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14 Best Paintball Fields in New Jersey

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Paintball is a sport of many flavors. Some people like to play in the woods, others prefer an urban setting, and some people want to get their adrenaline pumping by playing in an arena.

New Jersey is known for its many beautiful parks and nature preserves, but it's also home to some really great paintball fields. Whether you're a beginner who needs to learn the basics or an experienced pro who just wants to try out some new gear, we've got the perfect field for you.

We've rounded up 14 of the best paintball fields in New Jersey for a truly unforgettable experience and we’ll provide you all about what to expect from each field, so you can find the perfect one for your next game!

Quickshot Paintball

1231 US-206, 1231 US-206,
Shamong, NJ 08088

Quickshot has the largest selection of paintball equipment of any store in the Tri-State area.

They have a vast selection of paintball supplies, and their prices are very reasonable. If you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, they've got the right field and bunker set up to keep you entertained.

The staff at Quickshot are also friendly and knowledgeable, which makes the experience even more enjoyable. The refs are amazing and can help you however you need. They have seven playing fields and six woodsball fields, open every Saturday and Sunday for walk-on play, making Quickshot a top choice in the area for paintball enthusiasts.

However, the downside of all this is that their speedball field is only open on Thursday through Sunday once every other week to keep it in good condition, meaning it can get crowded during those times.

Apocalypse Paintball

192 NJ-73,
Hammonton, NJ 08037

Apocalypse Paintball is conveniently located off the highway, making it easy to access. Once you're in their facility, you'll find everything you need to have an incredible paintball experience. 

Their staff are welcoming and friendly and ensure that you have a clean and professional experience. All of their equipment is top-notch and offers a great selection at incredibly competitive prices.

The playing fields offer thrilling challenges with unique obstacles, and the staff keeps them in great shape, so you'll have a blast every time you play. You can bring your own equipment, but if you don't have any, you can rent it from the pro-shop, which sells all sorts of gear at reasonable prices.

Some people reported that there's zero organization out on the fields—they claim that it's up to the players to try and organize groups and matches—but I think that just adds to the fun of it all!

Paintball Depot Game Park

Jensen Drive,
Oxford, NJ 07863

The people at Paintball Depot Game Park are super friendly and welcoming, which creates a fun environment to play in. The owner works well with parents and players. It's also great for parties and groups, so you never get bored playing with your family or friends. 

The fields are on 50 acres with lots of different fields that you can go to play on, including a small field that's good for beginners and a large field for tournament play. They have a friendly and welcoming environment with lots of helpful staff members.

One thing that might turn you away is that they don't allow you to use your own paintballs. You have to buy them from them, which might be more expensive than what you can find elsewhere.

Many prickly bushes will scratch and claw at you when you run by them, so I recommend buying the gear to protect yourself from them before going out to play.

Cousins Paintball New Jersey

750 Whiting-New Egypt Rd,
Manchester Township, NJ 08759

Many people who have played at Cousins Paintball New Jersey describe the grounds as "awesome." The staff is "great," making it an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy a fun-filled day of paintball.

The grounds are spacious, with large areas that have clearly marked boundaries. There are plenty of features to hide behind, including man-made and natural ones like trees. They also offer private events for your corporate event needs or if you want to take your kids to a birthday party.

They have several different games you can play, whether you want team elimination (the last man standing), capture the flag, or anything else in between. Their equipment is also in good shape and all functional.

However, you cannot use your own paintballs, which may be an issue for some players. Some bunkers also need to be redone as they are uneven and hard to stand while playing.

Picasso Lake Paintball

64 Norcross Rd,
Berlin, NJ 08009

Picasso Lake Paintball has several different playing fields, and they're all very well-maintained. The barriers are random spools and barrels and sections of fence, which makes for a great playing experience. 

Their staging area is spacious, clean, and well-lit for hanging out with your group, plus a friendly staff to help you through the game. You can bring your own paint or buy it at a fair price right there at the field.

