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8 Best Paintball Gun Barrel That Fit Your Gun!

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There is a lot of science that goes into paintball guns and the same goes for paintball gun barrels. The barrel can make a notable difference when it comes to winning the big game. Therefore, if you want to perform better, you will want to consider a paintball gun barrel upgrade!

The barrel is the only part of the gun that will increase your overall accuracy curing gameplay.

To help you make the best decision, I’ve listed my favorites in different categories and broken down the reasons for my choices.

One thing to remember is that paintball barrels are not universal, different barrels will have different thread types that match only certain brands of guns.  However, If you really like a certain barrel, then you can purchase a thread adapter that will allow you to add the barrel of your choice to your gun.

I've listed a chart below my first pick with thread types and guns that fit with that thread type. You can also read this article, "Are Paintball Gun Barrels Universal" for more details.

At the bottom of this article, I have provided a table with barrel adapters for your reference.

First, let’s start with the best overall pick…

Best Overall Paintball Barrel

DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fibre

If you are looking for a paintball barrel that gives you real value for the buck, then look no further.

The DeadlyWind Null brand offers great value and incredible customer.

This barrel looks great highlighting straight bore, carbon fiber design. The barrel is not only quiet but very accurate.

Its lightweight, so your gun feels good in your hands with this barrel is attached.

The barrel is built to be sturdy and straight using a 3-layer design: 2x2 satin twill external layer, uni-direction fibers placed in a multi-vector pattern and finally a super-slick “Silkfiber” inside the gun.  This allows you to safely swab and clean your barrel without damaging it’s finish.

This barrel is manufactured in the US using their proprietary CNC-porting assembly process. There is no doubt, this would be the most accurate barrel you will ever own!

The only drawback is that the barrel has no customization options compared to other barrels in its class.

Features & Benefits

  • Autococker Barrel Thread
  • Made of quality carbon fiber
  • 3-layer construction
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used easily without insertsnLight in weightnDurable barrelnHigh levels of accuracy
  • Customization options are limited

When you choose this barrel for your paintball gun, you want to make sure that the barrel has the same thread type.

This barrel has an “Autococker Barrel Thread”.  I’ve included a list of guns that will fit with this barrel. By no means is this list exhaustive. However, the Autococker barrel thread is the most common thread pattern for mid to high-end paintball guns.

Paintball Gun Barrel Thread Compatibility Chart

AutocockerSmart Parts (Ion)SpyderTippmann A-5Tippman 98
AutocockerImpulse32 DegreesBoltBT-4
AxeIonAriakonBT CombatCrossover
Bob LongIon XEArmotechBT DeltaPhenom
BT TM7NerveBrass EagleBT SliceX7
BT TMI5ShockerDiabloChronus 
BushmasterShocker NXTDragun PMIHurricane 
CyborgShocker SFTGT CommandosMaxtac 
DYE DamSPIInfernoMK5 
Eteks MongooseMKP- 
Freestyles OdysseyMKP-II 
Fusions PCS US5Phenom 
Gen E-matrix PiranahTGR 
Intimidators PMITiPX 
Invert Mini Rebel ExtremeTornado 
Legends Silver BulletsVortex 
Mac Dev SpyderX7 
Minions Spyder MR1/MR2/MR3  
NME Sten  
Omen T68  
ONYX Viewloader  
Python Impulse    
ULE Mags    

Best Budget Paintball Barrel

Empire Apex 2 Paintball Barrel


If you are thinking of upgrading your barrel and you are not a tight budget then Empire Apex 2 would be a good choice for you. The barrel combines reliability, durability, and affordability.

It provides both a wide and long-range which is vital in revolutionizing the game of paintball. Besides, it has long-distance shooting ability which is not possible with old markers.

Some may complain that the built-in case is a bit low quality.

The Empire Barrel is an Autococker Thread type.  (note, all Empire barrels are produced with a Autococker thread)

One of the things I love about Empire is that they think of everything! For example, you can purchase this barrel with an adapter included!

