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8 Best Paintball Mask That Won't Fog When You Play! (2022 Guide)

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The best paintball mask should give you a clear vision. It should be comfortable and must have good breathability and most importantly, it should be thermal and fog-resistant. This feature is probably the most crucial, especially if you are playing when it’s cold.

It is also important to note that the choice for the perfect paintball mask will also be dependent on your specific preferences and needs. You may go for something that is lightweight or something that provides ultra-safety. It’s just unacceptable to be running around on the paintball field and have your mask fog up!

If you are looking for insight into some of the best anti-fog masks on the market today, then this is the right article for you. The masks here are chosen according to their quality, price range, and available features.

Overall, these masks are great, not just with the fog-less features. Let’s start with the best overall fog-less paintball mask!

Best Overall Fog-less Paintball Mask

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Mask

The Dye Precision I4 Thermal Mask is one of the most impressive masks you will ever encounter. The best thing about it is that it provides full-face protection. The Dye Precision mask also provides a wide peripheral field of vision.

You can still wear it even if you are wearing glasses because the layout of the vent can maintain clarity. Precision I4 Thermal has wide template cutouts so that it can accommodate both thick and thin-armed glasses. 

The design also boasts a multidirectional mask design. This feature makes it possible for you to communicate with your teammates easily. This is because it can carry your voice further.

Price: $$

Features and Benefits

  • The high-definition lens provides maximum protection from fog
  • It boasts a low and close profile so that it is easier to put your face close to the paintball marker for woodball or mag-fed games.
  • Has a multidirectional design
  • Anatomic Fit and function provides comfort for all facial contours.
  • Compression formed ears; The earpiece is light, soft, and flexible providing maximum protection to the ears.
  • The lenses can be changed swiftly
  • Cool Max material in the ear protection area has been added to improve moisture evaporation
  • The mask has tiger teeth buckles that allow for adjustment of the mask to a custom fit.
  • Precision vent angling and the vent configuration makes the i4 breathable even when you are playing for long hours
  • It comes with a hard coat that is scratch resistant, protecting both sides of the mask against minor scratches and abrasions.
  • The I4 combines open and closed cell technology. The two-stage foam shields your face from sweat and moisture so that there is a boundary between your eyes and the sweat  
  • Measurements; L x W x H; 8.6 x 8.5 x7.8 inches
  • Offers full face protectionnProvides a wide peripheral field of visionnHas a plastic lens that can fight fogsnYou will be able to use it even with your glasses on.nThe multi-directional design provides ease of communication while playingnScratch-resistantnThe mask provides perfect optical clarity by the in-vision lenses
  • It is a bit small for big users

Best Budget Fog-Free Paintball Mask

Base GSF Paintball Goggles

These Base GSF Paintball Goggles are the ideal choice for those looking for budget-friendly masks. With this mask, you will always get the perfect visual range through the fast-release anti-fog screen. These goggles have a visor for added protection. The visor also functions to minimize the potential of glare in all conditions.

The Base GSF Paintball Goggles are a great mask for the price.  It certainly isn’t perfect, but if you are on a budget, then this is the mask to choose

This mask is comfortable and can be adjusted to fit any face shape. The straps are non-slip and moisture resistant. There is no concern, if you are sweating heavily during a hot day or wild game, your mask will stay in place and not slip down as others do.

The woven strap and quick foam change lenses hold the silicone coating perfectly in place as you continue playing thereby preventing any slips.

Again, these goggles have many features and benefits at a very affordable price.

Price; $

Features and Benefits

  • The polymer construction is strong and comfortable
  • It has a woven strap and a silicone coating that makes it non-slip
  • Contoured to fit any facial features
  • Perfect acoustic ear porting
  • Built-in visor
  • has a dual-pane thermal lens.
  • Quick change EVA foam
  • Canted mask venting
  • It comes with a wide-angle thermal anti-fog lens that provides excellent optical clarity
  • This mask is made to specifically off lead shell fragmentation of .68 and .50 caliber guns as well as 6 mm airsoft projectiles
  • Measurements; L x W x H; 8 x 8 x 7 inches
  • Looks nice and feels comfortablenThe head strap is comfortable and has been designed well.nThe foam and lens look very expensivenQuite affordablenThe vents allow for excellent breath-ability with no fogging issuesnYou can hear others and they can hear you well through this mask.nThe face coverage is decent with a slight chin protrusionnSleek and compactnMade from lightweight material which is very convenient as you playnThe lens can be upgraded if you desire a dual pane
  • The visor is not removablenIt is hard to find lenses, foam or straps for replacement because it is still a new productnSome people complain of pain in their ears after long hours of use. Guess that could depend on the size of your head.

Best Fogless Paintball Mask Over $150

Dye I5 Paintball Goggles

The Dye I5 Paintball Goggles are one of the best masks for competitive players. It is ultra-light and has a variety of features that are comfortable when one is running in the field. I noticed that the price of this mask depends on the style and color you choose.