Some downsides include no Pro shop on-site, so you'll have to bring all your equipment with you or rent on site. They also don't have an airball field yet—just woodsball and speedball—and sometimes their refs get overwhelmed by the size of the average walk-on group.

The Playground Paintball Park

669 Bridgeton Pike,
Mantua Township, NJ 08051

The Playground Paintball Park is a true playground for paintball enthusiasts. They're a family-friendly environment, known for their friendly staff and fair prices. With both outdoor and indoor fields to choose from, you'll have a great time playing here, no matter the weather.

The outdoor fields are lush, green, and well-maintained, as they are made from recycled football field turf. You'll find a wide variety of fields for every level of play, from beginner to expert. There's also a pizza place just next door so that you can refuel after a long day of play.

Just make sure to call ahead if you plan to bring a group as it gets busy on the weekends. The only downside to this location is that there are only porta-potties for bathrooms—which isn't ideal for those who want more privacy.

Long Live Paintball NY NJ

1989 Englishtown Rd,
Monroe Township, NJ 08831

Long Live Paintball NY NJ offers top-of-the-line equipment and a wide range of gear, from rental packages to custom markers and clothing. Their facility is state-of-the-art, and the field itself is clean, safe, and friendly. The field is great for all ages and player experience levels, with excellent game areas set up.

They have accommodating staff that can address issues or concerns that you have while playing. The shop is well stocked with paintballs, goggles, guns/markers, jerseys/uniforms, game packs, and other accessories to complete your experience. They have affordable pricing, making it an easy choice for local players.

The only downsides to Long Live Paintball NY, NJ are that it can get very crowded, especially during busy seasons. The field can also become quite smelly if it rains heavily, so it's best to bring along a change of clothes if you're expecting a deluge.

Cousins Paintball Staten Island

2727 Arthur Kill Rd,
Staten Island, NY 10309

Cousins Paintball Staten Island is a fun, safe place to play paintball with a large group. There are many different scenarios you can choose from, and the pricing is pretty good. The park is well-maintained, so you don't have to worry about getting stuck in a ditch or tripping over fallen branches. 

There are also plenty of locations to rest, grab some water, and strategize with your team. They offer varied arena sizes and high-quality fields for both woodsball and speedball games. The pricing is relatively decent since Open Play includes everything except paintballs (which are reasonably priced). 

Some said the most expensive part is the ammunition, but you can bring your own if you want to save money. Few players have also reported that the goggles are blurry, making it extremely difficult to play safely because of the scratched lenses.

Battle Creek Paintball

625 Macopin Rd,
West Milford, NJ 07480

The Battle Creek Paintball has friendly, knowledgeable hosts who will help you with any questions or concerns. They have multiple arenas to play in that feature different environmental elements to spice up your game, such as castles and windmills. 

They have a nice setup for different games such as chase castle and capture flag, and they don't impose a time limit—when you run out of bullets is when the game ends. If you're looking for a great place to hold your next birthday party, they offer private parties too.

The games are very reasonably priced, and you can bring your own mask or buy one from them. They sell disposable coveralls, so you can keep your real clothes clean no matter how dirty you get. They also offer a nice snack area that serves drinks, candy, hot dogs, and more to keep you energized during your game.

The only cons are that their fields are small and sometimes have long wait times. To avoid these issues, go as early as possible so you can get rentals before they run out.

AC Paintball

930 12th St,
Williamstown, NJ 08094

AC Paintball provides a unique and unforgettable paintball experience in New Jersey. Their property boasts 80 acres of field with different setups, perfect for tournament play, small groups, or even big groups.

They have affordable pricing depending on the group size and your package. According to some players, the staff were extremely helpful and accommodating, even though they didn't seem knowledgeable about paintball.

The only downside we found is that the field paint has poor quality—it never broke even when shot from close range!

