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How Much Do Airsoft Guns Cost?

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Making the jump into buying your very own airsoft gun provides the possibility of finally getting to play with your favorite gun, whether it is from a beloved video game or an action movie.

There is also the bonus of not needing to worry about rental fees at your local field. The first question one faces when considering airsoft is likely, "how much do these airsoft guns cost?"

The cost of the airsoft gun will vary wildly on quality and performance, but popular entry-level rifles cost between $125 and $250. Guns that are modeled after rarer real firearms or those with higher quality and performance can cost $700 to $1800.

If you are interested in getting into airsoft, it is highly recommended you get the standard M4 or AK style rifles. The AK-style rifles and M4s offer plenty of options at varying price points, which is perfect for a person beginning their airsoft hobby.

Not only that, but there is a larger selection for aftermarket parts and equipment that allow for maintenance, upgrading the performance, and customization of your gun.

The Costs of Entry-Level Airsoft Guns

The two biggest rifle platforms available in airsoft are the AK platform and the M4 platform. Because of this, there are some great options for guns priced for beginners while also offering reliability, support for aftermarket parts, and the ability to customize.

The first platform, the AK, has many variants, offering options such as the length of the rifle, if it has a side-folding stock or a full-stock, or if it has real wood, fake wood, or plastic furniture.

The most popular brand for these AKs is CYMA. This company offers two series of AKs, one being modeled after the design of another company, Tokyo Marui.

These include rifles that have either plastic bodies or metal bodies. Although some may think the plastic bodies are worse, the gun saves on weight and that makes a noticeable difference after running around for 3 to 6 hours.

CYMA also offers another series that is modeled after VFC where the rifles use better quality externals, such as stamped steel receivers. A few examples of what CYMA offers, their average prices, as well as the models they replicate are:

  • CYMA CM028/CM028s  $125/$128 AK-47/AK-47 (plastic).
  • CYMA CM035 $149 AKS-74u.
  • CYMA CM042/CM042s $180/$194 AK-47/AK-47s.
  • CYMA CM045/CM045a $156/$173 AKS-74u (plastic/wood furniture, stamped steel).
  • CYMA CM048/CM048m $218 AK-74/AKM (stamped steel).

The other common platform for beginners is the M4 rifles. Some examples of popular brands that offer fantastic options for beginners include G&G, Classic Army, and ICS. Most of these entry-level guns use polymer bodies to balance cost and strength.

Be wary of rifles that maintain their low cost whilst using metal bodies as there are often issues with the receivers being weaker.

Although there are not as many variations in bodies as there are with AKs, there are still plenty of choices in overall length, types of stocks, and types of handguards.

Some examples of these models and their price range based on what features the body has are:

  • G&G CM16  $165-$230 Plastic body, varying lengths, furniture.
  • Classic Army Skirmish $185-$200 Plastic body, varying lengths, furniture.
  • ICS CS4 M4 $189 Plastic body, M4A1 style, varying stocks.
  • ICS CXP-15 $189-$229 Metal or plastic body, varying lengths, furniture.

The Different Categories of Airsoft Guns and Their Cost

Although M4s and AKs are generally recommended for beginners, there are plenty of options to suit different needs. Airsoft guns replicate weapons throughout history, from muskets to WW2 weaponry to recently released firearms.

Additionally, not all guns are marketed to beginners. Therefore, some utilize higher quality externals, achieve further range, allow for customizable performance settings, and can achieve high rates of fire.

The various roles that guns are designed to fill often come with their separate price ranges, with rarity, quality, and size all being factors.

Pistols and Shotguns 

Pistols and shotguns come as either gas-powered or spring-powered, although there are a handful of electric models that exist. While spring pistols are not viable for skirmishes, spring shotguns are. Some of the most popular brands for spring shotguns are CYMA, AGM, and Tokyo Marui.

  • AGM offers budget-friendly spring shotguns that retail between $30 and $40.
  • CYMA offers great value and offers plastic and metal bodies for their shotguns. Depending on which body you go with, prices vary from $40 to $130.
  • Tokyo Marui has a long tradition of producing quality replicas and the prices fluctuate between $200 and $320.

Gas shotguns share the same price range as gas pistols. For shotguns, the two most common brands are Tokyo Marui and JAG.

  • Tokyo Marui shotguns can range from a $260 for their Super 90 models to over $350 for their KSG model.
  • JAG offers various models from short pistol style shotguns costing around $160 to their full-size tactical models running $320. 

For pistols, the 3 most common brands are WE Tech, KJW, and Tokyo Marui.

