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26 Best Paintball Fields in Florida

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Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal waters, but it's also known for having some of the best paintball fields in the country. Whether you're a newbie or an expert, there are plenty of places for you to play paintball.

Paintball is an exciting sport that combines the thrill of combat with the fun of running around and getting dirty. It's not just for kids anymore (although kids do love it). 

We've compiled a list of some of the best paintball fields in Florida. These facilities offer everything from private party rentals to professional-level games where you can challenge some of the best players around. 

All of these locations are great for beginners and veterans alike—so whether you're looking for something casual or something more intense, we've got you covered!

Family Paintball Center

220 NW 137th Ave,
Miami, FL 33182

A family-owned paintball park, Family Paintball Center is a well-kept facility with a range of props—vehicles and barricades—that make games feel more realistic.

You can bring your own food and drinks to the facility, which is great for birthday parties, corporate outings, and other types of fun get-togethers. Their wait times between rounds are minimal, so you'll spend less time waiting around than at most other fields (and you won't get bored).

The paintballs do not sting as much on this field, and there are no restrictions to your movements. You can change fields at any time, allowing you to play where you want to play next. 

Extreme Rage Paintball Park

6401 Sheridan St,
Hollywood, FL 33024

Extreme Rage Paintball Park is a family-oriented paintball facility, so it's perfect for new or experienced players. The staff is terrific and willing to help with any questions about the field and rental equipment.

Paintball Maverick
Paintball Maverick

You can rent equipment from them so that you do not have to bring your own. There are discounts available for large groups, so if you have a big party coming over or want to take your friends out on a group adventure, this is definitely the place! 

The only drawback is that the place can get very busy on weekends with many birthday parties happening or large groups coming through. The bad smell comes from a water plant directly behind them, which is beyond the control of the owners.

Piquet Entertainment & Race Park

16169 Southern Blvd,
Loxahatchee, FL 33470

Piquet Entertainment & Race Park caters to people of all skill levels. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned veteran, it has everything you need to have a fun day with family and friends.

The instructors and staff at Piquet are enthusiastic about getting you out on the field and enjoying new ways to play the game. Referees love to share their knowledge and strategies with new players, making it easy for them to follow along. 

Some players stated that they had reservation issues or felt like they were paying too much for the food and entertainment provided at Piquet. However, overall it's a great location for families who want to spend an exciting day enjoying the intense competition.

Invincibles Paintball Park

2221 SW Del Rio Blvd,
Port St. Lucie, FL 34953

Invincibles Paintball Park is a 100-acre paintball park in St. Lucie, Florida, with structures such as a plane, a bus, a truck, multiple towers, and tunnels--the list goes on! There are three courses for different skill levels and plenty of game modes to keep things interesting and fun.

It's also a great place to go for team-building activities. They offer special packages for groups and have rental guns, air refills, masks, vests, and paintballs. They provide great prices on all of these items.

For safety reasons, there are no nets between the hayrides and paintball fields, so you don't want to let your kids play with gel blasters on these fields.

Hi-Tec Paintball Park

Bradenton, FL 34211

Hi-Tec is a family-oriented paintball park that emphasizes safety and fun. If you want to ensure your kids' enjoyment, this is an excellent place to take them.

The field offers several different playing areas, including some with natural features, some with man-made obstacles, and some that have been converted into trees. You can bring your own paintballs or purchase them at the park. 

The staff is great about communicating with customers and helping people before and during the games. They offer a wide variety of maps and good communication/staff; they'll help you pick the right field for your group's needs. 

Most of their games are woodsball-style, but they also have speedball if that's more to your liking. The price is good—however, it could get pricey when buying ammunition for a group.

Urban Core Paintball

3378 S 50th St,
Tampa, FL 33619

Urban Core Paintball has a wide array of playing fields, from fields with speedball goals to fields with fortifications to fields where you can go all tactical on your opponents. There are safety briefings provided before each game.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about each game. They ensure your safety and time are respected, both of which are important when you're playing at high speeds! The equipment was new-looking and well taken care of.

The only downside is that there are no real paths through the field—just a muddy path through wet grass. We recommend wearing boots if you plan on playing here!

Clearwater Paintball

2987 McMullen Booth Rd,
Clearwater, FL 33761

Clearwater Paintball is a great way to introduce kids and adults to paintball and airsoft. The field has multiple safety measures in place and is professionally maintained.

There are three different areas of the park, each offering a unique experience. The biggest area is ideal for families and groups, while those seeking a more intimate retreat can find one in the smaller areas.

Safety measures are in place to keep you safe during the game, and the facility has everything you need to make sure you're geared up and ready to go before heading onto the field. They have an onsite shop for purchasing gear or upgrading existing items between games. 

