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14 Best Paintball Places in Washington

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Washington is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse natural areas. From the towering, snow-capped peaks of Mount Rainier to the lush forests that line most of the state's waterways, Washington has something for everyone.

But what about those who want a little more adventure? What about those who don't have time to take off from work or school for a camping trip? Well, there's an option for you: paintball!

Paintball is one of the fastest-growing sports globally because it combines physical activity with mental strategy and teamwork. It's also a great way to spend time with friends or family members and get out into nature simultaneously.

Whether you're looking to get your game on at a public field or host a private event, Washington has some great options for paintball fun. Check out our list of the best paintball fields in Washington:

NiteHawk Paintball

Spring Creek Rd,
Ford, WA 99013

NiteHawk Paintball offers a great mix of different types of playing fields–whether you play scenario or woodsball or just want to have an awesome time with friends. They have some great terrain and structures that will keep you busy all day.

It has a lot of structures, vehicles, and buildings that make it great for long-distance battles and CQB fights alike. The terrain is also awesome—with trenches and landing craft—to get the most out of your time there. 

The staff at NiteHawk are professional and safety-oriented; they'll make sure you're having fun while keeping yourself safe. Plus, they offer decent rental equipment at fair prices—and even food and drinks at the field at fair prices.

The only downside is that sometimes the schedule online doesn't match what's happening on the field, so make sure you check their website schedule and Facebook schedule before heading out there!

Red Dot Paintball Field Location

3430 Beardsley Rd,
Richland, WA 99354

Paintball Maverick
Paintball Maverick

Red Dot Paintball Field is great for beginners because you can get the basics of a paintball gun, and it also offers a haunted maze that's perfect for family fun.

Their staff is professional, safety-oriented, and very friendly. They can help you find the right gear to suit your needs and explain each course in detail to know exactly what to expect when you arrive. 

The course is challenging with a lot of variety—you can play capture the flag games or just shoot each other. The fields are well maintained, and they have plenty of options for playing time.

Playground Amusements LLC

15850 Ahtanum Rd,
Yakima, WA 98903

Playground Amusements is one of the best paintball fields in Washington, offering an unparalleled experience by any other. 

Their field has different game modes, including capture the flag, king of the hill, and zombie mode. Each of these fields is completely different from the others, so you can choose which one suits your mood on any given day.

They also have an amazing staff—the owners are all very friendly and fun to talk with, and they're always willing to offer advice about what kind of gun or mask works best for you when you're playing. The staff members are also great at helping out newbies who might feel overwhelmed by all the choices available (paintballing can be pretty overwhelming!).

They offer various packages for different budgets, whether you're looking for something inexpensive or a more extravagant outing with your friends or family members.

Woodland Paintball Action

3030 Lewis River Rd,
Woodland, WA 98674

Woodland Paintball Action has been around for over 30 years, so they know what they're doing when running a paintball field. They'veSince then, they've hosted thousands of games and have worked hard to ensure that their facilities are top-notch.

The field itself is immaculate, with strategically placed brush and trees to make your game exciting and challenging. They have plenty of grassy areas where you can take cover as you play. You'll feel like you're playing on a real battlefield—but without any danger!

But it's not just about the scenery: they also have top-of-the-line equipment and gear that will ensure your experience is enjoyable. The best part? They offer great prices! You can take advantage of their packages, and their staff will help you find the right gear and make sure you're comfortable before you get started.

Elma Paintball

20 S. Union Road,
Elma, WA 98541

Elma Paintball is a family-friendly paintball field with a wide range of options. They have several different types of games so that everyone can have fun regardless of their skill level or interest.

The fields are well-maintained and safe, and the staff are friendly and always willing to help you out. You can play on a field set up like an abandoned city street, one that looks like an alien planet, or even one that's designed after a zombie apocalypse. 

The shelter space is great, with plenty of tables and benches to sit and relax during breaks. The porta-potties are always clean, and they even have grills at each shelter for you to use if you want some hot food or snacks.

They also have great rates—it won't break your bank account! All in all, Elma Paintball Field is the best place to play paintball in Washington!

Master Blaster's Paintball Park

107 Murray Rd N,
Grapeview, WA 98546

Master Blasters Paintball Park has a variety of fields with built-in obstacles for a realistic experience.

They also have three separate courses for groups of youngsters, ranging from big, completely forested courses to close-quarter obstacle fields. The woodland provides excellent light and dark hiding, allowing you to sneak up on your opponents.

If you need a break or merely want to sit down and rest for a moment before heading back out into combat, there are several picnic tables available. They also rent camouflage blouses and pants, allowing you to go into your vehicle wearing clean clothes; after all, it is said and done.

But what separates them from other paintball parks is their exceptional customer service—they welcome each client as if they were family. They are kind, knowledgeable about their items, and always eager to assist. And their pricing is also affordable!

KC Crusaders Paintball

13241 262nd Ave E,
South Prairie, WA 98385

The KC Crusaders Paintball Field is one of the top paintball fields in Washington for people of all ages and ability levels.

Their various fields accommodate a range of play styles, and the fields' proper maintenance is up to industry standards. The wood fields are huge, and the various terrain makes hiding from you challenging. The netting is fully installed around the field, and safety is strictly maintained.

The country's biggest airball field is spanking new. It's an 18-foot-tall airball field where players may blast targets with compressed air weapons from any angle. This new feature makes KC an even more appealing choice for paintballers looking to improve their accuracy or get some target practice done before taking part in a live game.

Their excellent customer service makes them an excellent choice not just for rental equipment but also for repairs or upgrades to your existing equipment. If your mechanic or electric markers need to be repaired or upgraded, you may rent from them at any moment!

