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Best Paintball Sniper Scope

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Have you finally chosen a proper paintball sniper marker, but you still feel compelled to enhance your accuracy by arming it with the right scope? Well, you're in the right place.

Frankly speaking, paintball guns aren't as precise as actual firearms and a lot of things can affect the trajectory of your shot such as the wind, paintball quality, barrel length, barrel cleanliness, etc. Therefore, gearing your marker with a correct scope can greatly increase your possibilities of hitting the target, especially from far away!

If you're just here or my picks, then here's the top 3:

Before I give my picks, I wanted to clarify a couple of things, so that you can be a better-informed consumer!

It is important to differentiate between scopes and sights. These two words, even though used interchangeably by a lot of shooters, are not the same. A scope is a form of sight but not all sights are scopes.

A scope is a form of sight that magnifies the shooter's vision to help in creating long-distance shots. The benefit that comes with making use of scopes is the enlarged target that permits you to spot details at much longer ranges.

However, the scope isn't without its downsides. While using the scope, you need to shut one eye which ends up causing a 'Tunnel-like Vision'. This implies that your vision is limited to what you can see in through the scope. This may be a problem because of how briskly the sport of paintball is; with a lot happening at the same time, opponents can easily move in on you while you're looking down into your scope.

There are different classes of scopes such as the regular riflescopes, night vision scopes, thermal scopes, and prismatic scopes.

The sight on the other hand casts a tiny low-lit dot onto your target. It's referred to as a red-dot sight and it comes with red or green (or the choice for either) lit dots or alternative targeting reticules.

The red-dot sight may be narrowed down into two main varieties, the 'Tube type' that requires looking through two glass lenses to acquire the dot and the 'Reflex sight' wherever there's just one glass lens that has the reticule projected onto it.

Reflex sights measure quicker in terms of acquiring target but they are however more susceptible to paintball hits than tube sights. Reflex sights are difficult to use in bright daylight, unlike the tube sights which are much easier to use in the sunlight. Sights are designed to be used with each eye open therefore eliminating the matter of the 'Tunnel-like Vision'.

However, targets aren't enlarged while using sights which is one of the most important variations between it and scopes. Sights may be categorized into three main groups;

  • Red-dot sights
  • Fixed/flip-up sights
  • Laser sights.

Alright, so let's get to it. What's the best paintball sniper scope?


AIM Sports Alpha 6 Riflescope

Our choice for the best marksman scope is the AIM Sports Alpha 6 Riflescope that weighs 26.50 Ounces and comes in under $275.

AIM Sports Inc Alpha 6 4.5-27X50 30mm Riflescope with MR1 MRAD Reticle, Black, JA6HD452750MR
Check Price & Availability

This 30mm atomic number 13 body tube offers superior ocular performance and also the style includes an incised reticule with high-definition glass for optimum lightweight transmission. It is equipped with an HO glass that permits extreme transmission of sunshine that assures sharp and clear pictures even in poor lighting conditions. It includes zeroable windage and elevation knobs that provide strategic and noticeable adjustments. The tube composes of argon which permits it to perform cleanly even within the rain and in foggy weather.

Its main highlights include:

  • MR1 angular unit (MRAD) reticule (2.5-15x50 model)
  • 30mm black anodized Aluminum body tube
  • Sealed element for premium fog and waterproofing
  • Included aspect focus optical phenomenon adjustment
  • Red illumination color
  • 100 yards focus reach
  • 90 hours of battery life
  • Eye relief: 4-3.5 inches
  • High-quality, second focal-plane scopenMR1 angular unit (MRAD) reticulenHigh-definition glassnFog and waterproofnShock resistantn
  • Tunnel visionnPriceyn


Monstrum 3-9x32 AO Rifle Scope

Our best budget scope is that the Monstrum 3-9x32 AO Rifle Scope with a well-lit range finder reticule and high-profile scope rings that which as a great value coming in under $90 but weighs close to 1lb.

Monstrum 3-9x32 AO Rifle Scope with Illuminated Range Finder Reticle and Parallax Adjustment | Black
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This scope is a reliable pick for short, mid-range, and long-range shooters. It offers crystal clear optics with 3-9x magnification and its adjustable objective feature permits for a sharper target image, elimination of optical alteration, and reach estimation.

