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13 Best Paintball Fields in Houston

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Have you ever wanted to get out of your comfort zone and be surrounded by people who share your interests? Paintball is the perfect way to do that. 

Paintball is a great way to get out of the house and have a good time with friends. It's also an excellent way to relieve stress and can even be a great way to get in shape! But where do you go to play paintball?

If you're looking for the best paintball fields to spend your afternoon with family and friends, look no further! We've got a list of the top 13 paintball fields in Houston that will make your next paintball experience an unforgettable one!

AGR Sports Indoor Paintball

1300 E 40th St,
Houston, TX 77022

If you're looking for an indoor paintball field, AGR Sports Indoor Paintball is the place to go.

It's a great place to take kids because they'll blast shooting each other with paintballs while you sit back and watch—or join in!

The arena is spacious enough to accommodate two groups of players at once, and the staff is polite and helpful. The price is more than reasonable, and they'll even let you bring your own food if you want (though they do have concessions). 

All of the gear is provided: paintball gun, mask, shirt, and pants. There are many different packages you can choose from depending on how many people are playing and what kind of equipment you need. 

Just don't forget to bring along heavy-duty clothing for yourself or the kids; it's bound to get messy!

Splat Zone Indoor Paintball

11260 Hempstead Rd,
Houston, TX 77092

Paintball Maverick
Paintball Maverick

SplatZone Indoor Paintball is a great place for any paintball enthusiast. The building is clean, the event room is spacious, and the equipment is clean. 

The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Each match is three rounds, so you can play all day long for a reasonable price. They have a huge field that's perfect for parties or small groups, and they make sure everyone has an equal chance at winning by giving everyone unlimited ammo. 

There are even sparkly clean restrooms so you can freshen up after playing. The only downside here is if there are too many teams, then you have to wait for your turns because there is only one battleground.

Urban War Zone Paintball

2315 Telephone Rd,
Houston, TX 77023

Urban War Zone Paintball is great for all types of players, from the weekend warrior to the first-time player. 

The staff is very attentive to their customer's needs and will help you with any questions or concerns that you have. They are also very knowledgeable about the game of paintball and can give you advice on how to improve your skills.

The fields are well taken care of so that they are always ready for players when they arrive at the field. They have plenty of seating available for both players and spectators alike. The prices are very reasonable compared to other fields around Houston, so this makes it very affordable for everyone who wants to play paintball!

H-Town Paintball

1500 Elton St,
Houston, TX 77034

H-Town Paintball has some of the best courses and equipment and is great for people who want to play real-life Call of Duty games. Their staff is incredibly helpful, and they can accommodate parties of all sizes.

They also have food booths where you can get pizza or other snacks if you need something quick before playing (or after!). The prices are very reasonable, too—so it doesn't hurt your wallet as much as other places might.

The only drawback is that it's super humid at night, so if you go, then make sure to bring goggles, or else you won't be able to see anything! The price of paint is a bit pricey compared to other fields, but overall it's worth it because they have such good service and a nice atmosphere.

Got'Cha Paintball

2508 N Houston Ave,
Humble, TX 77338

Got'Cha Paintball has three separate courses, each with its own unique feel, and each one is fun and dynamic.

The service at Got'Cha Paintball is very nice, and the atmosphere is great. The instructors are very informative about the rules, which makes it easy to learn how to play without feeling overwhelmed or confused. You'll get a map with each course when you go there, and the terrain is not flat like most places—which makes for a more realistic experience.

The prices are very reasonable considering all of these things. You can rent equipment from them if you don't want to bring your own—they have everything from guns to goggles available for rent at reasonable prices, so everyone can participate.

The only downside is that there's no place to wash your hands after using the bathroom (which can get pretty gross). There are small mounds of dirt and large rocks that easily get stuck in during the driest conditions (but again—we think this may be true in most fields).

Balls & Bruises Paintball Airsoft

22565 I-45,
Spring, TX 77389

Balls & Bruises Paintball Airsoft has a variety of different parks for both paintball and airsoft, so you can enjoy your favorite game in a different way every time. The owners and staff are great—they always make sure that their customers have an amazing time.

They're also extremely flexible about how many games you play, so if you're looking for a fun experience with your friends and family, this is the place to go. There are plenty of tables available as well, which makes it easy for everyone to sit down and eat lunch or take a break from running around all day long.

The prices are very reasonable too! You can rent gear or bring your own if you'd like, but either way, you'll get plenty of bang for your buck in this field. If you're bringing your own group, I recommend having enough kids so that you aren't put with strangers.

The only downside is that the reservation can be canceled without any notice if the weather changes.

Survival Game of Texas, Inc

2309 Aldine Meadows Rd,
Houston, TX 77032

Survival Game of Texas is a great place for newbies and experienced players alike. The owners and staff are friendly and knowledgeable, so they can help you out with any questions you might have. The referees are also cool and friendly, so they'll make sure everyone has a good time while they're playing.

The terrain is great for woodball experiences—there are plenty of structures and bunkers to make use of, which makes for some good tactical play. The woods are well-kept, so you won't find any dead trees or overgrown brush on the courses. The bunkers are placed in strategic spots that offer plenty of cover and concealment.