You don't need to make a reservation at Clearwater Paintball, but if you have a large group going with you, it's always best to call ahead so they can prepare accordingly.

Gator Paintball Extreme

11122 Houston Ave,
Hudson, FL 34667

Gator Paintball is a long-standing paintball party center just north of Tampa, making it the original and best paintball establishment in the area.

They have different terrain, including regular obstacle course style fields, realistic Vietnam-themed fields, or a more difficult location with long 15-minute games (with rental gear included) at discounted rates!

The staff maintains a clean and well-organized facility, which is helpful for running smoothly. They separate the groups according to their experience level, so no one is frustrated by playing with too many beginners. This place makes for a great bachelor party or birthday party venue.

The only drawback is the price of the paintballs. Compared to other paintball fields in Florida, Gator Paintball is a bit more expensive, but the quality of the paintballs is far superior.

Orlando Paintball

7215 Rose Ave,
Orlando, FL 32810

Orlando Paintball is right in the center of Orlando and has indoor and outdoor facilities with a great woodsball field. 

They have five different arenas to play in, and their staff is beyond helpful and very patient.

There are five different arenas to play in, including a warehouse ring with tables under some tent canopies outside. You can also rent equipment from them and get free pizza! 

This is a great place for kids' parties, as well as groups—the staff really knows how to accommodate large groups of people, which is always nice when you're looking for something fun for your office or school!

The only con of this place is there isn't much storage space. So if you're bringing in lots of gear as I did, make sure it's not bulky or heavy because there aren't any lockers or anywhere else to put it.

Warrior Sports Park

4603 W Colonial Drive,
Orlando, FL 32808

Warrior Sports Park has a very inclusive environment if you're new. It's a great place for beginners to try out the sport or for more experienced players to get a workout. The courses are well-groomed, and there are lots of tall covers to hide behind.

Warrior Sports Park has something for everyone, including speedball, woodsball, and even laser tag! The staff is friendly and helpful, making sure that everyone who enters has an amazing experience.

They change up the game modes, teams, and maps to keep everything super exciting for both veterans and newcomers alike. The park is full of tall covers that provide cover from enemy fire, which makes it great for beginners who want to learn how to play without getting shot too much!

The only downside is that sometimes it gets very busy, so refills take longer than usual, but other than that, everything else is perfect!

Matrix Tactical

20800 SW 134th Ave,
Miami, FL 33177

Matrix Tactical Paintball is the best paintball field in Florida. They feature two fields, one for airsoft players and one for paintball enthusiasts. Both fields feature well-established game zones designed to give each player a serious war experience.

The long-range field is good for airsoft players who want to play at long distances and woodsball enthusiasts. The short-range field is great for all types of paintball players and kids who just want to have fun.

Their rental guns have been thoroughly tested and are of high quality and durability. They offer free protective gear for your convenience and also provide unlimited refills on CO2 cartridges, making playing with their equipment more affordable.

Tiki's Paintball Park

210 Pruett Rd,
Seffner, FL 33584

As a family-oriented park, Tiki's Paintball Park offers a huge playground with plenty of space for a good game of paintball, along with a clean, spacious park for a player to have fun. Their staff is very professional, nice, and friendly, and they continue to enforce safety throughout the day.

The park has a lot of seating areas, both shaded and not, to serve your meal in the sun or under the trees. Additionally, they offer onsite grilling services at an extra cost, or you can bring your own food and drinks.

The only drawback to this place is that it gets busy on the weekends, so plan ahead if you're planning to go on a weekend. A few of their fields need more maintenance than others, but it's still a great place to go paintballing!

Orbital Paintball

12771 US-301,
Thonotosassa, FL 33592

The field layout at Orbital Paintball is great for beginners and intermediate players alike. They are attentive to their customers and helpful with beginner's questions.

If you're having an event with over ten people, they offer a discount rate and assign a referee. Their staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and the referees are well-prepared and attentive. Their food is awesome and reasonably priced too!

My only complaints are that the paint was low quality, there weren't any self-serve air tank stations (which was a pain), and the bunkers either had holes or were tilted.

Jungle Games Paintball

3255 Robertson Trail,
Lutz, FL 33559

When you visit Jungle Games Paintball, you can practice on six fields and a firing line before your game begins. The courses range from large-scale battles to small skirmishes, so there's something for everyone. Each field is equipped with plenty of covers, and capturing the flag is the primary theme.

The most impressive aspect of this facility is its staff. The monitors are friendly and knowledgeable, and they seemed to enjoy their job. They also offered all kinds of rental weapons, which are in excellent condition, from machine guns to grenade launchers.

If you need a break from playing, tables are provided so that you can refuel before jumping back into the action. You might want to bring a cooler with some food, as there are no vendors on site.