The adjustable objective (AO) lens is often moved by the optical parallax dial at the tip of the scope. It's equipped with an incised black reticule that is usually visible or is lit-up in red or green for higher visibility at the hours of darkness or poorly lit surroundings. It can be used in virtually all-weather conditions and comes with a 1-year warranty upon purchase.

This scope incorporates a functionally designed distance measuring reticule for quicker reach estimation and holdover correction. It has 1/4 MOA per click windage/elevation adjustments with the capacity to reset the zero.

Its main options include:

  • Scope rings
  • CR2032A battery
  • Illuminated distance measuring reticule
  • Made of 6061-grade Aluminum
  • Compatible with Picatinny rails.
  • Scope reach of about four hundred yards.
  • An objective diameter of thirty-two millimeter
  • 1-inch tube size
  • Eye relief: three.5-3.8 inches
  • Length: 9.3 inches
  • Fog and waterproofnComes with lens fabric for cleaning and lens capn
  • Heavy (weighs 1lb)


Primary Arms Classic Series 4-16x44mm SFP Rifle Scope

Our pick under this category is the Primary Arms Classic Series SFP Rifle Scope with illuminated Mil-Dot which runs in the mid $100 range, weighs 26 ounces.

Primary Arms SLX 1-6x24 SFP Rifle Scope Gen III - Illuminated ACSS-5.56/5.45/.308
Check Price & Availability

This classy sniper scope is filled with nitrogen to ensure maximum operation even in rainy weather and it comes with focus knobs mounted on the side to enhance accuracy. The reticle is illuminated in case you need to use it in the dark or in a low light environment. The turrets are easy to use and adjust and it has extremely clear glass.

This scope is a second focal plane scope featuring an illuminated Mil-Dot reticle for ranging targets at 16x magnification. Locking turrets with resettable zero give audible and tactile 1/4 MOA clicks.

A side-mounted parallax adjustment knob keeps the reticle parallax free and the target image sharp at extended ranges.

Its main features include:

  • Variable 1-6x24m magnification
  • Audible and tactile 1/4 MOA clicks
  • A side-mounted parallax adjustment knob
  • 12 reticle brightness settings
  • Flip-up lens caps included
  • Battery: 1X 2032
  • Made of Aluminum
  • Eye relief: 4 inches
  • 30mm tube size
  • Durable Aluminum constructionnWater and fog-resistantnShockproofnLightweightn
  • Using a Mil-Dot reticle efficiently requires lots of practice


Tacoma Bolt M82 with Rap4 9x32 Tactical Scope

In our article on the 10 best long-range paintball guns, we selected the TACAMO bolt M82 sniper paintball gun as our overall best paintball sniper gun. This marker comes with a Rap4 9x32 tactical scope that's priced under $100 and weighs 2.01 lbs.

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The Rap4 9x32 tactical scope is quite powerful with a 600 feet range making it easy to locate your opponents on the battlefield.

Its main features include:

  • 1 Lens cover
  • 2 Ring Mount
  • Compact design
  • A bit heavy compared to other scopes considered in this article.nLimited information on the scope specificationsn


TRINITY 4X32 Compact Mil-Dot Rifle Scope

The TRINITY 4X32 Compact Mil-Dot Rifle Scope offers wonderful light transmission because of its incorporated blue multi-coated lenses, that cut back internal reflections and supply protection against scratches. It weighs 11oz and is priced under $50.

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This rifle scope is formed from one piece of aircraft-grade metal that is then charged with gas for fog proofing and shock resistance. It's then closed up with weather-resistant seals making it appropriate to be used in any sort of weather.

Its main characteristics include:

  • 4x magnification
  • 1inch tube diameter
  • 32-millimeter objective diameter
  • Eye Relief of three inches
  • Exit Pupil of eight millimeters
  • Field of view of at least100 yards
  • M.O.A: 1/4 Finish
  • Matte Black Lens Coating
  • Blue Length: 7.75 inches
  • Weaver / Picatinny 1913 ring mounts enclosed
  • Fog proof, waterproof and shock-resistantnScratch-resistant lensnAffordablen
  • Not compatible with all paintball sniper markers


I’ve separated this into a different category.  Scopes that are night vision, infrared or thermal really belong to a category of their own. 

If you want to know the difference between these three types of scopes, then read our Frequently Asked Questions and the bottom of this post!

