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8 Best Paintball Fields in Pennsylvania (You Must Visit!)

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If you're looking for a new hobby or just want to have fun with some friends, paintball is a great option. Paintball is a fast-paced and exciting activity gaining popularity with young people. It's also a great way to get in touch with your inner child—no matter how old you are!

Pennsylvania has lots of options for places to play the game, so if you're looking to get started in the sport, this post can help you find the right place for your needs. 

As a paintball enthusiast, I've compiled a list of the best places to play paintball in Pennsylvania. If you're looking for a new way to spend your free time, check out these five best paintball places in Pennsylvania. Whether you want to join a league or play with your friends, there are many options available!

Revamped Paintball

3650 I St
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Revamped Paintball started as a local hang-out in 2018, but it has quickly become one of the leading paintball centers in the area over the last two years. Revamped has been voted one of the top 10 best paintball places in Pennsylvania, and it is known for its fair prices, friendly employees, and great service.

They offer low-impact paintball play for ages ten and up, so you can be sure that your kids are having fun in a safe environment. Their rates start at $35 per person and include everything you need to get started: a protective mask, paintball gun, vest, ammo holster, and 500 paintballs. If you want more ammo during your outing, you can purchase additional paintballs for $12 for 300 or $15 for 500.

Revamped is open from 1 PM to 7 PM on Tuesdays through Thursdays, with extended hours from 9 AM to 11 PM on Fridays through Sundays. That means you can come over during the weekend or after work to play!

Crusader Paintball

225 Lincoln Highway
Fairless Hills, PA 19030

Whether you're a newbie to the sport or an experienced paintballer, Crusader Paintball is one of the best paintball places in Pennsylvania. Located just a short drive up I-95, they offer players everything from a private party experience to walk-on play. 

Crusader offers everything you could want: a private party experience with all the bells and whistles or walk-on play with other players. All packages include a rental mask + gun + tank, plus paintballs and all-inclusive access to private tables and fields. 

Crusader has six fields of wooded play filled with abundant cover to keep you hidden when the paint starts flying. And when it becomes clear that you need more ammo, their on-site, fully-stocked pro shop and the all-inclusive rental packages ensure that you'll have everything you need for an epic game.

With a walk-in play option, players must have their gun, mask, and barrel bag, but additional paintballs are available for purchase at $19.00 per bag of 500 low-impact paintballs. A full-day rental option includes a mask, gun, and tank with air refills for $75 and 1000 paintballs. Half-day rentals include the same for $55 and include 500 paintballs.

With 10-person minimums for all parties, we're sure that Crusader will be your new go-to spot when you want to play paintball in Philly. If you have less than ten people, consider going for public walk-ons held every Saturday and Sunday.

Steel Town Paintball

500 Huntington Ave,
Emsworth, PA 15202

Steel Town Paintball is an indoor facility with a zombie apocalypse vibe. The venue is an old factory-looking building, and the fields are excellent and open, with all your shots feeling clean. 

The refs there were excited and kept the games interesting—you'll never get bored at this place! The prices are reasonable for what you get: you can play for as long as the paintballs you purchase will last, and then you can always buy more from their inventory once those run-out.

The only downside we could find was that the approach to the place is a bit rough—it's not immediately apparent on Google Maps. They could benefit from some large signs on major roads nearby, so people know exactly where they're going when they get close by.

Outdoor Xtreme

307 Swartley Road
Hatfield, PA 19440

Outdoor Extreme is one of the best paintball places in Pennsylvania, and their game options are diverse and fun for all ages. They have several private field locations with different game options available, including Paintball, Airsoft, Low Impact, Splatmaster, and Lasertag. They also have various party packages that include everything you need for your afternoon or evening party.

The cost of a private Low Impact party is $350 on weekends and $400 on weekdays. Private parties for groups of 10 or more people cost an extra $50 (since they're usually closed during the week). The fee covers the additional prep and clean-up time required to accommodate your party. Just make sure to give them a call to schedule! 

These packages already include 2 hours of play on private fields with a private staff member, rental marker, mask/goggles, unlimited air, 200 paintballs per person (for ages 8+), and admission for up to 10 people. Additional players may be added for $35 each.

All their rental packages include a marker, tank, pod pack, and mask. They also offer camo jumpsuits or chest protectors for $7 each. And don't worry—all their paint won't stain your clothing!

Skirmish Paintball

1519 State Route 903
Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

Located only an hour and a half from Philadelphia, Skirmish Paintball offers rates to fit every budget and packages to fit every group size, and gift cards available for purchase that can be used toward the entry, paintballs, and equipment. 

