the core aspects that made the original such a classic, the KPC is able to keep up with more modern markers, while still being available for a lower price.

One of the biggest changes from the original Kaos Pump is that the KPC has a single trigger. This is highly useful for a pump gun, with the added stability being a key factor for how the gun feels when using it.

Other changes include switching to a half-block style, using a screw-lock for the feedneck, including a pre-set regulator, and streamlining the ASA. These changes not only reduce the weight of the marker but make it much more efficient overall.

There are still a few things that the KPC keeps from the original, however. The biggest similarity is that the pump system still uses an aluminum pump handle with a single pump rod, although there is now a secondary guide rod to reduce twisting. This makes pumping very smooth and stable while providing a high level of accuracy.

Being very lightweight, the KPC itself only weighs two pounds, making it very easy to carry around the field. With its rubber grip frame panels, it feels good to carry and allows users to position themselves comfortably wherever they need to be.

The marker itself is very durable and the grip frame has a fine matte finish. There are many different color options for the KPC with each having a nice amount of shine/reflectivity for a matte finish. Being very simple to disassemble and maintain, the overall design of this gun is top-notch for its price point.

While not the most optimized pump marker, the KPC is still a great choice for beginners. Being much more affordable than the KP3.5, for newcomers to paintball that are specifically looking for markers that offer a good pump experience, the KPC is the way to go.

  • Easy to use and maintainnHigh trigger sensitivitynErgonomically designednLightweightnProvides a great pump experiencenLow recoilnMore affordable than the KP3.5
  • Some reports of locking feed neck

Best Beginner Mag Fed Paintball Gun

The Kingman Spyder MR6

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Another popular paintball format is mag fed play. The fastest-growing style of paintball, mag fed play makes use of magazines, creating a more realistic style of play.

Most mag fed markers are not for beginners, with the exception being the Kingman Spyder MR6.

Features & Benefits

Supporting a dual feeding system, a good point of this marker is that if users realize that mag fed play is not for them, they can switch to a hopper and use it as a standard paintball marker. It even supports First Strike shaped projectiles! The design of the marker itself is very realistic and fits well in milsim games.

Having a very high durability, the MR6 falls amongst higher standard paintball markers on the market. Its valves are very air efficient giving players a good shooting experience and its high impact grip absorbs shock well, allowing users to keep a good hold on the marker regardless of how quickly they shoot.

However, this marker’s reliability is where things start to fall apart. The bolt on this gun is harsh on paintballs, meaning that using easily damaged paintballs may cause issues such as paintball breakage or jamming. The MR6 also has a relatively low magazine capacity, meaning that users will have to replace their magazines often.

Although these issues may sound like deal-breakers, the pros of the Kingman Spyder MR6 still more than make up for them. Especially for beginners who want to get into mag fed play right away, this marker is an affordable choice to get to learn how to play this paintball format.

  • Dual feeding system – Magazine and HoppernHighly durablenVery accurate with a high rate of firenSimple to use and operatenErgonomically designednEasiest mag fed marker for beginners
  • Not very reliablenChops paintballs oftennLow magazine capacity

Best Runner Up Beginner Mag Fed Paintball Gun

The Tippmann TMC

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Features & Benefits

Being both high-end and versatile, the Tippmann TMC is a fantastic mag fed marker for its price. However, although it is superior overall to the Kingman Spyder MR6, it is also more difficult to use, making it not the best choice for beginners unless they’re dedicated to learning the marker along with the sport.

Like the MR6, it also features a dual-feeding system, allowing the user to change their style of play as necessary. But regardless of the feeding system being used, the TMC always shoots quickly and with a high accuracy.

The TMCs high-pressure operation means that the marker can be a little loud and have some recoil, but its light weight more than makes up for it.  Maneuvering around the field with the TMC is easy and enjoyable, and it is well-beloved and highly rated among its users.

Made with incredibly study parts, the Tippmann TMC is crafted incredibly well, being highly resistant to breakage or even scratches. Although not likely to break, any parts that do can easily be replaced given how accessible parts for the TMC are.

Having an in-line bolt system, the TMC has a real look of military authenticity, looking almost exactly like an actual AR-15 style rifle.

Like many markers in the Tippmann line, the TMC is highly customizable. Although it is more than a fine marker on its own, you’ll never feel limited in what you can change and upgrade. Its lightness is once again especially useful, as users can upgrade it as much as they like without having to worry that it will become too heavy.

The Tippmann TMC is overall a remarkable marker, but almost everyone agrees that it is best used for mag fed play. That being said, its difficulty to assemble, maintain, and use may cause frustration for beginners.

However, for those who are truly dedicated, the TMC is the perfect choice if you intend to continue using it even as you become a pro in the sport.

  • Dual-feeding systemnHighly customizable for accessoriesnVery versatile, being able to utilize a hopper or magazinesnLightweight and easy to pull the triggernShoots quickly and with high accuracynSupports upgradingnHighly durable and sturdy
  • Difficult to assemblenSights cannot be adjusted by heightnProne to breaking down or jamming after extended usenDifficult for beginners

Comparison Chart

NamePriceBiggest ProsBiggest ConsRating
Tippmann Cronus Basic$$Very reliable and accurate Very comfortable to hold and carryDisassembling can be frustrating Hits too hard for children4.9/5.0
The Spyder Victor  $Offers a high level of control and precision Highly reliable and affordableNot as durable as other markers Not recommended for upgrading4.3/5/0
The GOG eNMEy  $$Easy to use and maintain Incredibly user-friendlyPoor stock feed neck Low-quality ASA4.8/5.0
Valken Gotcha Shotgun  $Very safe for kids to use Easy to use and maintainMostly made of plastic4.4/5.0
JT Splatmaster Z200 Shotgun  $Safest option for kids under 13 Very lightweight and easy to carryEntirely made of plastic and not durable at all Only holds 15 rounds of ammo at once4.2/5.0
Azodin KP3.5 Kaos Pump$$$Quick and easy pumping action Very user-friendlyDouble pumping can cause issues Imperfect body finish4.8/5.0
Azodin KPC Pump  $$Easy to use and maintain Very ergonomicFairly noisy4.5/5.0
Kingman Spyder MR6$$Dual-feeding system Simple to use/operateNot very reliable Low magazine capacity4.6/5.0
Tippmann TMC$$$Shoots quickly and with high accuracy Very versatileDifficult to use/assemble Prone to break downs4.9/5.0

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Beginner Paintball Tips

Your first paintball match can be intimidating, but here are five basic tips to try and remember:

  • Don’t give away your position too soon
  • Look for your opponents without being seen
  • Hide in places that give good cover
  • Communicate with your team and use teamwork
  • Don’t make yourself vulnerable to an ambush

What do I need to know before playing paintball?

There are three main things to remember before playing:

  • Wear clothing that’s easy to move in, and always wear your mask during play.
  • Practice makes perfect, and you’ll get better as you play more.
  • Don’t be afraid of getting shot and enjoy the overall experience.

Can you wear jeans when playing paintball?

Tracksuit bottoms, joggers and jeans are all recommended for play - the thicker the better!

What should a girl wear to go paintballing?

Similar to boys, girls should wear thick but comfortable clothing that they can move in easily. Skirts or dresses are NOT recommended.

What age is appropriate for paintball?

You can begin playing at almost any age! As long as the player is healthy and age-appropriate markers are being used, children as young as 8 are okay to take to the field.

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