Overall Best Night Vision Scope

NVRS Titanium Night Vision Rifle Scope Gen1 1.5x42

Our overall best night vision scope is that the NVRS Titanium Night vision Rifle Scope Gen1 1.5x42 which is valued at $800 and weighs just thirty ounces

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This scope is the smallest and lightest weight amongst the Titanium models and uses improved optics, a durable, titanium body, and sleek style to differentiate itself from other night vision scopes.

This scope is kitted with Yukon's exclusive flip-up lens cap that opens to reveal quality multi-coated optics and a lit-up reticle. A built-in, powerful pulse Infrared illuminator is activated to boost image brightness and increase reach in pitch blackness. Accuracy windage and elevation adjustment including a remote control are further features.

The light from the IR Illuminator can reflect off the pupils of the target up to seventy-five yards away which makes it easier to identify a target in the dark, whereas the red-on-green reticule helps for speedy target acquisition.

An alterable reticule brightness knob helps you to pick the intensity of your reticule within the viewing range; it can be turned off utterly once scanning and has further brightness ability in environments with poor lightening.

Its features include:

  • High-Resolution
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Standard Weaver MIL-STD-1913 rail mount system
  • Accuracy windage and elevation adjustment (1cl = 20mm / 100m)
  • On and off remote system
  • The flip-up objective lens cap
  • Water intrusion meets IPX5 rating
  • Up to 200-yard detection distance
  • 100-yard infrared illuminator distance
  • Lightweight and compact (30-ounce weight)nDurable Titanium bodynBuilt-in powerful pulse IR illuminatornAbility to use common AA batteriesnControls are large and simple to search out in the darkn
  • It is an expensive scopenNot suitable for high-mount paintball guns.n

Best Budget Night Vision Scope

Night Owl Optics Night Shot Digital Night Vision Riflescope

The Night Owl Optics Night Shot Digital Night Vision Riflescope with IR illuminator is our choice for the best budget paintball visual sense scope. It is usually sold close to $400 and it weighs 1.3lbs.

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This digital optic encompasses a massive range of view (about a hundred yards) with 3x magnification. It has a durable build with weatherproof capabilities. It's simple to mount on either a Weaver or Picatinny rail, has 3 reticule choices, and includes an inherent infrared illuminator.

This scope is created from tough thermoplastic making it extraordinarily sturdy. The flat spot on the cross-bolts can be reversed to work with several mounts especially "weaver mounts" where the spacing between the slots varies.

This scope is quite affordable and should satisfy any shooter's needs. This scope is equipped with advanced options and technology which will surprise you and greatly boost your shooting accuracy.

Its main options include:

  • 3x magnification
  • 100-yard night-time field of view
  • Built-in infrared illuminator
  • High resolution of 640x480
  • 1/4 in. at fifty yards windage and elevation changes
  • Weaver and Picatinny mounting
  • 3 black and white reticles
  • Approximately 3hrs battery life with 4AA batteries
  • Applicable to firearms, paintball, airsoft, and pellet guns
  • WeatherproofnLightweightnThe performance beats scopes priced 3-times highern
  • It is heavy compared to alternative light-weight scopes


Best Overall Thermal Scope

Pulsar Trail XQ

The Pulsar Trail XQ comes in under $4,000 and weighs 18.3 oz is our pick for the most effective thermal paintball scope. Thermal scopes are not cheap!

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This high-quality scope is Pulsar's first-ever thermal scope and it's equipped with superb options like a 640x480 AMOLED resolution. It has a 10.8x magnification and an astounding reach just below 2000 yards; nothing will stay hidden from this scope.

You'll be able to choose from thirteen reticles that feature a one-shot zero. There are up to 3 profiles, therefore you'll be able to combine and match rifles.

The scope is waterproof, fog-proof, and dirt resistant. It also can run all night long making its eight hours run time amongst the most effective in thermal optics.

The scope has numerous functions including streaming to a smart device and it also comes with a control which implies that you can control the scope with the device or the remote. It even comes with a detection software system to assist you to see targets within the densest areas.