Central Florida Paintball

9365 US Hwy 98 N,
Lakeland, FL 33809

No matter your level of paintball-playing experience, Central Florida Paintball is a great place to play the sport in Florida. The staff are helpful and friendly, so you won't have any trouble getting set up with the right equipment for your skill level.

The cost for admission is low, and the prices for paint and rental equipment are reasonable. 

The paintball and airsoft fields all feature unique themes, which makes playing even more interesting. The woodball courses, in particular, incorporate a number of unique elements, which many other facilities don't offer.

There were a few areas in their paint war game area that needed fixing. Their netting and bunker on their hyperball field were damaged, so players could get stuck in them.

Mark 'em All Paintball (previously ACTION PAINTBALL & LASER TAG)

1715 7th St SW,
Winter Haven, FL 33880

Mark 'em All Paintball offers three fields that progressively have more obstacles and some ditches to crawl through/around. The first field, called Biohazard, is kind and brimming with potential. It's a great place to start your paintballing career.

They have good prices and even better prices on Fridays. They also have private parties available for groups of 6 or more people. The ref is amazing with the kids and helpful and encouraging between rounds. Staff friendly and helpful too!

They also have snacks, but you can bring your own food if you'd like. The only downside is that most paintballs have a rubbery shell; this paint is like an eggshell (hard). So it will hurt more than usual!

Hog Wild Paintball & Airsoft

250 Grant Rd,
Palm Bay, FL 32909

If you're looking for a place to play paintball in Florida that has everything you need, Hog Wild Paintball & Airsoft is the best place to try. The field is large enough for your team to spread out and plan their attack. There are also two smaller fields for speedball teams and woodsball teams alike.

Their shop is well-stocked with all the paint and equipment you'll need, plus food and drinks. They also have picnic tables set up so that spectators can watch the action while eating or resting. 

And if you don't have your own equipment, they have rental gear that's well cared for and easy to use! Their handmade maps are easy to follow and well organized so that everyone knows where to go next.

The only real downside is that the field itself is just above the waterline, so it can get pretty slippery. But if you're willing to take that into account, this is one of the best places around!

First Strike Paintball

5619 SE, 7141, SE Co Rd 337,
Newberry, FL 32669

First Strike offers great rates, equipment packages, and services for first-time players and experienced players alike—making it a great place to have fun. The park is also perfect for groups because there are 14 fields, each with a different elevation. 

The woodsball field has bunkers and trees, the ideal cover for new players or those who want a challenge. The speedball field is geared toward more experienced players and provides fast-paced action—though there are plenty of trees around too.

You can use your own equipment or their equipment, which makes playing here even more convenient.

Wayne's World of Paintball

4841 S Pine Ave,
Ocala, FL 34480

With a diverse selection of fields and maps, you can have an experience that suits your needs and interests at Wayne's World of Paintball.

It has several fields, each with its own unique terrain and challenges. The fields range from small maps to large maps and even a village complete with cars and buildings. This means that it's perfect for playing at any level, whether you're just starting out or have been playing for years.

The facilities are clean, and the staff is friendly. The gun tech in the front office is very helpful and knowledgeable about the equipment. They also sell food and ice cream; however, they don't accept cards for payment—so be sure to have cash on hand when you come here! 

Signing in and paying isn't too bad; it just took a little longer than expected because they're packed during the weekends. 

Battlefield Orlando

1251 S Co Rd 13,
Orlando, FL 32833

The fields at Battlefield Orlando are super well kept; there is tons of variety as far as woodball, attack/defend games, and fast-paced hyper all. Whether you are experienced or not, the staff makes you feel comfortable.

They have decent rental guns and a nice upgraded rental package for those who want to try out something new. They also have plenty of covered seating if you need to sit down for a bit before getting back into the action.

The check-in process is quick and easy, and there are plenty of covered seating areas and multiple big game scenarios held yearly. The dedicated and interactive staff make it a great experience for everyone. 

The only downside is that the property could use some improvements—the benches are dirty, and the portable toilet needs to be emptied more often.

Rockycreek Paintball

10614 SW Archer Rd,
Gainesville, FL 32608

Rockycreek Paintball is a fun place for birthday parties, after-school activities, and a great family outing. 

The paintball field has three different speedball courses and woods with bunkers to play to capture the flag and king of the hill. The course is very clean and well-maintained, and the owner is very helpful in explaining how to use the paintball equipment and cares about players' safety.

Rocky Creek Paintball provides tables covered with table cloths for food preparation before a game or after the games are over. If you prefer, you can bring your own chairs. The price to rent a gun and buy paint and air is affordable.

However, this field is a bit expensive compared to others in the area, but the quality of service and experience here make it worthwhile. The paintballs sometimes break off splinters, so be careful.

