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12 Best Paintball Places in Tennessee

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With its endless miles of lush green fields, rolling hills, and dramatic mountain peaks, Tennessee is the perfect setting for a day of paintball. Whether you're looking for a quiet afternoon in the sun with your friends or a more intense game with more adrenaline-pumping action, there are several great places to suit every kind of paintball player.

In this list, we've collected 12 of the best places around Tennessee to play paintball. From big cities to small towns and everything in between, there's sure to be something here that will catch your eye:

The Alternative Sports Paintball & Airsoft

409 Overhill Dr,
Blountville, TN 37617

If you're a first-time player or someone who has been playing since they were a child, this is your place. The Alternative Sports Paintball & Airsoft has a speed-ball course (small) and a huge wooded course for capturing the flag. If you're looking to step up your game, they have all-inclusive packages for renting plus add-ons.

They also have a shop that offers repairs and new gear if you want to buy some new stuff when you're there. They have all-inclusive packages for renting plus add-ons—which means they'll even provide all the gear you need.

The people who run this incredible facility are super friendly and keen on safety. It's not just about having fun—it's about making sure everyone stays safe while having fun!

Tennessee Mountain Paintball

729 Happy Hollow Ln,
Sevierville, TN 37876

Tennessee Mountain Paintball has a great layout of fields. They have all-day games with different objectives, so you can have fun playing with your friends or family. You can even play woodsball here for any age demographic or skill level—it's perfect for beginners!

There are inexpensive BBQ lunch options available for those looking to grab something to eat before the game starts or during breaks between games. The pro store offers different selections of paint and markers, so you can get just what you need for your next match. 

Air is readily available, so no one gets left out of the fun.

Paintball Maverick
Paintball Maverick

At TNMP, you can play woodsball for any age demographic or skill level, whether you're looking for recreational play with rentals for your whole group or something more competitive like airball on Sundays.

There are many elevations and positions to play at TNMP, which makes it easy to sign-up and sign in. The facility itself is superb, with a knowledgeable staff who will help you out whether you're new to the sport or have been playing for years!

Smoky Mountain Paintball

12240 Chapman Hwy,
Seymour, TN 37865

Smoky Mountain Paintball is a family-owned business with a loyal following of customers who have been coming back for years.

The first thing that struck me was that our game was unique. Each time you play, you get something different. I played capture the flag in one game, speedball in another, and woods courses in a third. The variety of courses is among the many reasons this place is so great: no matter your skill level or age group.

The equipment was solid—we didn't have any problems with our guns all day long! And if you do need to buy more paintballs or water bottles (which are available for purchase), then there's a shop near the entrance where you can do that.

But what made this place stand out for us was its customer service. These guys put their customers first every step of the way; they're friendly and helpful, and they always seem ready to answer any questions you might have about playing.

Our only complaint about this field is that the goggles could be better. They were fog-proof but not 100%, so we still occasionally had to wipe them off. Also, there were no bathrooms available on-site, so you had to go elsewhere if you needed one before or after your game.

BattleZone Park

80 Bowling Dr,
Jackson, TN 38305

BattleZone Park is home to various fields that are sure to delight both new and experienced paintballers alike. Each game played is unique and paced perfectly for those of all ages, whether you're looking for a competitive match or just want to have some fun with friends!

Their knowledgeable staff will be there every step of the way to ensure that your experience is safe and enjoyable. They've extended their play hours from 4 hours to 5 hours so that no matter what time of day your group arrives, you can still enjoy some quality playtime.

They also offer several game modes that are simple and fun with unlimited respawns, so everyone gets plenty of chances to play their way through the maps.

The only cons are that there isn't a safety or rules briefing before play starts, but the staff will answer any questions you have before the game begins. The smaller arenas can have issues with the spawns being too exposed as they're not covered by anything like sandbags or bushes. But it doesn't affect gameplay much unless someone decides to camp out there all day long.

Nashville Paintball

3018 Brandau Rd,
Hermitage, TN 37076

Nashville Paintball is one of Tennessee's finest paintball fields. With ten various fields to select from and management and referees devoted to ensuring everyone has a good time, it's no surprise that this is the spot for all levels of paintball fans.

They offer a spacious staging area to sit back and relax at your own table. The fees are quite reasonable for the amount of field access you get. They have a full squad on standby to assist with any equipment concerns. The refs are excellent and keep the game moving.

They offer a fantastic airball field that is ideal for players of all skill levels since it creates a challenging and enjoyable setting. Their customer service is excellent–the staff is always kind and helpful, and they make certain that everyone has a wonderful time. Finally, the rules are logical and reasonable, helping the games flow smoothly and efficiently!

Nashville Paintball's only drawback is that they only have a double-triggered gun with a gravity loader. This means your balls will chop rather than shoot correctly.

Xtreme Paintball

212 Old Laguardo Rd W,
Lebanon, TN 37087

Because of its challenging and varied terrain, top-notch facilities, and knowledgeable and courteous personnel, Xtreme Paintball is one of Tennessee's greatest paintball fields. The field is just minutes from downtown, making it accessible to paintball players of all skill levels.

Their paintballs are consistently fresh and of great quality. This means you may be guaranteed that you're taking the finest shots possible while playing. Speaking of playing, the field itself is always well-kept and provides a variety of obstacles and difficulties to keep things interesting.

Xtreme Paintball's terrain is rugged and varied, with something for everyone. The three fields are filled with obstacles and objects, such as vehicles, school buses, and buildings, that add to the excitement and challenge of the game.