Dye i5 provides amazing vision and the best protection through its 290-degree thermal anti-fog screen. The anatomic fit and compression ear mounts make this mask an excellent choice for paintball lovers.

Features and Benefits

  • e. Voke compatible meaning you can electronically improve your game using a wireless audio connection
  • The mask has been designed with an integrated system for mounting POV cameras
  • The i5 has a soft, flexible, and light earpiece for comfortable ear protection.
  • The materials used in its construction provide full coverage while increasing moisture evaporation.
  • The rapid change lens system allows for lens change in seconds
  • Its anatomic i5 goggle system offers comfort for all facial contours.
  • Dye i5's design distributes force evenly so that the player is not fatigued even after wearing it for long hours
  • Once you mount your camera you can capture every second of the game as you playnDurable, and securenQuick and simple tool-less foam replacementnVery comfortablenHas a precise tension control
  • Very expensive

Best Fog Free Paintball Mask Under $150

Empire EVS Paintball Mask / Thermal Goggles

The Empire EVX Paintball Mask comes with a tool-free replacement lens that is also scratch-resistant and anti-reflective.

The Empire EVS offers a 270-degree vision thanks to its spherical shape. Not only is this mask exceptionally comfortable on the face, but it also provides maximum eye protection.

It also features a non-slip ear coverage that ensures excellent hearing. It is also very durable and flexible enough to wear with no difficulties.

Price; $$

Features and Benefits

  • Made of scratch-resistant glass
  • The spherical lens provides distortion-free vision
  • Quick tool-free replacement
  • Its flexibility encourages ball bounces
  • It has a silicone head strap for a secure non-slip fit
  • The Empire EVS mask is equipped with a clear thermal paintball lens
  • Has a triple-density form that absorbs sweat effectively
  • Has a protective microfiber goggle bag
  • The replacement can be done quickly and simply without toolsnScratch-resistantnThe thermo-formed ear provides maximum comfort and excellent hearingnProvides maximum eye protection
  • The lens removal system is misaligned and a little tough to adjustnNo warranty coveragenQuite expensive

Best Alternate Fogless Paintball Mask Under $150

Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles

Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles are a great alternate goggle with a price tag under $150.

Virtue mentions high durability and cutting-edge technology for improved comfort and optical clarity. It has been designed to look streamlined and semi-flexible making it both stylish and functional. It is made of lightweight material and a replaceable multi-layer form.

The virtue VIO is extremely versatile giving 100% UV protection, fog-resistance, and the ability to change the lenses swiftly.

Price; $$

Features and benefits

  • The VIO lens improves visibility and allows for a large field of view.
  • It comes with a 3D pad that improves grip and protection as it provides comfort
  • The lenses are thermal resistant and easily changeable
  • Virtue VIO gives a direct mouth vent so that you can breathe easily and your voice can be transmitted clearly
  • This mask is customizable across all the VIO 2 line
  • It comes with a replaceable multi-layer eye foam
  • Goggle straps are large and adjustable so that adjusting it is very easy
  • Measurements; L x W x H; 7.52 x 8.62 x 8.66 inches
  • Easy to clean and change lensesnComfortablenMade of lightweight materialnNo interior reflection at allnThey offer great protection
  • The go Pro mount on its side cannot be easily affixednThe straps can be small depending on the size of the usernSmaller coverage compared to other masksnNot flexible enough to get a bounce or flip-up.

Best Fogless Paintball Mask Under $100

Empire E-Flex Paintball Google System

This Empire E-Flex Paintball mask is trusted by countless users from across the globe because it can withstand pressure and regular use.

It is one of the best masks in the market and it is also very durable. It is designed to be lightweight so that it offers good breath-ability and, a swift lens exchange.

With this mask, you will never have to worry about visibility because of the anti-fog lens system. It offers zero visual distortion every time even with regular use.

A great price for a very good mask!

Price; $

Features and benefits

  • Has a thermal anti-fog clear lens
  • Lenses can be exchanged swiftly because of the vent system
  • Hypo-allergenic, Pro-Flex foam
  • Made from lightweight material that improves breath-ability
  • Flexible, ultra-soft face skirt
  • Measurements; L x W x H; 8.5 x 8.75 x 8.75 inches
  • Very comfortablenDurablenProvides quality for the moneynNo fogging issues even with long hours of playnYou can wear glasses underneath it with comfort and easenHas a good fitnEasy to clean
  • Single strap limits how much it can be adjusted

Best Fog Free Paintball Mask Under $60

GI Sportz VForce Profiler Thermal Paintball Mask

GI Sportz Vforce Profiler Mask is best at giving good performance and at a very affordable price.