  • WE Tech offers a massive selection of pistols, ranging from $100 standard pistols to their $200 double-barreled pistols.
  • KJW is a company known for their 2011 models, which cost around $120.
  • Tokyo Marui is considered an industry leader for their pistols, most notably their 2011 series. Their pistols range in cost from $130 to $300.


This category is a favorite for indoor fields as their compact size is great for maneuverability. The prices will vary not only on quality but also if it is electric or gas-powered.

For gas-powered guns SMGs, KWA, WE Tech, and HFC are some of the most popular brands.

  • KWA’s KMP9 is extremely popular, but also offer a few other alternatives ranging from $140 to $210.
  • WE Tech offers multiple models, but their P90 and their 888c are popular compact options, but they also have their Apache series, modeled after the MP5 for sale if you are not state-side, or are willing to import. Their prices range from $325 to $400.
  • HFC is mostly known for its Mac11 models, which vary from $115 to $160.

Electric offers a wider selection from even more brands ranging in quality. Electric SMGs can range from $180 Umarex Competition series guns to $500 Vectors.


Rifles are within a large category in airsoft and offer great possibilities between models, quality, and how it is powered.

Electric rifles vary in price, from beginner rifles costing over $125 to higher-end replicas at $500.

Gas-powered is more limited in brands but the quality is held to a higher standard to meet the demanding needs of gas-blowback. For gas-powered, GHK, WE Tech, and Tokyo Marui are popular brands to choose from.

  • GHK is known for using great externals as well as the reliability of the internals. Their prices range from their popular $350 G5 model to their $600 licensed Colt series.
  • WE Tech, like with their pistols, provides a good selection of weapons. These range from their $300 M4s to their $500 bullpup conversion series.
  • Tokyo Marui offers fewer models but has been well-received. Their gas-powered rifles range from $600 to $700.

AEGs are extremely common in airsoft, from the beginner guns listed above to higher-end options available. The jump from entry-level rifles to rifles with better internals, externals, and features, brands such as E&L, G&G, G&P, ICS, Krytac, LCT, Real Sword, Tokyo Marui, and VFC all remain highly competitive.

  • E&L, LCT, and Real Sword are notorious for their AK platform rifles. Their prices range from $260 to $500.
  • G&G, G&P, ICS, Krytac, Tokyo Marui, and VFC have a big selection in the rifles they offer. This varies from $250 to over $700, depending on the model and features


DMRs and Snipers are an interesting category as they are not considered top-performers out-of-the-box but instead are expected to be customized and tuned by their users.

  • Bolt action snipers from brands such as CYMA, UFC, Well, and Tokyo Marui can range from $100 to $300.
  • Electric DMRs and Snipers tend to range from the $250 A&K SR25 to the $520 6mm Pro Shop’s M107A1.

Support Weapons

Support weapons can vary largely in their weight, quality, and especially price.

  • Light support weapons such as an RPK can run from $273 to $335 depending on if it is CYMA or LCT.
  • For larger weapons, A&K is a popular brand that offers budget-friendly options. While the cost is generally higher than rifles, models such as the M60, MG42, and PKP/PKM cost in the $400 to $600 range. Alternatively, LCT and G&G produce these models in better quality, but cost between $900 and $1800.

Top performers/Custom

Finally, guns that have been customized to include HPA engines and highly tuned electric guns are both capable of achieving amazing range, reliability, and rates of fire fall within the most expensive category.

  • HPA guns allow for the capability to easily achieve great performance by using high-pressure air as the source of power. The cost of buying these guns range from the $410 Tippmann to the $1700 for Umbrella Armory.
  • For AEG, retailers sell guns custom-tuned by their techs and usually cost from $500 to $700 but can go as high as $1400 for Umbrella Armory’s guns.
  • Alternatively, it is common to buy a base gun and then upgrade the internals to reach the performance desired. The price of this would vary on the gun, upgrades, and if the work is being done by a tech or not.

Additional Costs Associated with Airsoft Guns

It is also worth looking into the additional costs associated with airsoft guns. Some retailers offer these guns in bundles that include other essential items for playing.

If a gun is purchased without any bundles, you will want to factor in the cost of batteries, a charger, BBs, and a mask. Depending on preference and budget, some may want to also include external accessories such as sights, grips, extra mags, or slings.

Some may also want to buy clothes specifically for fields, such as shoes that are appropriate for running and carrying the extra gear, headwear, or camouflage.

Additional costs may seem like an afterthought, but sometimes they can be just as important as which model of airsoft gun you choose!

Airsoft Guns

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