Features & Benefits

  • AutoCocker Thread Type (A5 & Spyder adapters can be included with purchase)
  • Adjustable build-in ramp to help in getting the right curve level of each shot
  • Available is a 3-piece kit with each of the barrels ranging from 14 to 16 inches. The multiple barrels will fit your playing style
  • Posses multiple bore inserts to allow players to switch them according to their needs
  • Has multiple inserts and barrelsnIt is capable of shooting long distancenCan be switched to fit your needsnIt is reliable, affordable and durable
  • Low-quality built-in case

Best Runner Up Paintball Barrel

DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel

With an optimal quality and two-piece-built structure, DYE Precision is one of the best barrels in the market. It boasts of CF and GF structural wrap that enables unraveled performance coupled with its lightweight qualities. The pressure port is steady and stable. The barrel's design makes it even more accurate while delivering good performance.

Another advantage is the stainless-steel insert that allows the player to enjoy the game without corrosion and scratches. For incredible durability and strength, DYE Precision barrel is produced with glass fiber technology.

What's more? you can play around with color customization options. Though the barrel is quite expensive, its quality and good features make it stand out.

All Dye Barrels are produced with the Autococker barrel thread

Features & Benefits

  • Autococker Thread
  • Uses glass fiber technology
  • Two-piece construction
  • Steady and stable port pressuring
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • 8-inch back length
  • 16-inch total length
  • 684-688 bore sizes
  • Being 2-pieced enables it to deliver optimal performancenCustomized color choicesnStainless steel insert help with restricting corrosion and scratchesnVery durablenUses glass fiber technology
  • Relatively expensive

Best Paintball Barrel for Distance and Accuracy

Tippmann Sniper Barrel

Available in two lengths (14 and 16 inches), Sniper barrel has a smooth and perfect interior design. The 16-inch barrel allows players to have accurate and long-distance shots.

You could easily hide and snipe from a distance. Tippmann sniper is suitable for Tippmann 98 pro and custom pro paintball markers. With this barrel, accuracy is guaranteed, unlike other standard barrels.

The Tippman Sniper Barrel is manufactured with the 98 Custom Thread.

Tippman Barrel Threads

The following Paintball Guns use 98 Custom Thread

  • 98 Custom
  • Custom Pro
  • FT-12

The following Paintball Guns use A5 thread (These guns would not be compatible with this barrel)

  • A5
  • X7
  • X7 Phenom
  • Crossover
  • Crossover XVR
  • Cronus
  • Gryphon
  • TiPX

Features & Benefits

  • Tippmann 98 Thread
  • The barrel’s exterior is designed to intimidate average players
  • Fires with minimal noise giving you an edge in the field. You can easily hide from your opponents then get them by surprise
  • Easy to maintain
  • Porting and fluting at the edge to help with gas release
  • The barrel is made from aluminum
  • Low friction interior surface
  • Optimal length with a simple design
  • Players enjoy long-distance and precise shotsnIdeal for players who hide and snipes from a distancenEasy to maintainnBest for Tippmann 98 custom and also custom pro markersnMinimal noise
  • You will need an adapter if you don't own a gun with the Tippmann 98 thread

Best Paintball Barrel for Woodsball

Gog Carbon Fibre Freak

Carbon fiber is the best material used to make paintball barrels. Gog carbon fiber freak barrel is durable and does not break easily. This would be why you need this barrel for woodball paintball games.

You can also carry it easily as it is lightweight. This is the barrel you need to take your woodball game to the next step as you will easily hit your target.

The Gog Barrel thread is manufactured as an Ion (Smart Parts) thread.  This barrel will be compatible with all Smart Parts Paintball Guns, it’s the standard barrel thread for this manufacturer.

Features & Benefits

  • Smart Parts (Ion) Thread
  • It comes with well-built aluminum threads and all-inclusive carbon weave composite
  • Tough barrel
  • Made of carbon fiber hence light in weight
  • Comparatively large, spiral American ports to increase its effectiveness
  • Available in sizes 14-16 inches
  • Unique barrel portingnDurablenConsistent and accuratenHave multiple insertsnMultiple barrel sizes
  • Compatible with auto-cocking thread markers

Best Paintball Barrel for Speedball

Deadlywind Fibur-X Carbon Fiber

Deadlywind fibur-X is made of carbon fiber which is known for its strength, durability, and its anti-abrasion properties. For this reason, the barrel's ability to target from any angle is improved.

