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Best Paintball Gun Lube

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To make sure that your paintball gun is running at peak performance, you must ensure that it’s properly maintained and that means cleaned and lubed!

The right lubricant is really important.  I’ve seen players who don’t take good care of their equipment spend too much valuable time on the paintball field trying to fix something that isn’t working. 

Let’s review the different types of lube (others may call it grease or oil) that you could use for your paintball marker.  I’ll also give my opinion of the best lube and other options.

Lubricants come in different forms, such as penetrating oils, mineral oils, and synthetic oils.

  • Penetrating Oils They are made from mixing solvents and mineral oils. They are thin enough to penetrate through rusted nuts and bolts and are therefore efficient in separating rusted parts. Examples include WD-40, Tri-Flow, and others.
  • Synthetic Oils They are made from laboratory chemical combinations of lower-molecular-weight materials to produce products with predictable properties. That is to mean they are custom made through programmed processes to produce "ideal lubricants". The most common are the ester-based, silicone, and glycol-based. They are very efficient because they are not volatile and they can survive any temperatures
  • Mineral Oils These are simply products of fractional distillation of crude oil produced from the geological formation and geothermal activity of plants and animals remains over millions of years. They are usually cheap. 

You will have fewer snags, smooth firing, high levels of accuracy, and a clean gun with our compilations of the best paintball lubricant available in the market.

Best Overall Paintball Marker Lube

Planet Eclipse Paintball Gun Grease

This grease is new in the market and is ideal for the inner parts of your paintball gun. The Planet Eclipse Paintball Grease should only be used on paintballs with a spool valve marker.

With that type of gun, you can use this lubricant on any of its mechanical components. However, if you have an Ego/Etek assemblies, you must avoid this paintball lubricant otherwise your marker may end up damaged over time.

Before cleaning, you must ensure the gun’s Co2 cartridge or any other of its cartridge is removed. You must also wear gloves when working on your paintball marker.


  • Eclipse gun grease
  • Great guns with spoon valve markersnCan be used on almost any gun
  • Not a universal paintball lubricant

Best Runner Up Paintball Gun Lube

Empire Vitamin E Paintball Grease

Empire Vitamin Marker Lube is considered one of the best in the market because it is the no-mess kind of lubricant. It doesn’t make a large mess like other grease-based lubricants. It is also designed for all kinds of climate and prevents O-ring wear effectively. It reduces swelling and deterioration that comes from use.

It reduces the coefficient of friction so that it eliminates bolt stick or first shot drop off. For this reason, Empire Vitamin E is an excellent lubricant to use on your paintball gun.


  • It is a premier paintball marker
  • Has a synthetic long-lasting formula
  • Provides the lowest coefficient of friction
  • Easy to usenNot messynBest for any climate
  • Quite expensive

Best Budget Paintball Marker Lube

Gold Cup Oil Bottle

This lubricant is efficient and will keep all the working parts of your paintball gun moving. It works for both the basic and advanced paintball markers.

It's safe and easy to use as well.


  • Comes in a 1 oz. easy to dispense bottle
  • Works on every paintball gunnIt improves the working conditions of any gunnIt is not harmful to any gun partsnThe bottle is very efficient when you are lubricating your paintballnProtects O-rings well by reducing friction and tear.n
  • It only works on paintballs and not any other equipment

Best Runner Up Budget Paintball Lube

Rem Oil

Rem Oil is mineral-based, just like most gun oils. What makes Rem oil different from other lubricants is that it has Teflon added to it. Teflon forms a super-thin film on your gun’s surface.

This thin film reduces friction and acts as a barrier to corrosion. The Teflon cannot be wiped away because it sticks to the gun.

This is the protective factor of Rem oil, which you might not see but it is definitely there.


  • Mineral-based
  • Has added Teflon
  • Cleans out grime and dirt
  • Rem oil received superior ratings for rust protectionnStill efficient in extreme temperatures (very cold)
  • Too thinnEasily evaporatesnDoesn’t lubricate properly

Best Paintball Lube Substitute

GOG Smart Parts 1oz. GR33SE Silicone Paintball Lubricant Grease

It comes as a 2.4 ounces grease and it seems to be universal for markers, barrels, air-systems, and O-rings that you may need to lubricate on your guns. It is made of silicone overall.

It ensures cleanliness and accuracy when you run it through your marker. A little of this grease goes a long way. You will only need a little of it for proper lubrication.

It is mostly used on a wide variety of co2 fueled paintball guns. Everyone loves it because of its quality and quantity.