The shop has a wide range of products at reasonable costs; they have both beginner and advanced equipment. The main drawback is that it may become rather busy, so it's not the ideal option if you want something more intimate or personal.

Paintball Station

19027 Milltown Rd,
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Paintball Station is a fantastic venue to play paintball in the Washington area. This field has a vast and open playing area, giving you plenty of opportunities to hide and strategize. Several games are available in the playing area, including Capture the Flag with Juggernauts wearing bunny ears.

The staging area is largely simple and uncomplicated, making it easier for novice players. There's also a massive scenario-style area for more experienced gamers looking for something more demanding than simply shooting other players.

This paintball field offers an excellent rec ball field with a realistic fortress field. The air fill gear and staging area are top-notch, so you'll never run out of air or have trouble filling up your gun before you start playing again. They offer great rental costs, and you can bring your own paint.

The main drawback is that the parking lot/staging area fills up rapidly. Furthermore, games might go for an hour and a half, which can be bothersome if you seek something short and easygoing.

ForestFire Paintball & Airsoft

17022 Burn Rd,
Arlington, WA 98223

ForestFire Paintball & Airsoft is one of Washington's largest outdoor fields, with a forested area outfitted with trenches, boats, RVs, Hills, barrels, pallets, log forts, etc. There's also an urban area for close-quarters fighting and dense woodlands to hide in if you need some cover.

The environment at ForestFire is enjoyable, and the staff is outstanding. There is little downtime between games, so you won't have to wait long to get back into the action. The paint and rental equipment are on-site, so you can jump right into the game without making a special drive somewhere else first (and everything is reasonably priced).

The only drawback to this field is that I believe it is understaffed during major games—but other than that? If you're searching for an excellent paintball experience in Washington, this should be your first destination!

Monkey Time Paintball and Airsoft

17020 Burn Rd,
Arlington, WA 98223

Monkey Time Paintball and Airsoft are exclusively available for private events, so when you reserve your group's reservation, you can be guaranteed that the place will be all yours.

They provide a range of enjoyable courses for people of all ages and ability levels, including forest paths and open clearings with man-made obstacles. Their experienced staff is committed to keeping you safe and having a good time, and they will go out of their way to ensure you have the finest experience possible.

The field may be rented for an hour or three hours, with 100 or 500 balls included in each package. They have a shop next door that sells anything from protective glasses to various paintball markers if you need any additional equipment.

Operation Paintball

20818 Jansky Rd E,
Graham, WA 98338

Operation Paintball is a family-friendly paintball field, so you may bring your kids, and they'll have a great time. The larger fields allow more movement and versatility in playing techniques while still feeling like you're in nature rather than packed into a confined room or basement.

They offer three courses and a speedball field, so you're guaranteed to find something to like regardless of your skill level. Furthermore, there is ample parking (which is hard to come by in most parts of Washington).

The refs are amazing at ensuring everyone has a good time and is safe, but they also know how to make the most of their games. They occasionally play with the guests to make things more entertaining!

And what if you're new to paintball? Don't be afraid! They also provide demos before each game so that newcomers may learn necessary safety precautions and how to fill the air before playing on the course.

The only downside is that if you use their higher fields, you'll have to go down a hill to reload your gun—but it's worth it!

DoodleBug Sportz Outdoor Paintball Park

9600 115th Ave SE,
Snohomish, WA 98290

DoodleBug includes five different playing grounds, each with its own strategy and tactics. The well-maintained speedball field is ideal for novices learning to shoot straight, but it's also enjoyable for seasoned players seeking a challenge.

The staff is nice and helpful, and they will even assist you in navigating their vast facilities. Bunkers/buildings, ditches, and mounds are scattered across the woods-ball/scenario locations. Each game lasted around 10-15 minutes, allowing participants plenty of time to catch their breath and enjoy the surroundings between rounds (and take some photos).

This place would be ideal for small group celebrations, in my opinion! They rent weapons, ammo, air, and paintballs for ten individuals and a setup at a picnic table and private ref.

If you go on a day that has just rained or is damp, expect dirt and puddles beneath common covers. The park has been known to have some gun jamming troubles; however, this may be avoided by carrying some additional equipment.

JBLM Paintball

Flora Rd,
Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98433

JBLM Paintball is ideal for small unit maneuvers or a casual paintball game. The staff is polite and helpful, and they will make sure you have a fantastic time.

There are a few unique arenas to play in and several game modes to choose from—you can even hold your birthday party there. Because the paint is water-soluble and quickly removed in the wash, there's no need to worry about staining your clothing or getting it on your equipment.

You may also rent equipment if you don't have any of your own—all its high-quality gear will enhance your experience. Furthermore, if you need help tailoring your training event or birthday party, its owners will work with you to build the experience that you're looking for.

Best Paintball Places in Washington, Final Thoughts…

There are a variety of paintball fields in Washington that cater to different levels of experience and age groups. If you're looking for a fun day out with friends, family, or colleagues, paintballing is great. 

Check out our list of the best paintball fields in Washington to find the perfect one for you:

  • NiteHawk Paintball
  • Red Dot Paintball Field Location
  • Playground Amusements LLC
  • Woodland Paintball Action
  • Elma Paintball
  • Operation Paintball
  • DoodleBug Sportz Outdoor Paintball Park
  • JBLM Paintball
  • Master Blasters Paintball Park
  • Monkey Time Paintball and Airsoft
  • ForestFire Paintball & Airsoft
  • Paintball Station
  • KC Crusaders Paintball

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, these paintball fields will provide you with hours of entertainment. And, if you're looking to add a competitive edge to your game, there are plenty of options for tournament play. 

So, round up your team and get ready to have a blast at one of these top-rated paintball fields!

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Best Paintball Fields, Questions & Comments

If you have questions or comments about the fields that I've highlighted here, I'd love to hear from you!

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