Anchor Paintball

21 NJ-10,
Whippany, NJ 07981

Anchor Paintball has a large staging area perfect for parties or for people who just want to hang out and socialize before their game. The staff is friendly, and the admission price is budget-friendly. They also have a wide selection of paintball equipment available for purchase on-site.

They have tables available for you to use, so you can bring food or drinks to share with your friends. The designated area is provided for kids under the age of 10 that offers smaller guns and lower-power balls to keep them safer. They provide chest gear and face masks with every rental package so that your body stays protected throughout your game.

The only downside is that it can get very muddy after rain. But even then, some people prefer playing paintball on slippery terrain!

NJ Paintball Club Inc.

56 Weaver Rd,
West Milford, NJ 07480

NJ Paintball Club has an outdoor field that offers everything from hills to valleys, from rock outcrops to giant boulders, and from big trees to small trees. All 200 acres of the grounds are covered with 11 playing fields that are great for all kinds of games, whether you want to play Capture the Flag or Protect the President.

Don't worry about packing a lunch—they have their own picnic area where you can relax after your game (and before your next one!). The staff is friendly and willing to explain things to you. They are also extremely strict with eye safety measures, ensuring that everyone has a safe and fun experience.

If you want to play with your group only and don't want others interfering in your games, they offer private picnics areas and personal refs to help you have a great time with just the people you know.

ABC Paintball Supplies & Field

1745 County Road, 1745 Greenwood Lake Turnpike #511,
Hewitt, NJ 07421

ABC Paintball Supplies & Field has three different fields to play on, so there's always something new to explore. You can bring your equipment and paint, or rent it from them. The orientation they give you before you play is thorough but doesn't take too long, so you don't spend much time just sitting around.

They provide fast-paced games with short wait times in between rounds. The refs are fantastic and will help you if you have any questions about the game rules. The safe zone is easy to access from the field.

Admittedly, one drawback is that the air fill station is pretty far from the playing field–which isn't great when you need more air.

Frontier Fortress Paintball & Airsoft

47A New Brooklyn Rd,
Sicklerville, NJ 08081

If you're looking for a fun day out involving paintball and airsoft, you might have found your new favorite place. Frontier Fortress Paintball & Airsoft is a 5-acre field that offers paintball and airsoft games for only $25 per day. 

The owner is friendly and welcoming and has created an environment where all are welcome to come to play their hearts out. The place itself is big enough to accommodate up to 80 players at once, perfect for large gatherings or parties. The grounds are vast, open, and offer incredible views of the surrounding area.

They also have a fantastic woodland arena for those who want to play in a more natural setting. Games are fast-paced and nicely timed out so that everyone gets a chance to join in the fun! It has everything from trenches, to bunkers, and hilly fortresses for those who want to improve their skills or be immersed in the game.

Best Paintball Places in New Jersey, Final Thoughts…

Paintball is a fun activity for all ages, and New Jersey has plenty of places to go and play. If you're looking for a place to play paintball in New Jersey, here are some great options:

  • Quickshot Paintball
  • Apocalypse Paintball
  • Paintball Depot Game Park
  • Cousins Paintball New Jersey
  • Picasso Lake Paintball
  • The Playground Paintball Park
  • Long Live Paintball NY NJ
  • Cousins Paintball Staten Island
  • Battle Creek Paintball
  • AC Paintball
  • Anchor Paintball
  • NJ Paintball Club Inc.
  • ABC Paintball Supplies & Field
  • Frontier Fortress Paintball & Airsoft

You have to pick the right field if you want to be safe and enjoy yourself—and that's not just about avoiding injuries. It's also about ensuring that everyone on the field has had training and will follow safety precautions. Just be sure to check out the paintball field's website beforehand and make sure you're prepared with the proper gear.

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Best Paintball Fields, Questions & Comments

If you have questions or comments about the fields that I've highlighted here, I'd love to hear from you!

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