  • Contains no petroleum or other flammable substances
  • Made of silicone
  • It is the only lubricant that should be used on Shocker RSX
  • Highly versatilenSmall amounts needed per usenLong-lasting
  • Needs to be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of sticky residue that doesn’t just evaporate on its own

Best Runner Up Paintball Lube Substitute

Dow 33 Light

Dow 33 has no fillers, no scents, no fancy colors or anything like that. It is the real stuff. It is also sold as SL33K and GR33SE. Do not buy the Dow 33 Medium that is sold by some retailers.

Dow Medium has a higher breakaway torque and higher specific gravity that results in more friction. The Dow 33 Light is the one that is recommended by many marker manufacturers all over the world.

It is important to note that as much as Dow 33 is recommended for 0-rings in most applications, it might not work for certain applications such as the rammer 0-rings of poppet markers. With those, oil is most recommended.

Read your owner’s manual to see if Dow 33 Light is recommended by the manufacturer


  • Pure grease
  • Same as SL33K and GR33SE
  • Resistant to antioxidants and corrosionnSafe and easy to apply on 0-ringsnCan be used in any weather conditionnLasts longnDoes not swell ringsnKeeps the gun operating at optimal levels
  • Might gum up in the coldnNot as slick as after-market lubricants

Best Paintball Lube Alternate

Marvel Mystery Air Tool Oil

Although not originally designed for lubricating paintball markers, Marvel Mystery Air Tool Oil has proven to be exceptional in paintball lubrication.

It prevents rusts from forming while providing lubrication for smooth working and longer tool life. It ensures maximum performance by dissolving the gum and sludge that reduces power output and tool speed.

It also keeps rubber parts from drying out. Drying can cause stalling and sputtering as you gain speed while playing, none of which you want happening to your paintball gun.


  • Red in color
  • Dissolves sludge
  • Can be used in all piston type and rotary tools
  • Ensures maximum performancenProvides positive lubricationnExtends tool lifenCan be used in all piston type and rotary tools
  • May stain clothing because it is red in color

Paintball Barrel Lube

Tech T Gun Sav Grease

Lubrication is important for any paintball to work well. Most paintball problems can be simply solved by lubrication. Tech T is a high performance, sleek broad, spectrum grease. It can help you tremendously if you are experiencing First Shot Drop Off (FSDO) with your gun.

Most lubricants get so thick during the cold weather, pasty in dry weather or gummy during the hot weather. This affects both efficiency and accuracy of a lubricant. Tech T on the other hand, was designed to stand up to the most extreme weather conditions. It will never gum, thicken or dry out and turn pasty.

Tech T can be used in all spool valve markers, Matrixes, Shockers, Ions etc.


  • Very stable
  • Can withstand all playing conditions
  • Has a broad spectrum
  • Works with all temperaturesnVery sleeknYou only need a little lubricant for maximum lubricationnVery safe for all markers
  • Very u0022liquidlyu0022 and stains as wellnCongeals when it dries out


This paintball marker grease has syncolon-pfte additives that serve to reduce friction. It also creates a waterproof surface on metals to protect it from rust and eventual corrosion. It is non-toxic with excellent adhesion. 

It can operate at a temperature range of -45F to +450F


  • Grease for electronic paintball markers
  • Has syncolon-pfte additives
  • Non-toxic
  • Dielectric
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Clean and non-staining
  • Non-toxicnExcellent adhesionnPrevents rust and corrosion efficientlynOne of the best lubricants for paintball markers
  • Will not be efficient outside the temperatures mentioned above.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How often should you clean your paintball gun?

You might not feel like cleaning your paintball marker after a long day of playing, but its really important that you do. This isn't something that you want to procrastinate on and postpone to the next day.

If you leave your marker dirty after a long day, you may cause some harm, not only to its performance but also its lifespan. You paid good money for that marker, don't throw it away. A properly maintained marker can last many years!

Make it a habit to polish your gun after every game. Clean the outside of the marker after every play to avoid the paint drying on it. Once the paint has dried on your gun, it will be tedious to remove it. Similarly, to ensure your marker operates properly, clean the outside before playing.

Use a squeegee and some water to clean the inside of the barrel. Do not use chemical cleansers or soap to clean the gun. Excessive paint or dirt can damage your marker. Make sure the gun is completely dry before reassembling it. Avoid dissembling your gun often as you are likely to assemble it incorrectly or you may lose an important part of the gun.

When playing in muddy and wet conditions prevent too much mud or water from getting into contact with your gun. When water goes into the gun, you will have to disassemble it and wash it at that moment. Sometimes it is inevitable cleaning your marker especially if you have been rolling around all day. Dirt will sure get into the gun and you will be forced to disassemble it.