The main drawback was that it was difficult to book a space due to the limited offers, and the website did not make it easy to sign up or pay. Most of the time, you're waiting around instead of paintballing.

Fort Campbell Paintball

BLDG 6644, Jordan Springs Rd,
Fort Campbell, KY 42223

Fort Campbell Paintball is a fantastic site to play paintball, with several locations to hide and ambush your opponents on the pitch. There are also a variety of courses to pick from, so you can always try something new.

They offer a large selection of equipment to choose from, and the staff is always pleased to help you with whatever you want. The fees are also reasonably cheap, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to play paintball without breaking the bank.

The staff is informed and skilled, and the fields are kept in good condition. On-site, there is also a pro shop where you can get all of your paintball materials. They have a variety of packages to fit your preferences, whether you want a fun day out with your friends or an intense competitive experience.

MTP (Middle Tennessee Paintball)

4215 Kedron Rd,
Spring Hill, TN 37174

MTP (Middle Tennessee Paintball) has three fields to select from, each of which is unique and challenging. Their fields are kept in excellent shape, ensuring that you have a safe location to play.

MTP's team is well-versed in paintball and can answer any questions you have regarding playing or renting equipment. They take safety extremely seriously, so everyone can have fun while being safe on their field. It's also quite well-organized, so there will be no delays during your visit.

This field is also a terrific birthday location because it has everything you need to make it a memorable occasion. They offer food trucks that park near the fields so you can have snacks while you play, as well as picnic tables where you can rest and relax after a game.

Another reason this place is ideal for birthdays is that there are no minimum group size requirements—you simply need one person. The costs here are reasonable for everything you get to do, which is quite a bit!

Battlefront Lasertag and Paintball

Parking lot, 6791 Walnut Grove Rd,
Memphis, TN 38120

Battlefront Lasertag & Paintball's battlefields are huge and thrilling, featuring various fields for woodsball and a speedball area with haystack obstacles. The woodland regions are abundant with various hiding locations composed of trees, slotted boards, tarps, tires, and so forth.

The reservation procedure was quick and helpful. There are also lots of tables that may be allocated for parties on the field. This paintball field is ideal for having fun with friends or family because it has its own huge sun canopy and a wide space for birthday celebrations.

However, after heavy rain, certain areas become rather muddy, making it difficult to go about without having filthy or wet feet.

Furthermore, while the website claims that multiple games are played (such as capture the flag or king-of-the-hill style games), several players claimed to play the same game three times, which was boring. Perhaps they should swap games more frequently!

Paintball Park

9640 E Davies Plantation Rd,
Lakeland, TN 38002

Paintball Park is the place to go if you're searching for a fun, welcoming atmosphere where you can play with your friends and family. They are highly recommended for both teenagers and adults, and the staff is wonderful, creating a pleasant and safe environment.

They offer very inexpensive pricing and even give you discounts if you bring a larger party. They also provide a variety of private and shared parties, allowing you to select from several maps based on your preferences.

Their equipment and gear rentals are also fairly priced, so you won't have to spend a fortune when playing paintball here. This park is really well-organized, and there are several courses to choose from.

Zombie Trail Paintball

1533 Mason Grove Rd,
Humboldt, TN 38343

Zombie Trail Paintball is the place to go if you want a paintball field that is both family-friendly and very entertaining. The owner constantly greets everyone and answers any questions they may have, and he interacts with his guests in a very friendly manner.

The ride itself is incredible. You are dragged through a blacklight-target course with hanging targets and several live zombie situations, all while firing paintballs at zombies. It's fun for kids (and adults!) of all ages, and the ride's staff will autoload your pistol when it runs low so you can keep shooting.

The only disadvantage of going here is that you should expect to wait in lengthy lines if you go after work or during lunch. After a light rain, the lowest portion of their parking lot becomes a little muddy, but overall it's generally fantastic!

Rebel Paintball

28074-, 28128 MS-6,
Batesville, MS 38606

Rebel Paintball is a fun way to spend the day with friends and family. The amenities are a little worn, but the course is still enjoyable. If you want something more difficult, try the Hill course: it's really enjoyable if you know how to flank!

Tournaments are held twice a year, and there are always special packages available for individuals who want to compete more regularly. Tires and Traffic Barrels clutter this track in a style similar to Mad Max, but unlike in the film, your aim is winning, not survival!

Storm Hill Field offers fast-paced paintball games with no restrictions on firing or movement speed. Players are welcome to bring their own paintballs or purchase them on-site to ensure that everyone may enjoy safe play without fear of running out of firepower during combat.

Rebel Paintball features a friendly staff and a safe environment that allows novices to learn the ropes and more experienced players to keep challenging themselves.

Best Paintball Places in Tennessee, Final Thoughts…

We hope this guide has been helpful to you as you plan your next paintball adventure. We know it's hard to choose between all the great fields available in Tennessee, but we think these five are our top choices from this list for a great day of paintballing:

  • Tennessee Mountain Paintball
  • Smoky Mountain Paintball
  • Xtreme Paintball
  • BattleZone Park
  • Battlefront Lasertag and Paintball

If you're just getting started, we recommend going with a field that offers both woodsball and speedball. That way, you can play on different types of fields and learn how to play in different environments. Then, once you've got the hang of it, try out some of the more advanced fields with more obstacles and features.

So what are you waiting for? Get packing and head on down to Tennessee for some of the best-paintballing action around!

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