Its main features include:

  • Three operative modes – identification, city and forest
  • Three adjustment modes - Manual, Semi-automatic, Automatic
  • 13 electronic reticles
  • 10 zeroing distances for every profile
  • Built-in 3-axis measuring system
  • Function "Smart reticle"
  • Defective element repair operate
  • Stadiametric range finder
  • Display off feature
  • Functional and ergonomic
  • Updatable options (via Stream Vision application)
  • Wide vary of operative temperatures (-25 °С ...+50 °С)
  • Carrying case
  • User manual
  • Dual cable: video and external power offer
  • An external power offer cable
  • Wireless control
  • Hand strap
  • Automotive cigar lighter adapter
  • Spare battery case
  • Cleaning fabric
  • Covered by the Pulsar's 3-year warrantynUser-friendly interfacen
  • ExpensivenRequires expertise to use effectivelyn

Best Budget Thermal Sniper Scope

ATN ThOR 4 1.25-5x Gen 4 Thermal Vision

Our pick for best budget thermal scope is that the ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x Gen 4 Thermal Vision which costs under $2000 and weighs 1.93 lbs.

Buy on Amazon

The truth is that you might not find a thermal scope below $1000 and the ThOR 4 is about as close as you are going to get. The resolution of the Thor 4 is good compared to several different high-end scopes. Its sensors get a 384x288 resolution and you'll not get extreme ranges.

However, most shots happen below two hundred yards when dark therefore you ought not to have any worries. It has one of the most sensitive sensors in the market and it picks up on everything and can show it in the pallet of your choosing.

Like all ATN scopes, the Thor 4 records and export video via an application and it has a range finder. This model has greatly increased the number of load profiles you can produce.

It will even consider angle, temperature, humidity, range, and wind to make sure you're always on target. This scope can also run for a solid eighteen hours. What this scope lacks in resolution in comparison to different thermal scopes, it makes up for it in run-time hours.

This improved scope includes both classic features and new abilities. These revolutionary Thermal Imaging Scope from ATN brings one-shot zeroing, recoil activated video, and adds an integrated optical laser range finder. It also features a video that records and streams at the same time and a next-generation thermal sensor.

The ergonomic style of this scope makes finding the controls easier. You get quality pictures and a lot of first-time hits while using this scope.

Its main features include:

  • Ultra-sensitive thermal sensor
  • Records Video onto a MicroSD card
  • Wi-Fi (Streaming, Gallery & Controls) and Bluetooth 4.1 compatible with iOS and Android
  • Recoil Activated Video
  • Smart distance measurement system
  • Ballistic Calculator
  • Profile Manager
  • 3D GS7 gyro
  • 3D measuring system
  • 3D gaussmeter
  • E-Compass
  • Smooth Zoom
  • GPS for geotagging and trailing elevation
  • 3 Year restricted warranteenSmart Shooting resolutionnAmazing eighteen hours run timen
  • Not so great for extreme ranges


Lasers scopes are quite affordable and simple to use. They usually cost between $30-$200. Paintball lasers and lasers used on actual firearms and handguns are all similar. This offers many different designs and varieties to pick from. Lasers are mainly applicable to close-range battles and are largely effective in dark areas like within a building with low lighting.

However, making use of lasers can raise queries of safety if you shine them into the eyes of your opponents. Within the world of real firearms, the danger of inflicting eye injury to an individual you're getting ready to shoot isn't that huge of a priority however within the realm of paintball, it will be a significant issue.

Most laser sights are tiny and compact, permitting ample areas on a marker for placement. They work by putting a small dot on your target, permitting you to line your paintball rifle's sights up with the dot for spot-on precise shots. The dots from the laser sights will solely be seen by the shooter which offers great benefits for the precise shooting of unsuspecting opponents.

Laser sights are principally used with tactical paintball guns, rather than competition markers. This can be as a result of most military duplicate paintball guns incorporating weaver rails prepared for mounting. Adding a laser sight to your marker is straightforward with most easily slipping on or secured with nothing more than the proper sized Allen wrench.

Lasers can be hooked up to virtually any place on your marker you've got a rail site; the handguard, barrel, or anyplace on the receiver of the gun works well.

Most laser sights are operated (turned on or off) by a button on their body. Top laser sights feature a control wire hooked up next to your paintball gun's trigger or inside a vertical grip. This configuration permits you to rig the laser's on/off switch, therefore the laser activates with a gentle pull of the trigger or a squeeze of the vertical grip. Some compact laser sights designed for paintball pistols have the on/off switch toward the rear of the unit, thus it's close to the gun's trigger for straightforward access once ready to use.

Laser sights typically are available red or green colors and which one is best depends on personal preference. However, most like the green color to be used within the daytime, whereas the red will be seen clearer in darker environments.