This brand comes with a lifetime guarantee. The outer part of the barrel has a two x two satin-twill which holds the barrel structure. With its super silk nature, you will not have to worry about threads coming off at the edges of the porting hole.

Its design is appealing with a unidirectional fiber placed in a vector pattern. Fibur-x is considered the best Autococker barrel among other barrels. It is two to four times lighter than other Autococker barrels in its category. It only weighs 66g, you wouldn't have to worry about weight or fatigue when carrying it around the whole day. Besides, the barrel is quiet, a whole package for speedball games.

Because of its silky smooth and carbon fiber properties, the barrel is one of the most accurate. Target your opponents using this barrel and be sure not to miss them.

Features & Benefits

  • Autococker Thread
  • Very quiet
  • Ultra-lightweight and accurate
  • The barrel consists of there parts: carbon fiber, thread adaptor that matches your gun type and a freak insert
  • Has a 3-layer construction: uni-direction fibers, satin twill, and silk fiber
  • Very accuratenQuietnAppeals to the eyenVery durablenA player can swap different threadsnQuality 3-layer structure
  • The barrel cannot be used on all bore sizesnComparatively expensive

Best Reliable Paintball Barrel

Eclipse Shaft FR Back Kit

If you are searching for a reliable paintball barrel then search no further. Eclipse shaft FR has multiple compatibility with freak inserts in addition to its excellent performance. It has a unique design at the back that guides you to the inside through a tapered opening.

There is a joiner section that functions to hold the insert.  With the 3 windows that form part of the barrel, you will easily identify the specific insert to be used. Also, the threads are designed such that you can easily attach and detach the barrel from the marker. The process is faster than dealing with standard threads.

Features & Benefits

  • Autococker Quick Thread
  • Angular designed and compatible with freak inserts
  • Made of aluminum
  • Barrel material picks up less paint
  • Customized bore selection
  • Optimized bore selection is guaranteednCompatible with multiple freak insertsnThe barrel can be easily attached and removed from the markernHas a unique design
  • The barrel is a bit tight

Best Runner Up Reliable Paintball Barrel

Custom Products 14" Paintball Autococker Barrel

If you are feeling like a true paintball professional gamer and you have planned a game with friends, then this is the barrel for you. Just purchase the customs 14" and you will be making perfect shots in no time. The barrel is lightweight, fast, and helps you aim accurately at your target.

The great work done on this barrel is evident by just looking at the material used. The barrel has been refined and adonized making it one of the most flexible barrels in the market. Since it is quite adaptive and is suitable for different terrains, it can be used for all kinds of paintball fights. It is majorly considered as a tournament barrel.

Custom product 14” falls in the 2-piece category making it suitable for aims that are difficult to shoot and also high accuracy shots. Remember 2-piece category barrels have a high level of accuracy due to improved personalization and customizability.

In addition, this barrel's price is comparatively affordable. When you are in a high-stress situation during the game, you wouldn't want your gun making too much noise alerting your opponents. Fortunately, the custom product barrel is an extremely quiet barrel.

The barrel comes with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, you can use the barrel for as long as you want.

Features & Benefits

  • Autococker Thread
  • Bore size of 689
  • 2-piece barrel
  • Well adaptive and can suit multiple terrainsnHigh accurate shotsnLess noisenLightweightnAffordable price
  • Can be challenging to clean

Comparison Chart

NameBest forPrice
DeadlyWind Null Carbon FibreBeginner to pro$$
Empire Apex 2 Paintball BarrelBeginner to pro$
DYE Precision GF Boomstick BarrelIntermediate to pro$$$
Tippmann Sniper BarrelIntermediate to pro$$
Gog Carbon Fibre FreakBeginner to pro$$
Deadlywind Fibur-X Carbon fiberBeginner to pro$$$
Eclipse Shaft FR Back KitBeginner to pro$$
Custom Products 14" Paintball Autococker BarrelBeginner to pro$$

Paintball Barrel Adapters

Frequently Asked Questions; Paintball Barrels

Question 1. Are all paintball barrels universal?