How to clean your paintball gun

Steps to cleaning your gun:

  • Safety should be your priority when handling paintball markers. Ensure you remove the CO2 tank or the air tank to prevent possible damages like fire.
  • Disassemble the gun parts (barrel, grip, hopper, and bolt) and place them in an organized manner so that you can reassemble later
  • First, check the barrel and begin the scrubbing process. Take out the obvious debris from the outer parts then run a barrel swab. If still contaminated, use a squeegee to suckle and pull out the debris. Place the barrel in a side position afterward
  • Go through your manufacturer's manual and find out if you can rinse the gun with a piece of cloth. Use a toothbrush to reach chocked areas of the gun to prevent any jamming
  • Polish the bolt and hammer using a paper towel and then dry it. Make sure you check the O-rings for wear and tear. Small wear can be corrected with maintenance but a large one will need replacement
  • Clear any debris on the grip frame using a Q tip. Avoid separating the trigger assembly as it is hard to reassemble and may affect the functionality of your gun
  • Double-check and replace your batteries if need be. Inspect the paintball gun for any damages the screws, strings, and the O-rings. If there is damage, replace them immediately to avoid your gun breaking down in the middle of a game-play
  • Oil and lubricate your marker

Question 2: How often should you lube your paintball gun?

Oil your paintball gun before and after game-play. Ensure you lubricate both the front and rear O-rings of your gun. Keep in mind these three important things when oiling your gun;

1 - Ensure you check the manufacturer’s guide on what oil to use on your marker. Using the wrong type of oil will damage your marker.

The right oil is not always expensive, it protects the quality and expands its lifestyle

2 - Do not overdo the lubrication. Using too much lube will make the oil go into parts it should not.

Do you know where the extra lube goes? Into the barrel. Usually, if any lube gets into the barrel and coats it the accuracy of the gun can become unpredictable.

3 - The right amount of oil is just enough to make the gun efficient. Unfortunately, there is no guide to the right amount you should lube your marker with. Therefore, we cannot tell you the exact amount to measure or how much of the lube is too much.

You're going to have to do a little trial and get this right. Keep in mind that when you see oil in the barrel, then you would want to back off a little from the amount of lube you apply.

Question 3: Can/should you use grease or lube that isn’t specifically made for Paintball Markers?

You can use rubber seal lubricants on your marker. Some players say they have used Dow 33 for their paintball markers for years.

Dow 33 was not meant to be used in paintball markers. Moreover, DP sleek, Dye Sleek and other paintball lubes have been rebranded from Dow 33.

However, using just any type of lube is not advisable. It is not that the oil will be harmful to the gun's parts but it may be damaging to the O-rings.

O-rings are essential to the functionality of any marker. Besides, the type of lube also depends on the type of gun.

For instance, Tippmann typically comes with vegetable oil to be used on it. You wouldn't use this type of lube on a mid-level gun.

Question 4: What can I use to lube my paintball gun, other than the lubes listed here?

Pathogen Super Grease- Ultra-High-Performance Lubricant

Proper lubrication is required for your high-performance paintball gun, the LPR, or the regulator for efficient performance. Pathogen super Greece works best for phenom, LPR, spool valve guns, crossover flex valves, regulators, and much more. If your gun manual instructs you to use paintball gun lubes, then this is the best for you.

Pathogen super grease outshines conventional greases by 3-4 times. Its excellent adhesion helps in preventing spillage to the gun's barrel. This lube has an operating temperature between -45 to 450 degrees F.

It is doubtful that your paintball marker will ever experience temperatures that are outside this range. Therefore, you can be sure regardless of the weather conditions you will be playing in, the performance of your gun will not be negatively affected.

The lube is a synthetic base with added micro powders giving it an anti-friction and non-stick properties. For this reason, the lube will not drip, run, evaporate, separate, melt or form gummy deposits. One more thing, the super grease comes in a double-walled polypropylene container lined with screw top lid.

You will not have to worry about grease in your toolbox or gear bag because this lube's jar is leak-proof. The only time the lube will be out of the container is when you take it out.


  • Heavy duty and sleek designed for paintball markers
  • Clean
  • Non-staining
  • Very adhesive
  • Impervious to water or salty water
  • Anti-friction and non-stick
  • Clear lube
  • Synthetic base with micro-powders
  • Outlasts conventional lubes 3-4 timesnDoes not drip or evaporatenNon-stick and anti-frictionnCleannIt can withstand bad weathernThe lube is clear which helps in preventing the eye from detecting a false faultnCan be stored anywhere as it can withstand a big range of temperaturenIt is waterproof
  • Some players have noted that the lube is quite pricey compared to other lubes

Recommended Items that you need when Cleaning & Lubing Your Paintball Gun

Looking for an O-Ring?

You might also want to purchase some o-rings for your paintball marker. Here is a great kit that keeps all the o-rings tidy and neat with 18 different sizes

Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab

This is an excellent squeegee to clean out the barrel of your paintball gun.

Paintball Marker Maintenance

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