GTF Paintball

86588 Goodbread Rd,
Yulee, FL 32097

GTF Paintball offers small and large playing fields, respectively, suited for younger and older players who can play without worrying about getting shot or injured.

The fields are large, and the refs keep an eye on all the action during playtime. They are willing to answer questions about what equipment you should use, tactics to try, or whatever else is on your mind. They offer a good selection of paintballs, all reasonably priced, and their bunkers are tall enough to stand up in. 

The downside is that there was only one choice of paint color available—it was overpriced compared to other places' options. Also, the bunkers were too low for adult players to stand up in comfortably.

Paintball Adventures

14723 Wade Rd,
Jacksonville, FL 32218

If you're looking for a paintball field in Florida, Paintball Adventures is the place to go. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and they'll be happy to answer any questions before the game; however, there are rules that you need to follow in order to play.

They've got friendly service. The employees are enthusiastic about introducing you to the sport of paintball, giving you information about how to play, and answering any questions you might have. The facilities make it a great place for group outings—you can rent out the whole place for your team.

The only downside is that beginners outnumber experienced players, so you'll be matched up with kids during live games and tournaments.


8984 Normandy Blvd,
Jacksonville, FL 32221

WHIL'S PAINTBALL is a great paintball field, conveniently located near the beach and downtown areas. The atmosphere is welcoming, adventurous, and fun—and it's always a great time!

The price is reasonable, considering all the fun included in the package and the quality of the food. Guests have the option of bringing their own food and drinks or purchasing them there. Picnic tables are available if you wish to enjoy some fresh air while you eat your meal.

The paintball field is large enough to provide several different arenas where players can compete simultaneously—a feature that makes the game both diverse and challenging but also fun.

You may find your first visit a little confusing because staff members at the site are not always able to communicate well when you arrive.

Tallahassee Paintball Sports LLC

210 Salem Rd,
Havana, FL 32333

Tallahassee Paintball Sports LLC is a family-owned and operated paintball facility dedicated to helping beginner to intermediate players by giving them a great experience.

The prices are fair, and the fields are well kept. There's also a safety video that explains the rules before you begin playing. You'll want to make sure you're wearing your protective gear before playing to keep you safe. They also have a great pro shop where you can buy extra protective gear or bring your own. 

The staff is super helpful and attentive, and they provide a safety video to explain the rules before you get started on the field. They even provide restrooms, so you're not distracted from the game by having to go off-site.

Full Range Paintball

601 Transit Way,
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

If you're looking for the best paintball experience in Florida, look no further than Full Range Paintball. They have a large variety of skill levels playing there, so it's easy to find someone to play with.

Full Range Paintball has three different fields: a large recreational field, a woodsball field, and a speedball field. Their prices are the best in the area; they want everyone who plays there to feel welcome—which means giving them great value for their money.

The staff is enthusiastic and informative, making it easy for new players to learn how to play and helping experienced players improve their skills. Their refs are also very hands-on with any help or questions you might have.

They also have birthday party packages that include your own little basecamp with a table, tent, and place to bring your own pizza, drinks, and treats. The rental equipment is in good working condition, and the paint selection is good, too (they even have turf on most of their fields).

Best Paintball Fields in Florida, Final Thoughts…

If you're looking for an exciting way to spend the day with friends, look no further than paintball! No matter what kind of style you prefer—from military-style war games to outdoor adventure—Florida's paintball fields have it all!

There are many different kinds of paintball fields, but we're going to talk about some of the best ones in Florida:

  • Family Paintball Center
  • Extreme Rage Paintball Park
  • Piquet Entertainment & Race Park
  • Invincibles Paintball Park
  • Hi-Tec Paintball Park
  • Urban Core Paintball
  • Clearwater Paintball
  • Gator Paintball Extreme
  • Orlando Paintball
  • Warrior Sports Park
  • Matrix Tactical
  • Tiki's Paintball Park
  • Orbital Paintball
  • Central Florida Paintball
  • Mark 'em All Paintball
  • Jungle Games Paintball
  • Hog Wild Paintball & Airsoft
  • First Strike Paintball
  • Wayne's World of Paintball
  • Battlefield Orlando
  • Rockycreek Paintball
  • GTF Paintball
  • Paintball Adventures
  • Tallahassee Paintball Sports LLC
  • Full Range Paintball

Paintball is a thrilling sport that can be played by anyone. It's also a great way to get some exercise while having fun with your friends.

If you're looking to play paintball in Florida, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The best time of year to play is from June through September, when the weather is warm but not too hot.
  • You should wear athletic clothing and sneakers, as well as eye protection and a hat or helmet if you have them.
  • And most importantly, make sure you have fun!

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Best Paintball Fields, Questions & Comments

If you have questions or comments about the fields that I've highlighted here, I'd love to hear from you!

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