Paintball barrels are not universal. Paintball barrels can be categorized in a couple of ways:

  1. Barrel Thread Type
  2. Barrel Calibre

Barrel Thread Type

If you want to purchase a barrel for your paintball gun, then you will want to choose a barrel that will in fact fit onto your gun.  There is no use buying a barrel that won’t screw onto the gun you own.  (there are solutions for this too, but it’s easier to choose something that will fit)

There are 5 main thread types:

  • Autococker
  • Smart Parts (aka Ion)
  • Spyder
  • Tippmann A-5
  • Tippman 98

Each of these thread types are different and fit with certain guns.  I have included a chart of all 5 types at the very beginning of this article. You can also read this article.. "Are Paintball Barrels Universal?"

Barrel Calibre

Your paintball gun will typically be designed to shoot a certain calibre ball.  The most common calibre is 0.68 but guns can come in various sizes including 0.40, 0.43,0.50, 0.62, 0.68.

The smaller the calibre, like the 0.50 (half inch) will fire a smaller ball and hurt less when hit from a distance.

When you choose a barrel for your gun, choose the bore size that fits the calibre of your paintball gun.  You don’t want to be shooting 0.50 calibre paintballs with a 0.68 calibre barrel.

Question 2. What is the best paintball barrel bore size?

The most popular paintball barrel bore size is .689 to .674. After the barrel thread type, the paintball barrel bore size is important to know. The bore size is the inside diameter of the barrel.

Many people assume that all paintballs are the same size, which is .68 caliber, however there are different calibres available. You can purchase paintball calibre’s ranging from 0.40 to 0.68.  The smaller balls are lighter and hold less paint.  The do have some advantages.  If you are playing woodsball and want to shoot though light brushes, the smaller calibre balls tend to get through better than the bigger calibre balls.

It’s also of note that the quality and climate can affect the size of a paintball even if it’s only very slightly, which can affect your accuracy.

Question 3. Are paintball barrel kits worth it?

A paintball barrel kit could be worth it if you play in tournaments a lot or if you have a pump gun.  With tournaments you may not be using the most consistent paintballs (that is their size could vary a little) and you may not be using the best quality paint.

A Barrel kit will improve your efficiency and offer more consistency in your game.

If you are a recreational player, then I wouldn’t worry about a barrel kit.  Just buy good quality paint.

Paintballs can change their shape and structure depending on the quality and the temperature, humidity, etc.

A paintball kit will, therefore, provide multiple diameters for the barrel allowing you to match your paintballs to the current Inner Diameter (ID) of your barrel.

Changes in the weather affect the sizes of the paintballs. They swell when it’s hot and get brittle when it’s cold.  This is where a paintball barrel kits will help. The kit will help you match the size of the paintballs to the Inner Diameter so that they neither stick nor roll out.

You should see an improvement in accuracy and consistency.

The barrel works hand in hand with the paintballs. Great barrel and great paint will be a perfect combination.

Barrels these days are fairly decent and are of high quality. Most mid to high-end markers manufactured after 2007 come with high quality, reliable barrels and you will rarely buy a gun that has a horribly honed interior.

The best thing about buying a paintball barrel kit is that once you buy it, you will never ever have problems with your paintball again.

Question 4. Does paintball barrel length matter?

Yes, the barrel length matters. Every player is different and values different qualities in paintball. The length choice is really a matter of personal preference. However, when accuracy is being determined, the length of the barrel tops the list. Most markers tend to come with a barrel length of 8.5 inches. Many people choose to upgrade to a longer barrel because with the extra length it is always easier to aim. They claim that a longer barrel equals more accuracy due to the geometry, i.e.: longer barrel = more precise aim.

A study has shown that a barrel that is around 8 inches will achieve the correct velocity without running very high pressures. When a barrel is too short, it will make you a smaller target from the side. But most often than not, you will get short at from the front, the side profile is therefore not very important. Short barrels are also louder than longer barrels. Most players have also found it harder to aim with a shorter barrel than with a longer barrel.