Not only does it have a 280-degree peripheral vision that enhances field vision, but it also has an ultra-lightweight design to ensure comfort during the game.

The mask has a fantastic head target design that minimizes the target zone. Besides, VForce profiler will keep you safe and protected with its solid frame that can handle hard blows and hits.

Price; $

Features & Benefits

  • 280-degree peripheral vision to enhance and deliver good performance
  • The ultra-lightweight design ensures movement is not restricted
  • Very soft and dual-density foam that dries faster
  • Hard target design that minimizes its target zone
  • Solid frame to handle hits and blows
  • Has plenty of room for wearing glasses while playing
  • Unrestricted movementsnIts wide peripheral view enhances visionnA solid frame, strongly builtnThe dual-density foam makes it comfortable
  • The sides design is slightly short for some players

Best Fog Free Paintball Mask Under $50

JT Premise Headshield Paintball Goggles

If your on a budget, then for under 50 bucks, these JT Premise Headshield Paintball Goggles are a good option...

With this mask, you will get 360 degrees of protection for any field or any game. You will experience total protection from impact with this mask so that you can concentrate on the game with confidence.

Price; $

Features and benefits

  • It has a removable full head coverage protection with no tools required
  • It has an anti-fog lens
  • Comes with a built-in visor
  • Provides 260 degrees of vision
  • Adjustable strap with silicone strips for the best fit
  • You can replace the lenses with all JT Spectra Aftermarket lenses
  • Soft foam provides ultimate comfort
  • AffordablenProvides full protectionnLightweight ad comfortable
  • Get really hotnThe lenses are not big enough to fit glasses in

Comparison Chart

Fog-Free Mask Name         Amazon Rating  Price
Best Overall Fogless Mask
Dye Precision I4 Thermal
Best Budget Fog-Free Mask
Base GSF Goggles
Best Fogless Mask Over $150
Dye I5
Best Fog-Free Mask Under $150
Empire EVS Thermal Goggles
Best Alternate Fogless Mask Under $150 Virtue VIO4.5$$
Best Fogless Mask Under $100 Empire E-Flex Goggles4.4$
Best Fogless Mask Under $60
GI Sportz V Force
Best Fogless Mask Under $50
JT Premise Headshield Goggles

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to Choose a Paintball Mask. Buyers Guide.

If you are searching for a high-quality mask that will meet your specific needs, then you need to pay close attention to these important factors:

  • Comfort
  • Durability & Protection
  • The Lense


Ensure you get a paintball mask that offers you the utmost comfort. A mask that fits and sits well in your face. Don't go for a mask that moves around a lot; you don’t want to be fixing and adjusting your mask during a battle! That’s just not fun.

Some games last an hour, some last all day.  A comfortable mask will make the difference between a great day and pure frustration!

Some masks have low-quality padding that is itchy which is annoying. Go for a mask that provides you with a decent level of ventilation and can provide comfort for many hours of play.

Durability / Protection

One way of ensuring your paintball mask lasts longer is by not abusing it too much. While taking care of the mask makes it last longer, is it important to choose a mask that has been constructed from durable materials.

Paintball masks should be designed to withstand rough situations. Get yourself a paintball mask that is made of sturdy, soft, and at the same time flexible material.

Also, remember dual-pane lenses are more strongly built than a single pane making them more durable.

The Lens

You need a wider lens to retain your peripheral view. The peripheral view improves performance when playing in areas such as clearing structures or indoors. Ensure to get a paintball mask with a thermal antifog lens. This means that even as you start breathing heavily and sweating, the fog will not form on your lenses. You won't have to compromise your safety during the game by wiping your lenses occasionally.

Not only are good lenses coated with materials to adapt to temperature fluctuations but also to repel moisture. You only need to have a foggy mask to ruin your entire day in the field.

High-end paintball masks can swap lenses for a more customized look by adding splash color to adapt to the weather. Just like snowboard googles, there are lenses designed for extra sunlight and some for cloudy weather.

Question 2: How to prevent Paintball Masks From Fogging?

Beginners rarely think about their mask and how much a mask can fog during a day of paintball.  Sure, your mask is there to protect you and your eyes during gameplay. However, mask fog can easily form while you are in the heat of a campaign, even with some high-end paintball. 

Your mask can fog when moisture from your skin condenses on it. It happens when you are breathing heavily or sweating such that the inside is warmer compared to the outside. A paintball mask fog can significantly affect your performance in the field. It is a nuisance you do not want to deal with.

Nevertheless, mask fog is inevitable and one day you will experience it one way or the other. Here are ways to prevent it:

Get a mask with a fog-resistant coating

Getting a fog-resistant mask is a short-term solution for preventing fog masks. Manufacturers line the lens with a thin coating from the inside. It works perfectly well when the coating is still in place.

However, as you clean the mask over and over again the coating wears off.