You can bring your own paint and gear to this facility, but be sure to check out their selection first—you might find what you need there. 

The only downside here is that there aren't many parking spaces available—so make sure you get there early if you don't want to have trouble finding a spot.

Texas Legends Paintball

11099 Ponderosa Timbers Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77385

Texas Legends Paintball is a great place to play paintball in Houston, and it's not just because of the fields themselves. The owners are friendly and helpful, the refs are courteous and fair, and the prices are reasonable.

The woodsball experience at this field is great. They have excellent use of structure and bunker placement that makes for a lot of fun scenarios. You can also choose from two different speedball fields if you're looking for a different style of play than woodsball offers.

The structure of each field is pretty solid—they've found that nice sweet spot between speed and scenario play that's both exciting and challenging. There are plenty of outdoor benches on-site and a few barbeque stands where you could grab some food or drinks before jumping back into the action.

Paintball Zone

14100 Beamer Rd, Friendswood, TX 77546

Paintball Zone is a family-friendly park with a great atmosphere and super attentive refs who will help you have a blast on the field. You can play at Paintball Zone for an affordable price, and they offer unique arenas and activities that you won't find anywhere else.

The shop at Paintball Zone is great too! They have all of your paintball needs—from masks to gun upgrades to accessories like jerseys and hats. And the field itself? It's perfect for any party or team-building event. The park has fort and mound fields set up conveniently so you can hide behind bushes at the right height to give you cover while you're shooting at your friends.

You can bring your own equipment if you want to save some money on renting theirs. Just make sure you come prepared with mosquito repellent because when it rains, these fields get extremely muddy!

Glory Paintball

2600 Calder Dr, League City, TX 77573

Glory Paintball is super clean and well-kept, with plenty of different playing areas to choose from. The maps were set in an urban setting, so there were plenty of places for you to hide from enemy fire.

Their staff is super helpful and knowledgeable about all aspects of the sport. They provided masks and ammo for all participants at no cost—which was fantastic. The rules and paintball gun were pretty simple concepts to understand and control, so even if you've never played before, it's easy enough that you can jump right in and have a blast with friends right away. 

There were only two cons: there was mud on some of the courses (but that's only a minor issue), so make sure you come prepared with mud boots/pants/etc.


22011 Southwest Fwy, Richmond, TX 77469

TANKS PAINTBALL PARKS is a great place for all ages, and the field is clean, safe, and well-organized. 

The park is clean, has enough players to keep everyone entertained, and lets you bring your own snacks so you can enjoy some refreshments between games. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the equipment worked well. They also provided us with masks, guns, and paintballs.

The place has an ample selection of different fields with different objectives—you can choose whether you want to be a sniper or if you prefer stealthy missions or capture-the-flag type games! There's even a little snack bar where you can get something to eat or drink while you play.

The equipment worked well, but I did find the paint a little pricey—it didn't fly very straight at all. That being said, it was still a great experience!

TXR Paintball

15550 Grant Rd, Cypress, TX 77429

TXR Paintball offers a variety of different plays and formats for everyone, from the young ones to veterans. The low-impact paintball is great for the young ones, but they also have regular speedball fields for those who want more of a challenge. 

The facilities are large, with lots of different fields that cater to any type of game you can think of—speedball, woodsball, or anything else you might want to try. The prices are comparable to other places too. They provide you with masks, guns, and paintballs, so you don't have to worry about renting their equipment or bringing your own.

Plus, if you're looking for an excuse to celebrate anything—birthdays, anniversaries, or just plain fun—they also have special event packages available at reasonable prices.

Houston Indoor Paintball

16411 Dundee Rd, Cypress, TX 77429

Houston Indoor Paintball is an indoor facility with a great set of refs and a fantastic field to play on. It also has nice air conditioning and good deals on paint—so you can get a lot of bang for your buck! 

The staff is great, too—they're all experienced refs who know their stuff and will help you have a great time. The field itself is also great; it's huge and has loads of obstacles to keep things interesting. They have a bar with lots of options for parents looking to hang out while their kids play.

The best part about Houston Indoor Paintball is that they have great deals on paintballs and party packages that make it easy for big groups to enjoy themselves without breaking the bank. The arena at this paintball field is super-nice—it's got air conditioning, which means you won't get overheated while playing.

The only suggestion I have is to get different colored vests or some way to help distinguish teams—the players looked identical at times.

Best Paintball Fields in Houston, Final Thoughts…

If you're looking for a place where you can play paintball in Houston with your friends and family while also having access to everything you need, look no further than these five amazing fields:

  • AGR Sports Indoor Paintball
  • Splat Zone Indoor Paintball
  • H-Town Paintball
  • Got'Cha Paintball
  • Balls & Bruises Paintball Airsoft
  • Survival Game of Texas, Inc
  • Texas Legends Paintball
  • Paintball Zone
  • Glory Paintball
  • TXR Paintball
  • Houston Indoor Paintball
  • Urban War Zone Paintball

We hope this post has helped you in deciding where to plan your next paintball trip. Houston has something for everyone, whether you're looking for a fun family-friendly field, a thrilling woodsball course, or a place to get serious about speedball.

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