A study done in 2005 by the California State Science Fair on The Effect of Barrel Length on Velocity showed that a 15.75-inch barrel was less precise and had a lower velocity compared to other 14, 12, 9.625, and 9.375 inch barrels. 

The study concluded that the optimal barrel length was 12-14inches. With this length, a paintball barrel will have a higher accuracy because it has more time to straighten out its trajectory in the barrel before it is shot. The paintballs can, therefore, travel more consistently from one shot to another which means the gun is more efficient and highly accurate.

Aluminum Freak Insert would be a good recommendation for a paintball barrel because as temperatures change and the paintballs contract or expand, this barrel would be the only one that matches the paintball sizes by utilizing aluminum inserts that are interchangeable.

Make sure the paint and bore size match perfectly when choosing a paintball barrel.

For improved accuracy, a barrel length of 12 to 14 inches is ideal. This size will improve how you aim with very little or no negative effects. However, when a barrel is too long, it will cause a few problems. Anything above 16 inches will increase, the potential for challenges.

The potential drawbacks when the barrel length is above 16 inches include:

  • Reduced distance
  • Longer processing times
  • More contact between the paintball and the barrel
  • Increased potential for frozen or shattered paintballs in cold temperatures
  • Increase the mass of you as the player, adding weight to the marker, making it difficult to use or hide or even carry.

Advantages of longer barrels include:

  • They tend to be less noisy compared to the shorter barrels
  • The extra length makes sighting down the gun much easier
  • Target acquisition also comes more naturally with longer paintball barrels

Question 5. Do I need a paintball barrel sleeve?

Yes, you need a paintball barrel sleeve. A sleeve is used to prevent accidental discharge from your paintball marker. It is not the same as the safety equipment on your marker. The barrel sleeve adds a safety measure. You should always wear a sleeve when you are in the range of those not engaged in playing and might not be wearing safety clothes or goggles.

Whenever masks are not being worn, all guns must have a barrel sleeve. Of course, safety precautions must be put in place, but they are not perfect and may sometimes fail. A form of physical protection is a must from wayward paintballs. Do not take out barrel sleeves unless everyone has a mask on. 

The barrel cover is especially important, and many fields will definitely require you to have one before you can play. You should always have a sleeve that meets all the safety requirements of every field. In the case of a misfire, the sleeve will be available to catch the ball.

It is also worth noting that barrel sleeves are preferred over barrel plugs. This is because a 2nd or 3rd shot will probably dislodge the plug completely, meaning if there are further shots, the danger still exists. Modern markers can fire up to 5 shots or more in a fraction of a second. Plugs are simply not an adequate guarantee of protection

 Question 6. What the heck is a paintball barrel condom? Why do I need it?

A paintball barrel condom is a highly recommended safety device when playing airsoft or paintball. It looks like a pouch that is placed over the opening of the barrel and attached to the marker via a chord. It covers your paintball gun so that you don’t end up shooting anyone when you are away from the field.

They are designed to prevent accidental discharge. It protects you and others from being accidentally shot when you are not wearing any protective gear as you would when playing. In case a paintball is accidentally fired, it will pass out through the barrel and is caught by the condom. The momentum of the ball is absorbed by the condom which will the spring back into position, pushing the paintball out of the condom harmlessly.

To play, all fields will require you to have a paintball barrel condom or sock. If you forget to replace it after a game and you enter a safe zone without it, you will get warnings. If you happen to do this repeatedly, you will be banned from the site. This will be done for liability reasons, which is to lower the possibility of unexpected injury to anyone. This is more so important when involving eye safety

When you are not playing it is important to keep your gun from discharging around other people. It is important to set your gun safety ON and disconnect the battery when you are not using your gun.

Be sure to empty the magazine and discharge every remaining paintball in your barrel when you are not using your gun. Only then will a condom protect form discharge. This is just like the last layer of protection that you need. 

A paintball barrel condom will also protect the barrel tips from scratch and dings during transportation.

Best Paintball Guns

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