BARSKA Green Laser with Built-in Mount and Rail

An ideal example of a laser sight is that the BARSKA Green Laser with in-built Mount and Rail which weighs 5.6 ounces and is valued at $92.

Buy on Amazon

The T6 Aluminum body permits for the GLX laser sight to deliver a powerful, stable platform to mount accessories to its integrated military Picatinny rail. The in-built mount is a weaver compact mount with a stabilizing cross bar insert for added support.

The compact mount permits secure mounting to the shortest of rails on handguns and rifles. This laser sight has been designed to face high impact shock generated by massive caliber rifles and handguns.

The GLX compact laser has a simple accessible on/off slide switch. The switch can even be overridden by adding a cable pressure switch that is firmly bolted to the rear of the laser. Traditional windage and elevation alterations are accessible on the surface of the front and bottom of the laser.

Its main features include:

  • An extremely visible intense green light
  • High impact rated 5MW compact optical maser diodes
  • In-built Weaver mount with a stabilizing crossbar
  • Integrated military Picatinny rail
  • T6 Aluminum body
  • Visibly accessible normal windage and elevation alteration knobs
  • Powered by a high capability CR-123A battery
  • Easy access on/off slide switch
  • Harmful to the eyes of opponents


Vobor Scope Lens Protector

While playing paintball, your scope can get hit which could damage your scope lens. So, it is important to protect your scope or sight by using a protector.

Our overall best paintball scope/sight protector which is highly effective and budget-friendly is the Vobor Scope Lens Protector which costs only about $10.

Buy on Amazon

Its main features include:

  • High transparency. Therefore, no distortion in sight.
  • White and yellow optic lens screen cover shield which could be flipped down when necessary.
  • Scopes lens protector - Transparent and yellow 2-color shields are exchangeable.
  • Glass Material: Plexiglass
  • Color: Yellow + Transparent
  • Package Weight: approx. 62g
  • Glass Size: 5 x 5.5cm / 1.9" x 2.1"


1. How to put a scope on a paintball gun?

Attaching a scope to your paintball marker is quite a simple process. Scopes are usually attached to the Picatinny rails or weaver of a paintball gun using scope rings.

Firstly, the scope rings are attached to the scope, then it is mounted on the weaver or Picatinny rails. You tighten the screws and you are good to go.

Check out my article that talks about Long Range Paintball Guns, a perfect combination for one of the above scopes: 10 Best Long Range Paintball Markers

2. Do paintball guns have a scope?

Not all paintball guns come with a scope. It is important to read the features of the marker upon purchase to know all that is included in the package.

However, most markers have a fixed rail sight which helps improve shooting accuracy. Equipping your marker with a much better scope is totally up to you.

3. What is the difference between night vision, infrared, and thermal scopes?

Thermal Scopes

Thermal Scopes usually detect radiation and do not require any visible light to produce an image. Thermal imaging devices can be used both during the day and at night.

Night Vision Scopes

Night vision Scopes on the other hand usually rely on at least some ambient light for detection thereby making detection at great distances difficult. If used at night, the moon and stars should provide enough light for a night vision scope to work effectively but in the absence of natural light, Infrared illuminators are used to generate light.

Infrared Illuminators

Infrared illuminators work like flashlights for night vision but are not visible to the naked eye. It is important to note that night vision scopes cannot be used in daylight because it will get damaged.

Night vision scopes are considerably more expensive than normal scopes and Thermal scopes are even more expensive than night vision scopes because they are newer and require more costly technology to manufacture.

4. What is a prismatic scope?

A prismatic scope is a scope that uses a glass prism to focus an image as opposed to traditional rifle scopes that use a series of lenses.

This allows for a more compact design while still allowing for many of the same benefits such as a magnified image, an etched reticle (The etched reticle can be viewed without batteries or worry about fiber optic issues.), reticle illumination, and a focusing eyepiece.

5. Difference between Weaver and Picatinny rails.

The Picatinny rail is similar to the Weaver design, but they do not exactly interchange. The Weaver mounting rails have slots that are .180 inches wide and do not necessarily have consistent spacing between the grooves.

Picatinny slots are .206 inches wide with a center-to-center groove width of .394 inches. It is important to note that Picatinny accessories will not fit on a Weaver rail, but Weaver accessories will fit on a Picatinny rail.

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