Their 700 acres of paintball play are among the best in the country and offer an unparalleled combat experience. A variety of themed fields, including downed helicopters, tanks, cityscapes, and castles, provide lots of options for new players.

Their Basic Paintball Package is around $40 and includes entry to their premiere Skirmish paintball fields, a Tippmann 98 paintball gun rental, goggles/facemask rental, unlimited N2 air fills, free parking, professional paintball referees, and all-day play. 

If you're looking to go all out and invest in an amazing experience, you can take advantage of their Deluxe Package, starting at $100. It has all the benefits of the basic package, plus a camouflage jumpsuit, an ammo belt, and 1,000 paintballs.

If you want some extra excitement in your day, sign up for one of their "scenario games" like "Invasion of Normandy"—this company is home to some of the biggest ones around. They also offer combo adventures involving rafting and night battles for those seeking a little extra experience in their lives.

Poco Loco Paintball

134 Kurtz Rd
Schwenksville, PA 19473

Poco Loco Paintball is an outdoor paintball park conveniently located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, just a short drive from downtown. They've been open to the public since 1992, making them one of the oldest and most experienced paintball parks in the Philadelphia area.

Unlike other paintball fields, Poco Loco offers a truly unique experience. Within its sprawling grounds, there are structures such as tanks, giant rocks, huts, a castle, and a helicopter so you can duck under, behind, and into the perfect spot to defend your territory.

Once you reserve your spot (at least five days in advance, please), you'll be put into teams of 10 people. Depending on your reservation time, you'll want to show up at 8:45 AM, 9:45 AM, or 10:45 AM. Then, you'll get a full day of play until 4 PM. That's seven hours of running around shooting paintballs at your friends and strangers—what could be better?

They have a few cons—they don't offer unlimited air with their entry fee ($2 per air fill), and they have high paint prices (same as Skirmish) but with low-quality fields. But they make up for it with their incredible variety of fields and their commitment to customer service! The owner is also actively involved with the business every weekend and always looking to improve the experience.

Pittsburgh Paintball Park

1403 Idlewood Rd,
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

If you're looking for an adventure like a video game come to life, this is the place for you. Influenced by video games like Call of Duty, Pittsburgh Paintball Park has plenty of different games and maps to navigate through.

The park is huge, so you won't run out of options for where to play. Each zone has its own theme—you can play as zombies or soldiers or even aliens in some cases—and each area has its own story and purpose. The masks and guns provided are in great condition, so there's no need to worry about safety or quality equipment. 

If you need advice on what type of mask fits your face best or what gun is right for you, staff members are always ready to help. They also offer plenty of expert advice on their Pro shop if you want to learn more about paintballing or just need help finding the right equipment for your group event.

Pittsburgh Paintball Park is also great for private group events! Whether it's a birthday party or office retreat, they can accommodate your needs while ensuring everyone has fun at their own pace.

Three Rivers Paintball & Airsoft

282 Rochester Rd,
Freedom, PA 15042

Three Rivers Paintball & Airsoft is the go-to place for paintball in Pittsburgh. They have several courses that are well built with multiple buildings and structures to hide and seek. With multiple courses to play on and switch up, this place is great for groups and individuals alike. 

The management and customer service at this location are outstanding—you can tell they care about making sure everyone has an amazing time in their field. If you don't have gear, they have some for rent. And if you need more gear than just what's on hand at the fields, you can get it from a local dealer as well.

The only downside is that it's a bit pricier than other places if you're not a regular. The $35 rental package does not include a face mask or goggles, so make sure to bring your own.

Best Paintball Places in Philadelphia, Final Thoughts…

Whether you're looking for a wooded area or an airball field, a park that's close to home, or one that's worth taking a longer trip to get to, there are so many options for great places to play paintball in Pennsylvania. 

Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, we've rounded up the top nine paintball places in Philadelphia to get your adrenaline pumping:

  • Revamped Paintball
  • Crusader Paintball
  • Steel Town Paintball
  • Outdoor Xtreme
  • Skirmish Paintball
  • Poco Loco Paintball
  • Pittsburg Paintball Park
  • Three Rivers Paintball & Airsoft

Overall, the best places to play paintball in Pennsylvania are those with equipment maintenance, well-maintained terrain and facilities, and a wide variety of games.

If you're looking for a safe place to play with friends, make sure it's not in an unsafe area; if you're looking to hone your skills, look for a place that offers training classes. The cost is dependent on the quality of the facility and its services.

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