Use a mask fan

Some paintball masks come with an in-built fan for defogging. Other masks have the option of accommodating the fan later on. The fan is placed above the googles to blow air across the lens. As a result, moisture is evaporated preventing fog from forming on the lenses.

Although the fans work well, there are some cons to using them. First, they can be very noisy, require a battery to use, prone to breaking, and are expensive too.

Nevertheless, mask fans are effective even in humid conditions. If you are using a single pane lens, a mask fan is only effective during the warmer periods.

Use an anti-fog spray

Every paintball player’s bag should at least have an anti-fog spray. It is still not a permanent solution but it helps a lot. Clean your lenses using the spray before every game. Ensure you spray the lens' inside then use a microfiber cloth to wipe it.

It works to prevent moisture from condensing on the inside of your lens. Using anti-fog spray is the easiest and the cheapest method of preventing paintball mask from fogging.

Buy a thermal mask

Thermal masks have dual panes with different lenses that have different attributes. The outer lens is thicker and very similar to a single-paned lens while the inner lens is thinner.

In between the two lenses, there is an air cushion to ensure that air around your face is protected from the outside temperature. For more details why paintball masks fog and how to prevent it.

Question 3: Can you wear a paintball mask with glasses?

You know the struggle is real when you cannot see more than 10 ft yet you want to play. Worry not because you can wear your paintball mask with glasses. Another concern while wearing glasses with the mask is the “fog war”.  You just need to have the right items to enjoy a clear vision while playing.

The most important item to consider first is getting yourself the right mask. Walk into your local sporting store and try on different masks. Ask the retailer for masks specifically designed to accommodate glasses. This type of mask typically has furrows in the foam to give the arms of the glasses some space. This feature ensures that your glasses are not pressed so hard against your eyes.

Make sure you get a mask that is a little bit bigger so that your glasses are not squashed to your nose bridge. Besides, you will not have to worry about fogging if you get this right. While trying out paintball masks, ensure that there is some space left between your glasses’ lens and the mask’s lens.

Look for a mask with a soft mouldable foam that will take the shape of your glasses' arm easily if you cannot find one with foam cut-outs. Finally, opt for well-ventilated masks to avoid fogging. There are other items and tips to consider when you want to play with your glasses on. Click here, “can you play paintball with glass” for more details.

Question 4: When should you replace your paintball mask lens?

At the very least replace your paintball lens once a year. Most paintball players replace their lenses during the spring as they wait for the very big play game season. One year is standard and it only applies to when you have taken good care of your lens and there are no visible cracks. If you are a paintball player then you probably know how important it is to take good care of your lens. A dirty mask or a mask that has defects can malfunction in the field. Do not get in trouble by going to play with such a mask.

A good lens does not just function to give your mask the shiny look. It gives you a wider and clear vision improving your performance in the field. You know it becomes easier to dodge or attack your opponents if you can see them. Remember how important it is to protect your eye during a paintball game. Certainly, have a good functioning lens that can keep paintballs off your eyes.

Paintball mask lens is fragile and would easily break if a paintball hits it within a 15-yard distance. We recommend you replace the lens immediately if it is hit within a close range. The impact from such a close range can challenge the functionality of your lens. You might not see a visible crack at the time but if hit again, it will probably not survive the hit. You know how dangerous that can be.

It is just safe to replace it although it will pinch you a bit by costing you some money. You will regret not changing your paintball mask’s lens when a paintball hits it and it breaks right in the middle of the game. It will be sadder if you sustained an eye injury just because you assumed it.

Question 5: Can you paint your paintball mask?

The answer is yes. You are probably now an enthusiast in playing paintball and have your equipment. You can freely personalize your gear to fit your style. One way to personalize your playing style or your personality style is by painting your paintball mask. It is pretty easy and simple to do by yourself.

You may have some paint that lies around your home but it is likely not the paint you need to use on your paintball mask. Just invest in the right paint/supplies and save yourself the hassle of having to do it again or ruining your hard-earned paintball mask.

If all you just want to change the base color, it is pretty simple. All you need to have is a painter’s tape to cover the areas you don’t want to paint and a special type of paint that sticks to plastics. If you are looking for a bit more customized look for your mask, then add a design to it after painting the base. For the customized look you will need to have an x-Acto blade for cutting a pre-made vinyl stencil.

Here are a few types of paint that work best on plastic:

  • Acrylic paint-before buying an acrylic paint ensure you read the label as not all acrylic paints are good with plastics. They might not stay for too long and may chip easily but if you don't have other options you can go for it
  • Plastic spray paint- brands like Valspar have paints designed to stick to plastic. Now you will not need to worry about using a primer first or the paint coming off too soon
  • Spray paint and primer- you should not use regular paint only on your mask. But by using a primer first the trick can be done.
  • The ventilation is smaller compared to other JT masks

Paintball Masks

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